Dia De Muertos Event Box Analysis

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With the end of the Halloween 2022 event, new boxes have appeared in the shop. We aren’t sure yet if these are only available for the Dia de Muertos event, or longer, but let’s have a look at what savings are to be had.

As always, we don’t assign a value to anything that cannot be bought in the shops, or is easily obtainable via spinning stops/gyms, like all forms of Pokéballs.

Trainee Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 1x Incubator 150
Incubator icon 1x Super Incubator 200
Great Ball icon 20x Great Ball 0
Total Value 350

With a saving of 51 coins, this box is just a little bit of a miss. While it does offer cheaper incubators for folks who may be using their free gym coins to buy some premium items. The Great Balls are a bit of fluff to make the box feel better, overall, it isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it’s just a bit ‘meh’.

Voyager Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 4x Incubator 600
Incubator icon 6x Super Incubator 1200
Ultra Ball icon 20x Ultra Ball 0
Silver Pinap Berry icon 3x Silver Pinap Berry 0
Total Value 1800

The Voyager Box has a saving of 525 coins, and contains more Super Incubators than regular which is always a plus. It isn’t a great amount compared to the old Adventure Boxes still, and whilst the Ultra Balls and Silver Pinap Berries are a nice freebie, they don’t really add anything to the box.

Explorer Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 10x Incubator 1500
Incubator icon 10x Super Incubator 2000
Raid Pass icon 3x Raid Pass 300
Incense icon 2x Incense 80
Total Value 3880

The Explorer Box has more incubators than we had for the Halloween event (which had a focus on egg hatching), with 10 of each type. It has a pretty big saving of 1430 coins. The remote raid passes can cause a bit of an issue in boxes like this, as you can only buy it when you have 2 remote raid passes left in your bag, so if you want to buy a big bundle like this, you have to use remotes. The incense feels like a random addition to bulk the box out, so we can take 80 coins value off it, making it a truer saving of 1350 coins. It still doesn’t compare to the Adventure Boxes of old, which were cheaper (usually 1480 coins), and usually had roughly 18 super incubators, and 2 regular incubators, but this box is probably the closest we’ve had to a decent incubator box in a little while. It is expensive though, at nearly $25, so spend your money wisely. It is an improvement, which is something at least!

*Daydreams of Adventure Boxes endlessly*

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