Psychic (Un)Spectacular Box Analysis!

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Hi there Trainers!

So with a new Psychic Spectacular Event starting, the boxes available to purchase via the shop have been refreshed and wow have they… We are here to have a look and see if these are worth the coins (or not) or represent a saving on buying the items separately or not. Could these be some of the worst boxes ever?

Disclaimer: Please note that anything available for free by spinning a PokéStop does not have a value in my eyes….

Bronze Box

You are being asked to part with 150 coins for this box. Now bearing in mind what I said in my disclaimer, the only item worth anything in this box is the one incense which is available for 40 coins as a standalone item. If you do not need balls, don’t bother. For 160 coins (an extra 10 coins) you can buy 4 incense instead if you need them.

This box represents poor value in my opinion for anyone with access to gyms or PokéStops.


Items Value
Ultra Ball icon 5x Ultra Ball 0
Poké Ball icon 20x Poké Ball 100
Great Ball icon 10x Great Ball 0
Incense icon 1x Incense 80
Total Value 180

Hatch Box

Next step up for 780 coins this box is an improvement on the Bronze Box. The incubators and star piece are worth 1,050 coins so does at least represent a saving on the individual items with 5 (why….) Pinap Berries thrown in too. Lovely.

Personally I would rather the proportions of super incubators to normal incubator were reversed but what can you do. Go for this one if you need incubators but be aware that this is not the best deal on incubators based on what we’ve previously seen, so buy sparingly rather than using it to stock up.

Items Value
Super Incubator icon 1x Super Incubator 200
Incubator icon 5x Incubator 750
Star Piece icon 1x Star Piece 100
Pinap Berry icon 5x Pinap Berry 0
Total Value 1050

Catch Box

Now then, this is the most expensive box released. Putting this into context, 1000 coins is the equivalent of £8 (more or less) or 20 days defending gyms, would you be happy spending £8 and receiving 360 coins (about £3.20) worth of items?

Again, if you have access to PokéStops I would give this a wide berth.



Items Value
Ultra Ball icon 25x Ultra Ball 0
Great Ball icon 100x Great Ball 0
Incense icon 5x Incense 200
Lucky Egg icon 2x Lucky Egg 160
Total Value 360

Parting Shots….

This latest batch of boxes are either not up to scratch with previous offerings, or do not represent a saving on individual purchases or  represent value for money in my opinion. Between opening gifts and spinning stops balls and a random 5 Pinaps can be earned very easily. Please think very carefully before considering the Catch or Bronze Box, the Hatch is OK in limited purchase but there has been and will be better offerings.

What do you think about the offerings, will you be buying any? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time trainers….. 🙂 

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