We Need to Talk About The (12km) Egg Pool (Again)


Back in September, I wrote about the drastic need for an update to the egg pool. So you can imagine how excited I was when Niantic teased that an update to eggs was coming October 12th, finally, the shakeup we needed! I was hyped, especially when the strange eggs started to be hinted at on social media, and then, as seems to always be the case with eggs, I was left disappointed.

So far there still hasn’t been any real change to the egg pool, bar the addition of the 12km strange eggs. 2km, 5km, 7km, and 10km all remain exactly as they were before the update (bar 5km which at the time of writing have the Berry Event themed hatches), the only change is a new set of eggs. We really want to see a total egg overhaul so it’s not quite the update we were hoping for, but at least it’s something new!

The 12km egg pool brings with it the following Pokémon:

12 KM Egg Pool
Larvitar Scraggy
Trubbish Deino
Pawniard Vullaby
Sandile Absol

During the event, with 1/4 egg distance it takes 3km to hatch a strange egg, but once this event finishes it will be a whopping 12km. So, what is the issue? Well, the inclusion of a certain trash Pokémon Trubbish is raising more than a few eyebrows. It is a fairly common 5km hatch, it doesn’t have any meta relevance, and it isn’t new!

Of the already released Pokémon that are in the egg pool, Larvitar is at least meta relevant, has a mega coming, and can be shiny. Absol can be shiny and has a mega coming. Scraggy is locked behind a PvP wall that isn’t attainable for all trainers. Deino is a super rare hatch with an even rarer shiny.

But Trubbish, Trubbish isn’t a Pokémon that feels like it should be locked behind such a huge hatch distance, especially when it has been in the 5km egg pool for so long. Many people also aren’t happy to see the likes of Larvitar and Absol included, because Larvitar has had a Community Day, and Absol is a common 10km hatch. I’m not prepared to grumble too badly about these two being in the egg pool, because while Larvitar is a Pokémon that many of us have a good solid team of, many returning players won’t have access to a team of Tyranitars because they have been out of the egg pool for so long, and Absol was until recently, a 4* raid that was trickier to organize to get done.

It is hard work to get a strange egg. You have to battle 6 grunts to get the pieces to make your rocket radar, make sure you have an egg space free, then find, battle and defeat a team leader. It’s not a simple task like spinning a stop or opening a gift, it’s kind of a grind! And then you have to walk 12km, you’re excited to potentially add a new addition to your Pokédex and then boom. Trubbish. I have to admit, my first 12km egg was a Trubbish and my heart did a little disappointed flop. And I kind of love that stupid, weird trash Pokémon, but not in this egg pool.

Talking to my local community so far the majority of us have maybe hatched one or two strange eggs, and there seems to be an abundance of Trubbish, Larvitar and Scraggy, and very few of the new Pokémon that have been included. I know most new Pokémon are rarer to begin with, but still!

Major case of the grumps

The other major issue is once again, the timing. During a pandemic that is ramping up into precarious winter months for many countries, with lockdowns being maintained and reintroduced, is now really the time to require people to walk 12km to walk to hatch a single egg? It doesn’t feel too bad right now with the reduced hatch distance, but once this event ends, that 12km will feel brutal. Under normal circumstances, most people probably wouldn’t object to the distance, but with the worldwide situation as it is, it just doesn’t sit right. 12km is one hell of a walk, even more so when so many people can’t travel safely outdoors.

We were so hyped for this update, but instead to be given an addition, rather than a real update, still leaves the eggs feeling rather lacklustre, and in the case of Trubbish and the 12km eggs, a little insulting. We are thrilled to see the release of some more Gen V Pokémon via these strange eggs, and the Dark typing fits the theme of the strange eggs so well, but with so much effort put into these eggs to obtain them, and then hatch them, removing Trubbish would be a good place to start.

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