Ditto easter egg is NOT in the game yet

Pokémon GO Ditto Hints

As of 0.47.1 Ditto is obtainable and capturable in game, but unfortunately nobody knows how – yet. This is a short page about all of the things we know now. Right, let’s start:

  • Ditto is called Metamon in Japanese
  • Ditto’s signature move Transform is in the game and assigned to Ditto
    • Ditto used to have placeholder moves, now has Transform as fast move
  • There is a growing number of references in the code base to a “Metamon encounter”

Ditto Encounter info

We know that Ditto Encounter is in the code base and it seems to be a special type of encounter. According to our code dump taken from 0.47.1 APK, there is a plethora of hints at how this event will play out:

  • Ditto has a capture scenario encounter
    • It’s not a hidden Easter Egg in the Pokédex
  • The encounter is refferred as EncounterMetamon, with all other ingame encounters being called EncounterPokémon
  • The encounter with Ditto has different UI and uses custom animations to animate Ditto, transformations and notifications
  • Once you catch Ditto, a special music will play
  • A part of the encounter includes swapping a Pokémon for Ditto

Source for this information is in the code dump we previously mentioned:




How to find Ditto in Pokémon GO?

Honestly, we don’t know at this moment. Nobody knows. We strongly believe it’s an easter egg that’s been hidden for a long time now in the code, but we can’t find it yet.

Once more info on “how” is available we’ll update this page.