Kyogre in the meta game

Written by Fitz City

With the recent release of Kyogre, the Hub’s e-mail was flooded with questions and commentary about the new legendary: “Why is Kyogre so difficult to catch? Is it worth the trouble of catching? Is Kyogre better than Gyarados? How good is Kyogre vs my perfect IV Vaporeon? Kyogre is too difficult to catch, not worth it!”

In order to answer those questions and offer you a better understanding of Kyogre’s power, we compared performance of popular Water types in three different raid scenarios:

  • vs Groudon – Kyogre’s land based counterpart
  • vs Regirock – a strong Rock type legendary Golem
  • vs Tyranitar – we all know Tyranitar, right?

We used the best possible move set for all tested Pokemon and no dodging in all test scenarios. All simulations were done by using Pokebattler. By the way, this post is not a full “serious comprehensive in-depth” breakdown – this is a quick look at how Kyogre works in various scenarios. We could have gone more in depth, but we already did that in this article: Analysis and ranking of the new Generation III Water and Ice Types

Compared to Vaporeon, Gyarados and Suicune, let’s see how well Kyogre measures up against these common Water types.

Against Groudon

Groudon Raid Boss

Main test move set: Dragon Tail / Solar Beam (OHKO for most)

Without dodging, Kyogre significantly out damages all the other major Water types against a Dragon Tail / Solar Beam Groudon. Actually, Gyarados does out-preform Kyogre against a Groudon with Mud Shot / Earthquake. This is the ONLY move set where Kyogre does not out DPS everything listed above.

Against Groudon, Kyogre is around 22% better than the second best Water counter.

  • Kyogre
    • 12.7% Power output
    • 238% Overall efficiency
  • Vaporeon
    • 10.1% Power output
    • 189% Overall efficiency
  • Gyarados
    • 12.3% Power output
    • 217% Overall efficiency
  • Suicune
    • 6.9% Power output
    • 128% Overall efficiency

Against Tyranitar

Pokemon GO Tyranitar

Main test move set: Bite / Stone Edge (hurts!)

Kyogre massively out damages everything. Running the simulations with other move sets for Tyranitar, the results remain the same. There is no contest. Kyogre is a force of nature.

Against Tyranitar, Kyogre is around 55% better than the second best Water counter.

  • Kyogre
    • 43.6% Power output
    • 262% Overall efficiency
  • Vaporeon
    • 34.9% Power output
    • 208% Overall efficiency
  • Gyarados
    • 30.3% Power output
    • 205% Overall efficiency
  • Suicune
    • 21.2% Power output
    • 126% Overall efficiency

Against Regirock

Pokemon GO Regirock

Main test move set: Rock Throw / Zap Cannon (has some ⚡ to it)

With no surprise, Kyogre reigns supreme. Even against all other move sets Regirock can have, Kyogre still out-performs the listed above. Side note: Kyogre even out damages Machamp in every scenario. So when the time comes for Regirock raids, trainers prepare your Kyogres. Surfs up!

Against Regirock, Kyogre is around 45% better than the second best Water counter.

  • Kyogre
    • 15.0% Power output
    • 209% Overall efficiency
  • Vaporeon
    • 12.0% Power output
    • 165% Overall efficiency
  • Gyarados
    • 8.9% Power output
    • 159% Overall efficiency
  • Suicune
    • 10.1% Power output
    • 131% Overall efficiency


Overall, Kyogre is an absolute beast. Having incredible stats and one of the best move sets in the entire game (Waterfall/Hydro Pump), there’s no reason not to have Kyogre on your Water team. When it comes to taking down any Pokemon weak to Water attacks, Kyogre will deal the most amount of damage efficiently 99.9% of the time – that Gyarados victory ruined a perfect score.

All in all, stop complaining about how difficult it’s to catch one and get serious – Kyogre is a devastating attacking meta game changer!

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