the first series of European Safari Zone events starts tomorrow in Oberhausen, Paris and Barcelona. As is tradition, the Hub will be covering the hell out of it. You read that right — we’re going to savage season this event and we need your help to do it.

TLDR version

We’ve got four big articles planned:

  • Event report from Barcelona, courtesy of our Spanish speaking community. You can follow the event on the @PokemonGOHubES Twitter account or swing by the Hub later on to read a written report.
  • Event report from Paris, courtesy of our Forum members, namely Miles, who’s going to be our boots on the ground. You can follow the event on the @pokemongohubfr Twitter account or you can swing by the Hub later on to read a full written report
  • Safari Zone Survival guide, which will go into details on how to participate in the Safari Zone events if you have and if you don’t have a ticket. We’ll be publishing the guide later today, so come back again later

And lastly, the part where we need your help…

  • MYSTIC7 INTERVIEW! Mystic7 will be in Paris for the Safari Zone event and Miles, our boots on the ground, will be conducting an interview. In order to have a really good interview, we need your help. Follow the @pokemongohubfr Twitter account and send questions you want answered by Mystic7 there – Miles will be curating the list and bringing back answers.

And that’s it. We’ll start our Safari Zone coverage today and keep it rolling through out the weekend. Things may get hectic, so make sure to come back often and not to miss anything.

Yours truly,
GO Hub editors