Trainers, rejoice! The 0.69.0 update is now live on a subset of Google Play Stores and is soon expected to land on Android and iOS devices worldwide.

We also expect this update to be forced very soon, as it contains important game assets for GO Fest (Chicago GO Fest Badge) and a large amount of in-game UI for Legendary Raids.

As usual, we’ve prepared a data mining report which is available below. We’ve already published a report on newly added visual assets, which is available here: Pokémon GO 0.69.0 Asset analysis: LEGENDARY RAID PASS added and more!

Beware, this report contains a LARGE AMOUNT of spoilers for upcoming Legendary encounters. If don’t want any spoilers, stop reading right now.

Legendary Events and Legendary Raid Pass

As we’ve previously reported, Legendary Pokémon will be available via Legendary Event Raids. This version has finally brought full support for the features in question.

Legendary Raid Pass
Legendary Raid Pass

There are two interesting additions:

  • a mention of a Legendary Key and Gyms being disabled
  • a confirmation message for transferring Legendary Pokémon to the Professor (similar to Favourite/Shiny transfer warning)

Additionally, the event infrastructure in the game has been vastly improved and now features the ability to load extended event info from Niantic’s servers: event name, icon and type. This is now available in the EventInfo protocol buffer.

Support for Legendary and Mythic Pokémon

Niantic has silently added support for distinguishing between Legendary and Mythic Pokémon. No further code was added for Legendary Pokémon, so we believe this is a small piece of upcoming changes.


Hidden and exclusive Raids

Eh, this one is confusing. Raids can now be hidden and exclusive ,but it’s not completely clear how this mechanism works. What is clear is that you need an “Exclusive Raid Ticket” to participate in these raids and that Gyms will be closed during the exclusive raid encounter.

Our theory is that this refers to Legendary Raid Events, as Niantic has shared earlier that Legendary Raids will be invitation only.




QR Code support for Event Checkins

It’s finally clear how we will be able to check-in on various Pokémon GO events. The game now features a hidden QR code support, related to event checkins. It will still be possible to check-in manually, but QR codes are also supported.


New Sponsor and new Encounter Type

0.69.0 brought a new in-game sponsor, codenamed “Whisk” but also a new encounter type “Disk”. We have no hints in regards to the meaning or effects of this encounter type.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    WOW, its 99% confirmed Chicago will be first to witness a legendary raid. The true questions is; What legendary will it be?
    I think MewTwo

    • Jason Elly

      Mewtwo @ super gym. Each legendary bird will spawn @ it’s correlating team lounge gym.

      • Antonio Mercurio

        nice theory

    • Rubén Gómez-Carreño Galán

      Mew doesn’t evolve into Mewtwo…

      • Brayden

        if it did, it would make a LOT more since xD

  • Josh Hack

    The whole QR code thing interests me a lot. If they are only for events, then how will it work? Will there be a menu in the app to allow this, or will th phones gps naturally generate some form of QR code? I just am not sure how it will work.

    • Higher_Ground

      the app already takes screen shots with AR turned on – could just somehow use that I guess.

  • Lorddacc

    What I would like to know is what the requirements are to get a legendary raid pass.

    • Josh Hack

      It should be for completing a certain amount of high level raids (3 and 4). This would make it a little easier for many as most players only do the higher raids.

      • Lorddacc

        But also benefits city players who have an average of more than 5 tier 3 or 4 raids daily nearby. I have done an average of 1 raid per day, and it seems like it might make no difference.

      • Higher_Ground

        I only do the lower level raids… I don’t have other people to meet up with and the odds of finding someone else already there are fairly low. Better to use my daily pass for the chance at a TM or rare candy.

  • Donald Dubrovic

    Where are the masterballs?

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    I wonder if every player will get legendary passes…

  • NicolasKingh

    I hope you get your legendary pass based on participation with the event, and not with how many raids you have attended. Something like: catch 100 pokemon during the 30 minutes?

  • Higher_Ground

    legendary raid pass gonna be a shop purchase for 1,000 coins 😛

    • Dutch_Soldier

      Nonono you’ve to pay real money, something like 20 dollars

      • Matthew Savage

        unless u buy 10x 99c much cheaper than buying bigger coin packages

  • Curt Decker

    why get hyped, rural players once again will be screwed over like always. we pay for things just like everyone else. we play the game just like everyone else expect fewer spawns, way way fever upper-level Pokemon, way way way fewer gyms, way fewer pokestops, way way way less chance at having help during raids. ya so much to be hyped about, even if after go fest there are legendary raids we will never be able to get them because never enough help, hard enough to get help with 3rd level raids, so ONCE AGAIN WHY SHOULD RURAL PLAYERS GET HYPED.

    • Josh Hack

      We’ve all been over this. Niantic are more concerned with other issues (*cough, spoofers, cough*) than rural players. I am a dedicated rural player, but can only do up to (some) level 3 raids by myself. If and when Legendaries are released to the public, many rural players will either try and lose to win by themselves, or attempt to go to a more populated area to find one. What Niantic should do is allow the raid boss CP to scale up and down depending on how many players show up. If you are by yourself, you could battle a 10,000 cp MewTwo, rather than a 100,000 cp one. No one at Niantic is using their brain at the moment, it’s that simple. Someone in NYC puts $100 into the game, and will fly to Chicago to get a Moltres. If you are F2P and rural, i feel bad. Niantic isn’t interested in us.

      • Michal Hušák

        I had calculated the probability to catch all 26 Unowns based on the nuber hi-level players arround me had catched … I do not thing it is possible to catch al 26 one withou participating in some special event or so …

      • Robdebobrob

        all 26 unowns… whitout spoofing…. in a rural area… no. just no.
        There is no way. I cant begin to calculate how many unowns total you must have caught to get all 26 different ones (you know, cause of duplicates). So i call bs on either that you have them, or that you did it fair.

        • Reagan Choi

          You need to catch just over 100 unown (26(1/1+1/2+…+1/26)~100.2149).

          EDIT: This is on average, of course.

      • leonidaswin

        You kidding right? Because all your complain was screwed up when you said that you as a rural player managed to get all the Unown, come on! I’ve never seen one in the wild, and I just saw once in a gym. That is a LIE.

      • Higher_Ground

        I feel like they ought to extend the raid timer to a much greater time (like 10 minutes) and then let you reenter and continue fighting the boss (with it’s reduced HP) until the timer runs out.

        I feel like the point is to be a challenge – not just to be exclusive. Having to throw 12-18 pokemon at a boss instead of meeting up with a friend seems like a good compromise to me.

    • raichu DL

      this is true. the urban-rural divide became more obvious with raids.
      legendaries will likely remain legends to most of the non-urban playerbase, but i hope to change that, at least over here. i’m currently brainstorming ways to unite our county’s playerbase, i know it’s active enough that if we all got together, we’d have good enough trainer-power for a good shot at a legendary. i’ve always been iffy towards social media, but it’s sounding real tempting at this point.

      • Robdebobrob

        How about a whatsapp group..

        • raichu DL

          currently i have twitter in the plans, but may branch out to other methods later on.
          but i’m not touching facebook with a 100km pole. i’ve heard unsavory things over the years…

      • Higher_Ground

        if it comes down to it I’m gonna post something (with actual paper and tape/pushpins) at the nearby raids, pointing to a group page.

        I personally don’t want to trade numbers with strangers but I have no problem setting up a time/place for people to meet (assuming we do indeed get a pretty big head’s up as to when the raid will start).

    • Joel Jensen


    • Dan Paul

      omfg preach my dude

  • Kamciu77

    So the event in other countries will not be available only in those in the safari zone and in Chicago?

    • Adamaster89

      “normal countries” ? xD uahsuahsuas

  • Peg Pegasus

    So what about the new berrie feeding thing?
    – After placing a pokemon in a gym, i can now feed +10 berries
    – My friend can again feed another 10 berries to my pokemon
    – So my pokemon now has +20 berries (shown in the top right corner)

    What is it for?
    – Does it make the pokemon harder to beat?
    – Does it just auto heal your pokemon when heart will go under a certain % when sitting for a longer period in a gym?
    – Does it nothing but just give you extra stardust?
    – How many berries can you get? (30/40/50/60/70/../100+) when team mates give you’re pokemon berries.

    Any more explaination would be nice.