Nests have migrated again! Despite the recent Water Festival, the biweekly schedule of Nests migrating is still in place, meaning we can expect the next migration to happen in 14 days.

If you’re wondering Nests were changed, we urge you to explore your local area. Migrationary Pokémon are randomly shuffled since the 3rd Great Nest Migration, making it difficult to make any comprehensive change log.

Our Nest Migration Tracker was updated with the new migration and now shows calculated dates for future migrations.

As always, use TheSilphRoad’s Nest Atlas to report your findings!

  • Alex Daniel

    This sucks. The last three migrations only had gen 1 pokemon, except for Giraffarig and Qwilfish. I have Ponyta, Venonat, Nidoran, Ekans, Machop, Bulbasaur … Come on, Niantic! I’d even be happy with a Hoppip nest or Oddish, since it doesn’t spawn in my town. But such basic pokemon and it’s been like this for the last three migrations. The only interesting ones were Onyx, Houndour and Scyther which would only spawn at different times, so, you could spend an hour there and not find them. I’m not asking for a Dratini or Larvitar nest, but something more interesting …