Safari Zone is proving to be a complete success for Niantic and the game with every successive event, in spite of the comments we usually encounter on Twitter and Facebook.

Just this morning, at 10:00, all of the tickets for Amstelveen Safari Zone have sold out in less than 30 seconds! A similar thing happened at the Mall of Scandinavia sale, where tickets became available at 11:01 and were sold out at 11:04! We’re talking about selling 4000 tickets in under 3 minutes for the Mall of Scandinavia.

Both sales were held for the Safari Zone events taking place on October 14th:

October 14, 2017 Mall of Scandinavia Stockholm Sweden
Stadshart Amstelveen Amstelveen Netherlands

Thanks to the amazing GO Hub audience, we’ll have reports from at least one of these Safari Zone events. We’re not sure in what capacity and length the reports will be, but they should provide a solid overview for our overseas / distant readers.

You can read our previous Safari Zone reports here:

  • Jacob Peter Dokter

    Amstelveen started at 10.00 and was sold out 30sec later.
    3500 tickets in 30 sec. Faster then Stockholm hihi

  • Ondrashek

    Prague – Czech Republic sold out about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

  • Juni

    It was very unfair. I was on time and filled in al my things. But then it said your e-mail had already been used. I used the same e-mail for the oberhausen safari zone event. Zo because i went there i could not get to Amstelveen. Very unfair becouse I was on time.

    • Charter

      Well that was known because it already happened to people during the registration for Kopenhagen and Prague. So I used a new mail adress but I guess I filled out the registration to slow…

      • Heydavid17


  • Jacob Peter Dokter

    I think the council of Amstelveen has to deal with thousands of people. A lot of German, Belgium and Dutch people are travelling there even without tickets. Location overthere is not fit to host such amount of people. They could fill even a football stadium hahahhahah. Ask 7,50 euro and even then people will come.

  • Willian Picorelli

    Safari Zone em todo lugar, menos no Brasil. Obrigado Niantic.

    • peponzio

      Really? Everywhere? How about asia, africa, america, oceania?

      • leonidaswin

        eh brasil is in america.

        • peponzio

          No kidding.

          Willian was sarcastically saying thank you niantic for Safari Zone being everywhere but Brazil.

          I meant that it’s not nearly everywhere. Only Europe and the Go Fest in chicago have been Safari Zones. So the rest of America (continent) as well as all other continents but Europe still have no Safari Zone events.

          Regardless Brazil isn’t the rest of the continent. Canada, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador. None of us have Safari Zone events.

  • Dávid Bartoš

    Czech Republic – 47 seconds. Are you serious?

    • Michal Hušák

      88 second is correct value.

      • Czerwik

        got mine 🙂

  • Chris Denton

    And this is why entire regions should have the safari zone, not just 1 area. I get that niantic makes money off tickets but if they opened it up to an entire region without tickets, they could potentially make money from a lot more people.

  • Michal Hušák

    Prague Czech Republic tickets were sold in 88 seconds. No joke – I can confirm this measurment personaly.

  • coopuser4life

    When are these events gonna come to New york city

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    When will a cool event like this with regionals, unowns, increased shiny chances, rare pokemon, increased stops, and lures everywhere be available worldwide?? It won’t! Cuz sometimes, Niantic chooses to make things region exclusive like events and POKEDEX FILLERS LIKE REIGONALS AND UNOWN and OP POKEMON!!!

    Sorry… got just a little triggered. Just a small kine triggered.

  • Appel Flap

    Confirmed for Amstelveen. I live there, one of a handful of L40 players, no ticket. System crashed as for so many (F5,F5…until link appeared, enter info, 18 seconds later Enter -> Sorry page not available, try again -> sorry sold out). Not happy, but I can imagine that this system was not meant for 10000+ simultaneous users. Still the whole town of Amstelveen (which is adjacent to Amsterdam) and Amsterdam will get the high rate spawns of Larvitar, Chansey, Unknown…. So I have saved up 350 pinap berries and am ready to go. The 2KM eggs have not proven to be interesting anyway. Looking forward to the event day.

    • Appel Flap

      btw 3500 tickets was the amount for Amstelveen. And I would say less than 25 seconds.

  • Michal Husak

    Today the event in Prague take place. The whole city is full of Pokémon – almost equivalent occurrence as in the Shopping Center where the event take place. I was both in the Shopping Center and in the Prague city. Catching outside the Shopping Center was more conformable – no network issues, no people. There is no need to cry that you do not have the tickets – you can just visit the city and catch them all ….

  • Bella

    In copenhagen frist all tickets vere sould out, and then they started a stupid lottery,where you had to sign up for the fisketorvet mall membership program.To do that, you have to be over the agen of 18, and there is a lot of bad conditions about what they can do with your personal info. and Mail adress.Overloading your mailbox with crappy mails, and they can also give the info and adress to a third party….this to be able to get a ticket for the safarizone 🙁 I would like to know niantic commet on that…the terms and conditions for the malls membership, how this suddenly became compartible to niantic terms for playing pokemon go? Since this became the only way to try to get at ticket. Leaving out a huge group of players, all under 18, or forcing them to breake the law by lying on the sign in form. There is also a lottery law, witch among other, demands any lottery to be «open» in the way of full insight in the way the registration is handeled, the correctnes of the draw, all the things around any lottery….here there were NON…lottery number 2 started before the winners from the frist lottery were informed/ before the frist lottery officially vere closed, indicating that the whole lottery «hype» vere just that…a way to force people to sign inn to the mall’s loyalty program, and there were actually no tickets to be handed out. And the agelimit , have niantic forgotten who is the biggest and most loyal user group? Not only PoGo, but pokemon effects, Sun and Moon, pokemon cards…

    And then, when the event startet yesterday, there vere no solution to what to do with tickets that vere not collected by the winners. Europe is lagre, the distanses are enormus, and the living standard is sutch that prises on travels and hotell can kill most private economy. Still…tickets are handed out 8 – 10 days before the event, leaving no rom to get a discount airline ticket or hotel. Lots of people ending up i Copenhagen spending a lot of money on travel and hotel, with no ticket. And then, when the safarizone have tickets to spare…(you NEVER get a 100% turn up rate to any event. Representatives for the safarizone also confirmed last night, during the end of the event, that the actual number of tickets collected an used, vere mutch lower than expected) they will not give out the unused tickets. The whole experience around the event…tickets, info from the mall/organiser / niantic, costumor service the day of the event….never again…NEVER !

    And please don’t tell me i should be happy for the Pokémons spawning in the city. It’s october in scandinavia, strong wind, 6-8 degrees outside, raining sideways and we spent 2500euro to get to copenhagen…the event had a lot of spare tickets,but they would not hand them out….nothing to be happy about…

    • Michal Hušák

      If you complain about 6-8 degrees , rain and wind as a reason not to catch pokemon, you are not worth to be a pokemon trainer.

      • Flemming Marcussen

        In regards to the ‘unused tickets’ part of the comment, I actually overheard some of the security guards talk about there having been around 2500 registered user. This was around 3pm-4pm, so that leaves 1000 tickets that hadnt been activated yet at that point.

        Edit: meh, this was aimed at Bella and not you Michal… Sorry.

  • Missy

    Not so grateful that this was also read from outside the Netherlands. These events are everywhere so everyone can join an event. Less than a minute means not just Dutch people got tickets. I’m even willing to bet that more people from abroad got tickets than the Dutch. Thanks GO Hub, thanks a lot… NOT

  • Sinterbaas

    There should be more events, not just a handful for the whole of Europe. So many players and just so little tickets does not make sense

  • Diskus1

    Mall of Scandinavia has had two extra lotteries where another 2×250 tickets have gone out to those who motivated best, on their Facebook page, why they should have tickets.

    • Jacob Peter Dokter

      Amstelveen one lotterie for 200 tickets which made you register for a mall shopping card or when you had one allready you could also join the lotterie.

  • Jacob Peter Dokter

    I’ve been today to Amstelpark, Amsterdam. There were about 45 stops always with a lure on them. Didnt got a ticket for the main event. But in Amstelpark were thousands of people. Ive managed to get me the S-A-F-R-I. Ive got 3 type S. Ive seen 2 Kanghaskans. The rest was mainly the starters and their evolutions, Chansey, Clefable, Machop, Magikarp and Pikachu. Even saw a Charizard and a Blastoise. Didnt got any shiny. that was a pity. But did 2 Suicine raids and got them both. last raid there where about a couple of hundred people, never seen it so crowded hihihi. Shame the restaurants in the park werent prepared. Next time I bring my own drinks and food with me. I’ve heard people complaing about disconnections and not able to log in. I myself have KPN provider and 4G and i never had any of those problems. Sometimes a bit of lag. But that was the only problem ive been countered. Sry for my English, I’m Dutch.

    • Jacob Peter Dokter

      Oh, and I catched a lot of Porygons, so Im ready for Gen4.