In a recent Weekly Ingress QA session, Andrew Krug (Global Community Manager at Niantic, Inc.) answered a number of questions that reference technology or issues in Pokémon GO directly. Among those were questions about spoofers, cheaters, portal abusement and using Ingress for getting benefits in Pokémon GO.

In total, Krug answered 89 questions in the session, you can read through all of them here.

Question #30 and #89: Portal submissions opening very soon – “imminent”

Q30: Justin Buettner – We need an actual timeframe of when portal submissions will be open, can you give us one?

A30: Need? I think you’ll be very happy soon.

Q89: nafah – Is the portal submission reopening still in “very soon” stage or are we getting already to “very very soon”? 🙂

A89: We are in the imminent stage.

Question #34: Ingress portal submission, Level 8 and Pokémon GO

Q34: Karlo Vranješ – +Andrew Krug hello from Croatia.Whats your opinion on PoGo players lvling up to portal submission (currently is 8) level in Ingress then quitting because they got what they wanted?

A34: I think if they are quitting then we as the community are failing to reach out to them and show them the awesomeness that is Ingress. I realize they may be leveling up just to be able to do certain things in Ingress that benefits them in Pokémon GO. I don’t fault them for using the system. Buying accounts is not acceptable. But is there more that we as the Ingress player community could be doing to retain some of these other players?

Question #40: Will every new portal in Ingress be something in Pokémon GO?

Q40: Stefan Emmerik – Will every new portal in Ingress be a Pokéstop/Gym in Pokémon Go?

A40: This is a very important question. The answer is – NO. There is not a 1:1 relationship.

Question #67: Why doesn’t Niantic ban all bots and spoofers?

Q67: Florin Bogdan – How come there are still bots in use? And of course fake gps. I’m thinking to quit the game since all my possible guardians are taken down in fake.

A67: The short answer is that it is a very complex problem without a simple single way to resolve it. We close loopholes and exploits all the time but we clearly don’t have all of them, and honestly, I’m not sure it will be possible to ever stop cheating 100%. This isn’t something unique to Ingress. A lot video games have some level of cheating that is possible. There have even been scandals in the competitive gaming circles with professional gamers being caught cheating. Don’t give up. We aren’t giving up on the fight. Maybe focus on something other than your guardian for a little while. Ingress has many ways that it can be played and enjoyed.

  • Chris Denton

    Portal submissions are not a solution to anything other than making more stops where there are already stops. Niantic either fails to realize this or just doesn’t care about you unless you are a high level ingress player. Ingress data should not be the only data used for obvious reasons.

    • hkmaly

      Don’t complain and start playing Ingress just to get to eight level like everyone else. Don’t you realize they want more Ingress players?

      • Chris Denton

        lol you are joking right? I will complain until there is a balanced game that I don’t have to play a different game for a month just to place stops. I’ve been playing pogo everyday for over a year. But I need to play ingress to make pokestop suggestions. That’s a freaking joke

        Oh yeah, portals don’t even have a 1:1 relationship with stops/gyms. Sounds like pissing in the wind to me.

        • hkmaly

          I’m not the one responsible. You should ask Andrew Krug if he’s joking. If answer to question #34 is not joke, then neither is my interpretation of it.

          Of course, adding portal submission to pokemon would be better, but frankly, if they don’t want to do that they should at least directly say that yes, we should be playing Ingress.

          Hopefully, that “non every portal will appear in Pokemon” is for cities and it will be 1:1 in rural areas.

          • Chris Denton

            Yeah, sorry if I implied you were responsible.

            I’ve sent niantic over 45 emails since the game started, so I’m trying to tell them, they just don’t listen.

            I was only asking if you were joking about playing ingress like everyone else. The funny thing there was that pretty much no one plays ingress compared to pogo.

          • hkmaly

            Oh, this part. Of course almost noone plays ingress compared to PoGo. What I meant is everyone else who wants to add more pokestops and gyms. I think that people playing ingress just so they can submit pokestops are already at least 1/3 of ingress players and growing. (Another at least 1/3 are people who started playing ingress and then switched to pokemon, some of them already on high ingress level.)

            If every pokemon go player who complains about too few stops around him would start playing ingress, the number of ingress users will increase tenfold and Andrew Krug gets that bonus he’s looking forward to so much.

            (At least I think it’s bonus. Can’t see any more likely motivation.)

  • Havasi Kifli

    They need to implement pokestop suggestions in Pokemon Go, not Ingress. I’m not interested in Ingress at all and I won’t be in the future.

    • Allen Beoulve

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • Robdebobrob

      To be honest level 8 isnt that hard to achieve. Pretty sure you can make it in less then 1 month. im a 5,5 now with just 2 weeks active play.
      But yeah its a bit annoying you have to play another game to fix the 1 you like.

    • Fábio Barbosa

      the problem about giving Pokémon players the option to submit new locations is that it makes the Ingress Medal for “Seer” that counts valid portal submissions lose meaning…
      Meanwhile i don’t think this kind of medal could mean anything in Pokemon Go.
      And if you give pokémon Go the power to submit new locations, the number of submited locations would increase so much, it wouldn’t be possible to avaliate it all with the current system…
      I do understand that Pokémon trainers deserve the ability to submit new locations… but i can also see that could easily become a large issue for the system of aproving them…
      Ingress lvl 8+ is not a bad filter in my opinion. And Ingress lvl 12+ are the people with the power of avaliating the new locations…
      Could and should the system be reavaliated? Maybe… But i can’t see how… it’s a very complicated thing to give answers without causing more issues… Play Ingress until lvl 8 seems a better solution at the moment.

      • Havasi Kifli

        The same method of suggesting and evaluating submissions can be done in Pokemon Go too. Those above lvl 30 can suggest and those above 35 can evaluate a submission. Simple as that.

        • Chris Denton

          What if the highest level player in a town is only 30? I’m confident I’m either the highest in town or second. I’ve seen one guy who shares my team at level 32(he spoofs to get good Pokémon). Every other team that takes the gym is < level 30. It's also important to note that the only gym is on a tourist attraction and the people who take the gym are not necessarily from here, or around for raids.

          Those arbitrary level requirements do not take into account that scenario.

  • BlackHawk Mercenaries

    A40: This is a very important question. The answer is – NO. There is not a 1:1 relationship.

    Then give the Pokemon Go community a Stop/Gym request submission as well. I still (more than a year later) have local parks, major parks to the city or town they are in, that do not have a Pokestop or Gym in them. Most of these parks have landmarks or features that can be Photodiscs, but I have to hope that Niantic approves them in Ingress and then Pokemon Go?! Ingress is much more Faction and adult friendly, where Pokemon Go allows families to go out and play together. The local parks should have at least one stop at them, instead of the mass overcrowding of my heavy traffic and sometimes dangerous downtown area. Smh

  • Josh Hack

    Wait, so after a year Niantic have finally realised that they do not currently have the tools to permanently stop Spoofers. At least they can finally move on to bigger things now.

    • Jon

      They never really put any effort into it. Spoofing makes the gym scene unplayable too.

      • This is the stupidest angle ever to come at tbh. Niantic’s gym rework has eliminated the spoofing issues in regards to coin accumulation, which btw is the sole reason to have a ‘mon in a gym. Niantic made it simple: everyone can easily obtain 50coins a day. Period. Spoofing doesnt change that.

        • Carlos Valdivia Pabón

          Spoofers get bored, so they take entire cities, or they divide the city between colors, if you dont live in your color zone youll get barely 5 coins day(playing at least for an hour), so, spoofing IS an issue

  • Rudra Pratap

    Well I have a question….!

    I don’t have pokestops or gyms available in my locality for about a radius of 2 kms….how would I play Pokémon go if I don’t use fake gps…. Am just Changing the location…. But i too am giving time to the game and catching Pokémons just like all the legal players…

    What am doing is wrong?
    Should I quit playing Pokémon go…. No other solution…. Or am I supposed to wander off in the streets for the whole day?

    • Leroy Kwadijk

      yes that is exactly the purpose of the game…not to wander, but to get outside and meet people and see things.

      • Chris Denton

        Niantic has changed the basis for this game repeatedly, so I ask are you talking about after the gym rework?

        I remember this game being marketed as a walking game. Nothing was ever said about needing other players to find Pokémon.

        People are not playing Pokémon games to sight see or socialize(unless you live in a dense city). We are playing because we want to catch Pokémon.

        The social aspect does not need to be forced like they are with raids. The game should be a personal experience and if it leads to healthy social habits, great. But forcing it has excluded countless players.

        • Leroy Kwadijk

          to catch Pokémon hou have to go outside…

          • Chris Denton

            Lol, that’s not the only requirement. You also have to be in town or in an area niantic deemed fit for spawns. Catching pokemon has little to do with being outdoors as if you live in town spawns appear in and around buildings/houses.

    • Higher_Ground

      even if you had to hop on one foot, it wouldn’t take you all that long to travel 2 km.

      • @Higher_Ground: Really?!!! Please hop on one foot for 2km and report back to us how long it took you. And how many days to recover.

  • Robdebobrob

    Answer to Q34: “But is there more that we as the Ingress player community could be doing to retain some of these other players?

    No there isnt. If we want to keep playing the game, we will keep playing the game. Theres a lot of great games out there, and people will choose for themselves wich of those will deserve their time. For me thats Overwatch, PUBG, Pokemon GO, and ingress untill i reach level 8 because thats all the time im willing to put into it.. Reluctantly.