Big Heritage, the official Niantic community partner in Europe, just announced more details about the upcoming event in Chester, UK. The event is happening at the Chester Heritage Festival on 22-23rd July.

In short, it seems that Chester is getting one of the best Pokémon GO events ever imagined, with trails, crafts, historic sites, Raid Radiom, a huge amount of PokéStops and Lures.

We hope this will become the template for all future real-world Pokémon GO events.

These in-game features will be available:

  • Over 120 new Pokéstops and gyms across the city, (we think Chester will have the highest concentration of gyms in any city!)
  • Lure-mania – there are going to be more lures across the city than you’ll have ever seen before.
  • Raid Radio – we want maximum participants at raids, which is no easy task given the amount of gyms. We will be helping to share radio info live via the Facebook event page and broadcasting live on Facebook throughout the weekend. Make sure you’re following our page  to keep updated.
  • Chance to your own Pokéstop – As part of our partnership with Niantic Inc, we are aiming to hugely increase Pokéstops and gyms at historic sites across the UK. We will be asking players over the festival to nominate historic sites or places in their own local area (not just Chester) and adding these into the game (conditions apply!).

These activities are now confirmed:

  • Opening of Chester Castle for the first time to the public in 20 years – with Norman soldiers, a fully working medieval field kitchen, arms and archery demos and hands-on activities. The Castle will also home to more than one Pokémon Gym and a number of Pokéstops, meaning trainers will be able to enjoy some digital raids, alongside some historic ones!
  • Pokémon GO PastPort – Visit four historic camps across the city (to be revealed on the day) to find characters from across the city’s history. They’ll be ready to stamp your limited edition Pokemon GO Pastport which will be given out to trainers on the day. This is the only event in the world where Pokemon GO PastPorts are available!
  • Pokémon GO Map Trail – use the game to help you navigate around the city to find 10 specific Pokéstops and find the answer to questions on a special Pokémon GO explorers map. Complete all 10 and hand your map into a series of hubs across the city to be rewarded with a limited edition official Pokémon GO History Explorer certificate.
  • Free Pokémon Go facepainters, musicians, birds of prey, odd characters will be dotted around the city and free entry for under 16s at the Sick to Death attraction (also a gym!).
  • Free film screenings and craft activities at the Grosvenor Museum throughout the weekend.
Chester’s unique Rows give you two high streets in one
  • WOW, I hope some day they host an event where I live… at least some poke walk… hehe or something like that

  • Simon Johnson

    Got to be an odd choice, Chester! No offence people of Chester but it’s an odd choice over all the big cities, still, least the UK gets an event.

  • Joshua Stansfield

    Chester is a slightly strange choice, but I guess it’s a clever way to get kids to come see the historic buildings that they might not normally visit.

    Anyway, a 30 minute drive from my house so it’s finally an event I can take part in!

  • Antonio Mercurio

    After pokemon go fest being a sucsess and fail, im looking foward to the next event. Hopefully next month in september another huge event with the release of more legendaries and huge crowds. This would be a great step foward for the game and fingers crossed this happends in Sydney, but i think it will happen in NYC, Hyde Park