it seems that Egg hatches have changed yet again, following the Anniversary event flop. One redditor managed to assemble a fairly decent change list which we’re sharing on the Hub also.

Although there are certainly more Egg changes, this is the most complete list up to date. We are still looking for information on which Pokemon were removed, especially from the 5KM egg group.

Do note that our Egg Hatching chart will also soon be updated, as the information becomes more complete.

2KM Eggs

  • Pichu now hatches with Ash’s hat
  • Spinarak added

5KM Eggs

  • Pineco added (was 10KM)
  • Gligar added (was 10KM)
  • Mantine added (was 10KM)
  • Teddiursa added
  • Totodile added
  • Chikorita added
  • Cyndaquil added
  • Hoppip added
  • Wooper added
  • Swinub added
  • Snubull added
  • Natu added
  • Marill added

10KM Eggs

  • Porygon added (was 5KM)
  • Chinchou added
  • Simoakley06 (SIMOakley)

    This could be Gen 3 preparation…

    • Philipp

      think so too. They did a similar thing before launching gen 2

      • Joshua O’Byrne

        You’d think they would add the gen 3 baby’s first

        • Joseph Cohen

          Which ones do you mean; Wynaut and Azurill?

        • Tom

          They added babies first only because they were first introduced with Gen 2. There’s no reason to do that with Gen 3.

          • Higher_Ground

            yeah I think that was back then they were still trying to tie in with Pokemon lore – hence giving people Togepi (potentially) before anything else.

            I never followed the anime long enough to know what happened with gen 3, though.

    • Spetsen

      Could be, but I think not. With the new gyms, raids and the rumored introduction of Legendaries, there’s little reason to add Gen 3 now.

      • Mozy

        They would lose hype if they don’t release Gen 3 this month / early August.

        • Spetsen

          I think the raid hype will live for a while and with the Go Fest hype and the potential for Legendaries there’s no need for Gen 3. Among the people I play with nobody even talks about Gen 3. It’s all about raids and Legendaries.

          • Higher_Ground

            I agree with you but for me personally I’m more into just trying to collect them all and I’ve got 88% complete with the remaining mostly legendaries or exclusives. Gen 3 is what I’m personally looking forward to, though any quality of life improvements before then would be great. Sadly I don’t think I’m going to find enough people in my area to get the legendaries if they’re truly going to be level 5 raid bosses.

          • Dan

            Everyone I play with wants Gen 3 because most of us have completed Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokedexes, or we’re 1 or 2 away.

      • Higher_Ground

        that’s true but they might go ahead and lay the groundwork down so that it’s an easy flip of a switch in few months.

    • Joseph Cohen

      Could be, but it took Niantic over a month to introduce Gen 2 baby ‘mon to eggs when they changed the egg pool in November. It still blows my mind that it took them so long to remove Pidgey and Rattata from hatching in eggs 🙄

      • Higher_Ground

        and then they go and add natu and spinarak…

  • Betty Luersen Jones

    What a rip off

  • Solareon


    • ChiefJack

      And why chinchou in 10kms. That is one of the most common Pokémon I see along with spinarak in 2kms too

      • FrustratedinCali

        Depends on where you are I guess, I rarely see Chinchous. Spinaraks – yep, they are like Pidgeys now.

      • Davide Tormene

        They are he best water counter ever, finding a chincou with perfect iv is not too bad. Always better then pineco and mantine… now it’s time for sudowoodo to leave us and join the 5km eggs!

        • crdinalfan

          Lanturns best water counter?? I prefer jolteon…

          • Abunja 45

            I think he’s referring to Lanturn with E/E moveset. Resist to Water and effective against it. Boasts high HP though lacking in DPS. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

          • Higher_Ground

            Jolteon with the right moveset takes down enemies super quick. A Lanturn is super tanky and has quick charging charge moves. I prefer the Jolteon on attack but would probably be more likely to drop down a Lanturn for defense.

          • crdinalfan


          • Rishi Tiwari

            Can’t mess with my Ampharos 🙂

    • Upstatestruggler

      I couldn’t need less of them

  • finally less garbage from a 10k seriously sitting at like 300 pinco candy from mostly egg hatches

    • Gavin Walsh

      I’d be happy with some of those in order to evolve

    • Lorddacc

      But now you have Chinchou… I mean, it’s useful, but I wonder what the percentage of hatching it is. Hopefully not too high. They could have also removed the Sudowoodo, no need for that either.

      • lavitar, porygon, dratini, snorlax…thats all i want from a tenK lols

        • Shrek420

          All i want is larvitar mareep and miltank, but ill accept snorlax and lapras

        • KarmaKont

          …not lapras..?

        • Biga173rd

          I want Lavitar, Lapras,Chansey, and Porygon 🙁

        • I Don’t Read this

          Me, I want Porygon, Snorlax, A good IV lapras (all mine have crap IV) Mareep, Larvitar, and Snorlax

  • Elizabeth Jones

    If I hatch god d*mn Spinarak when I can walk down the street and catch 15 of those stupid things I’m gonna need a new phone. 🙁

    • Daro.

      RIP ur phone

    • Debbi Lund

      No different than hatching a Nidoran after passing 27 of them on the way to work. 😒

  • Thomas VL

    Chincou in a 10k egg?? seriously??

  • DevilxDan

    chinchou in 10km egg?

  • Varnicous Ashaela

    good to see Gligar moved since my last 4 10k eggs were all Gligars

    • G-Walla

      I thought I was the only one. I came to say the exact same thing.

      • znake74

        Same here. All with great IV so slowly filling up my register.

  • Will

    Chinchou is now a 10 km egg? Dafuq?

    But Pineco, Gligar, and Mantine were moved off the 10 km list; so I’ll consider it a win overall (unless Chinchou is super common egg hatch).

    • AverageGamers

      Yeah, I kept getting Mantine and Gligar for my 10KM too. So… good to know I won’t be seeing them again. Though I no longer have a 10KM egg now, thanks to those. Meh…

  • Jeff Showers

    Another electric type in a 10 km egg, interesting..

  • AverageGamers

    Chinchou? Spinarak? Have an odd feeling I’d be getting many of the latter because of this.

    I think what we all need is Mareep for 5KM.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    is chin chou really a 10km wow, what a waste, that was my first gen2 and its in a 10km egg

  • Achi

    Hoppip, Marill, Natu, Swinub, Wooper….5km eggs are big sh*t now…

    • Lorddacc

      Hoppip is kind of rare though. But the rest yeah… no thanks.

      • Achi

        Where do you live? I live in Poland and Hoppip is really common pokemon :p

        • Lorddacc

          Portugal, but in my region they are not common at all.

        • Higher_Ground

          really common in my area too, but so are chikorita and bulbasaur to some degree. I guess they think I live in a forest?

  • Scilly Ann

    Houndour also hatches from 5km eggs, i hatched one the other day.

  • blag13

    Natu always hatched in 5km didn’t they? I’ve hatched like 3

    • NgPirx

      And Wooper too

    • VanPelt

      They did but took them out during the last egg rotation. I have no idea why they put them back in because they’re super common and should be in 2ks.

  • Nathalie Blais

    Why move Porygon from 5KM to 10KM? I only have seen (and caught) one and now they’re going to make them even more difficult to get? Thank you Niantic!

    • Sam Bowlds

      Just because they are in 10ks does not mean they are more difficult to find. Each Pokémon in an egg has an individual percentage of being spun at a poke stop. At the moment porygon is in the ultra rare category and so it will probably be equally as likely to be hatched in a 10k egg.

      • Nathalie Blais

        10k eggs are the ones I get the least. I have 1 of 15-20 eggs. 5k are what I get the most (but that changed Friday, I’ve only gotten 2k eggs since Friday)

        • Higher_Ground

          Yeah I very rarely get 10 k eggs – less than 10% of the time for sure. More 5k than 2k but lately that’s seemed to have evened out.

    • Jeffrey Blanz

      They increased the chance to hatch porygon in 10k

    • Dan

      5K eggs are incredibly crowded, with 48 species that could spawn there. 10K eggs only have 12 by comparison, and all of the people I play with (except me) have hatched a Porygon at least once since the shuffle. It’s much easier to get a Porygon now.

  • Michael Samol

    Great now I can look forward to more useless hatches in my 5k eggs now. I have 400 plus candy from my sudo, mantinee, and Gliger hatches from 10k for each character can’t wait to start getting more in 5k. Agree big let down overall bought a box only because I needed incubators thought they should have been like 400 to 500 coins. Need dust and million experience to do anything at all podex filled, tbey should have for 1 year made all country exclusives available to hatch or catch anywhete to complete codex. Was in europe 3 weeks never even seen a mr. Mime 😪Game has become a snoozefest.

    • Higher_Ground

      That sucks man. I’d be super disappointed if I traveled overseas and didn’t see one of the region exclusives. I can say I don’t see Tauros nearly as often as I used to, though. At least you hopefully got a nice vacation!

  • Jeffrey Blanz

    Houndour hatches too u missed him on the Reddit list hope to help and somehow tell reversel because he was kinda sad that they did not add him but u know they did he just does not know

  • Geolang Brahma

    Dats it.!!! I olso got shadow banned 4 using IV go.
    So how long it’ll take.???
    So disgustng nt evn an evee’s spawning.!!!

    • Russell Bagley

      That’s what you get for cheating! Lol

      Wonder how they caught it. Were you using your phone for IV go?

      • Gyo Brh

        O yeahh.!!
        So i think niantic shud provide an app for IV check.!!

  • Shrek420

    Of course the 2 10ks i got before the changes will be 1 of the 3 things removed

  • Alexander Hessler

    NOOOOOOOOOO. I see Chinchous all the time, and although I would be fine with getting one with good IVs, I DEFINITELY DO NOT want a Chinchou to pop out of a 10km egg. I would be fine with having them in 5 or 2km eggs, but seriously? 10kms? I feel very sorry for the person who made the discovery that they hatch from 10km eggs.

    • Biga173rd

      Niantic is seriously trying to piss players off.

  • Bjorn

    Why chinchou and spinarak?!?!??

  • Jason

    I have a theory.. I recently hatched a Hitmonchan out of a old 10k egg.. never paid much attention before but the eggs have dates of when you received them.. so I am thinking the egg will hatch one of the Pokemon that matches the egg chart at the time that you received the egg.. even if it does not apply now

    • Luke Davies

      That’s not a theory. That’s a fact. It’s already known the egg hatch is determined as soon as you get the egg from the Poke stop no matter if they mix up the egg groups.

      • Jason

        Oh never knew that before.. thanks

    • hkmaly

      Actually, the eggs did not used to have dates for long time. It was one of later upgrades.

  • Kalle Nyström

    So you still can’t hatch Houndour? I barely see those dudes

  • Pascal F

    Thank God they removed Gligar, Pineco and Mantine from 10k.
    No wonder I managed to hatch back to back Chanseys yesterday and today. Before this change one in every two of my 10k eggs was a Pineco.

  • Dale Robinson

    Hoppip, Wooper, Swinub, Natu and Marill in 5km eggs? Why? They’re common! I approve of the Johto starters and Snubbul though. I mean Swinub I can kinda get because Mamoswine is a beast, but that wont drop until gen 4.
    Good to see Gligar, Mantine and Pineco moved to 5km eggs BUT disappointed they didn’t move Skarmory and Sudowoodo too.
    Don’t see why Chinchou and to a lesser extent Porygon is now a 10km egg, that’s not really a great reward after walking 10kms! Spinarak doesn’t really bother me as its only a 2km egg.

  • Beko Saberhagen

    Natu was on 5km already.

    • VanPelt

      They should be moved to 2ks. I hated hatching them.

  • Higher_Ground

    Wow, adding Natu and Spinarak to the line up? I wouldn’t have thought they’d do that.

    Chinchou in a 10km egg – is anyone having difficulty finding one? I think I’m going to get my electric medal by finding mainly them and a handful of the others. They aren’t super common but by far the most common electric type I come across.

  • Dan

    Everyone and their mother in my town has gotten a Porygon out of a 10K egg. One guy got 3 out of 4 in one hatch spree. So I’m thinking that the hatch rate for Porygons greatly increased.

    • Biga173rd

      Dude I still don’t have a freaking Porygon. I hope the chances do increase.

      • Dan

        Literally everyone I play with has hatched on since the shuffle. Unfortunately, I’ve only hatched one 10K, and it was a Chinchou. I have another one incubating, so I’m hoping tonight is the night.

        • Biga173rd

          Good luck

  • HoeLoe

    Houndour in 5k. Just dropped one

  • Biga173rd

    Wait what? Porygon was added to 10K egg. And why spinarak? it’s spawns non stop what a waste.

  • Reuska

    Great, after all my 10km eggs since gen2 release were Mantines and Gligars. Thanks a lot!

  • Josh Myers

    For all of us that only need 1-5 mon in our dexs why not mix in rare candies from eggs. Give them to us at like 5% chance in all distances and make the number of candies you receive the same as the candies you get for your Pokémon at that distance. I would look forward to that more than hatching another pidgey, chinchou, ekans, or drowzee…. go grief!