Generation II Egg Chart

Pokemon GO Egg Hatch Speed Increased

This table shows confirmed Pokemon GO Generation II Egg hatches. We are updating this table in real time as new info gets submitted by players. Pokémon with less than 10 reported hatches are not included.

Update: Updated chart to include chance to hatch particular Pokémon species.

Hatch chance
Generation I + II 2 KM Egg hatches
Abra 2KM Uncommon
  Aipom 2KM Uncommon
Bulbasaur 2KM Uncommon
Charmander 2KM Uncommon
Cleffa 2KM Uncommon
Digglet 2KM Uncommon
Ekans 2KM Common
Exeggcute 2KM Uncommon
Gastly 2KM Uncommon
Geodude 2KM Common
Goldeen 2KM Common
Igglybuff 2KM Uncommon
Krabby 2KM Common
Machop 2KM Uncommon
  Misdreavus 2KM Ultra-rare
Nidoran F 2KM Common
Nidoran M 2KM Common
Oddish 2KM Uncommon
Pichu 2KM Uncommon
Slowpoke 2KM Uncommon
Slugma 2KM Uncommon
Spinarak 2KM Common
Squirtle 2KM Uncommon
Togepi 2KM Uncommon
Generation I + II 5 KM Egg hatches
Chikorita 5KM Uncommon
Cubone 5KM Common
Cyndaquil 5KM Uncommon
Drowzee 5KM Common
Dunsparce 5KM Ultra-rare
Eevee 5KM Common
Elekid 5KM Uncommon
Girafarig 5KM Ultra-rare
Gligar 5KM Uncommon
Grimer 5KM Ultra-rare
Growlithe 5KM Common
Hoppip 5KM Uncommon
Kabuto 5KM Ultra-rare
Koffing 5KM Ultra-rare
Lickitung 5KM Ultra-rare
Magby 5KM Uncommon
Magnemite 5KM Common
Mantine 5KM Uncommon
Marill 5KM Uncommon
Natu 5KM Uncommon
Omanyte 5KM Ultra-rare
Onix 5KM Rare
Phanpy 5KM Common
Pineco 5KM Uncommon
Pinsir 5KM Rare
Poliwag 5KM Common
Ponyta 5KM Common
Qwilfish 5KM Ultra-rare
Rhyhorn 5KM Common
Scyther 5KM Common
Seel 5KM Rare
Shellder 5KM Common
Shuckle 5KM Ultra-rare
Smoochum 5KM Uncommon
Sneasel 5KM Ultra-rare
Snubbull 5KM Uncommon
Stantler 5KM Uncommon
Staryu 5KM Common
Swinub 5KM Uncommon
Tangela 5KM Rare
Teddiursa 5KM Uncommon
Tototdile 5KM Uncommon
Tyrogue 5KM Uncommon
Voltorb 5KM Common
Vulpix 5KM Common
Wobbuffet 5KM Ultra-rare
Wooper 5KM Uncommon
Yanma 5KM Ultra-rare
Generation I + II 10 KM Egg hatches
Aerodactyl 10KM Ultra-rare
Chansey 10KM Rare
Chinchou 10KM Common
Dratini 10KM Uncommon
Lapras 10KM Ultra-rare
Larvitar 10KM Uncommon
Mareep 10KM Rare
Miltank 10KM Ultra-rare
Porygon 10KM Ultra-rare
Skarmory 10KM Ultra-rare
Snorlax 10KM Ultra-rare
Sudowoodo 10KM Rare