an Exclusive Raid was spotted in Roseville, Michigan (USA)! There is no indication if this is just a test or an actual feature that rolled out.

Legendary Raid Pass

We’ve recently debated if the newly datamined Pass icon is a Legendary or an Exclusive Raid Pass, but it seems that after the GO Fest disaster it has abruptly became an Exclusive Raid Pass, with Legendary Raids being available for everyone.

We’ve double checked the 0.69.0 APK, and it doesn’t contain this exact message, implying it’s a network message that should be found in the app’s network traffic.

A redditor named romanticheart posted the following picture on /r/TheSilphRoad:

Exclusive Raids

In 0.69.0, a lot of code was added to support a new type of Raids: exclusive invite only raids. This is evident from the very top to bottom of the APK, as there are references to exclusive invites, Gyms being closed due to an exclusive raid, error handlers for attempting to join an exclusive raid etc…

In the midst of it all, there is a number of references to a code construct named exclusive_raid_ticket, which is likely the root cause of different data mining results.

Exclusive Raid Tickets are quite often referenced throughout the APK, and we know quite a lot about them already:

  • you’ll be able to have multiple Exclusive Raid Tickets
  • there will be a list of your Exclusive Tickets
  • they have an attached description
  • there is a type of push notifications related to them
  • there are even references to fake Exclusive Tickets (role unknown)
  • Donald Dubrovic

    Brate mewtwo u Zagrebu se stvorio

    • Hi… what is this? the google translate: “Brate mewtwo in Zagreb was created” I guess this is not what it means

      • Sorin Stancu

        This hub is based in Croatia 🙂

  • GonzoI

    I find the “fake” disconcerting. I played Neopets, and the “fake” items were cute…until people used them for scamming. In this, they seem like they’d be just junk in your limited inventory.

  • Rulin

    Could be for celebs…

    • meh

      Personally I’m starting to think we the players will be able to create raids somehow… Possibly

  • raichu DL

    it was a better idea to just wedge legendaries in with the regular raids like they are now, instead of locking them out to an invite-only raid pass, which was probably their original plan.
    would’ve screwed non-urbia players something fierce –
    let’s get 18 people together for that mewtwo…whoops, only 1/6 of those players were invitees…

    • FireWulf

      legendaries will likely go to this way in about a week or so.

      • raichu DL

        with moltres coming next week, and zapdos the week after, that is looking unlikely.

    • Lorddacc

      Yeah, if we have trouble getting 12 players together to fight a Lugia, how hard will it be to bring together the same amount of players to fight these exclusive raids, and all of them have those exclusive passes?

      • peponzio

        Not hard at all I would guess. Wasn’t there an egg timer in the trailer that started counting down from 2d xxh xxm xxs? They could easily announce Legendary Exclusive raids days before (for Mewtwo for example) through email, social media, newsletters, etc.

        Then they can simply add a new gym exclusively for this, no team association; or pick a historically or culturally relevant gym spot and release the pokemons inside the gym.

        The Exclusive pass can be added any time you open the game and even if you miss a message saying you got it, the pass could be put straight top of the Bag’s item list. (Days before you can use it)

        This players will have only one spot (in a city for example) and one specific time to attend. They WILL gather in time.

        The thing with this concept is that this is EXCLUSIVE probably bordering in UNIQUE. It would be unlikely and unwise to do multiple exclusive raids in random places (as it is now with legendaries with normal passes).

        This is probably what Niantic wanted to do in Chicago Fest. Too bad the mechanics were not ready.

    • AlphaOkami

      Legendary raids are already impossible for non-urban players. In the town I live in, people don’t even bother going to raids ranked 3 stars or higher.

      • raichu DL

        and this is mostly chalked up to:
        – no in-game way exists of knowing if people are waiting at a gym w/ raid for additional players. most will simply look at that tyranitar or lugia, assume no one is gathering to it, and call it hopeless.
        – not everyone makes it a thing to ritually go on GOhub, r/pokemongo, silph road, etc. i can tell nobody over here is even aware of the silph radio, even the folks who were with me at the lugia and articuno raids we won.

  • AverageGamers

    “Legendary Raids being available for everyone”
    I’m confused by this… Lugia and Articuno are already available for everyone, right?

    • the2000guy

      Yeah, they are now. However, it seems that future legendaries will be available only by this exclusive raid pass. For example, One week that will appear Mewtwo and only with the exclusive pass you can battle it. To avoid people have two- three raids to battle it

    • FireWulf

      its also likely in a week or so they wont be available in normal raids and will convert to this type of raid

  • Feli X

    That 5 minutes should be passed by now???