the GAME_MASTER has been updated, with significant changes to two Pokémon: Mewtwo and Bellossom. As you can see from the changes below, both Pokémon have been nerfed. In addition, the app now downloads a Shiny Mewtwo sprite.

Please, manage your hype responsibly – the base capture rate for Mewtwo is still not in there, which indicates it’s unavailable.


  • Attack: 330 -> 300
  • Defense: 200 -> 182
  • Stamina: 212 -> 193


  • Buddy distance: 1KM -> 3KM
  • Antonio Mercurio

    Who actually uses bellossom as their buddy

    • Alpha X

      Me, oddish doesn’t spawn here since Gen 1

      • Antonio Mercurio

        really, is their not any more important pokemons

        • Corporal

          All Pokemon lives matter

  • alexcp

    not even in game, already nerfed xD

    • Antonio Mercurio

      well, it was really op like 4300cp which is a huge jump so i did expect it to be nerfed before other people would rage if they did it weeks after it came out

  • Robdebobrob

    So from 4760 down to 3982​ according to the nearest reddit post. Considering they do this before hes even out, and Ho-oh has a max CP of 4650 i fear he wont be coming anytime soon either… Hope im wrong.

  • DevilxDan

    i havent got any legendaries yet (live in suburbs) but if mewtwo comes out well screw that im going city to get it favourite pokemon

    • Chad

      You might want to start going to the city to participate in raids. Mewtwo is listed as an ‘Exclusive Raid’ only, which means you only get invited if Mewtwo appears at a gym you’ve recently battled at.

  • Armelo Apelete

    That truly show that Niantic don’t follow the main series game. Why reduce stamina of a Pokémon that have the same HP as Ho-oh or Lugia (212, 106 in main game)

    • Diego Mendoza

      Yeah, but this needs to be a balanced game, a too strong pokemon gives an unfair advantage over other players. Makes sense they have to nerf him.

      • Armelo Apelete

        Yeah but it’s what it’s. They can just nerf his attack stat but what’s the point to nerf his stamina?

        • peponzio

          Well, it’s a balance nerf, all stats Must be reduced appropiately. Reduce attack and keep defense and stamina, then you have a Pokemon with greater defense and stamina. That is not Mewtwo. Mewtwo is Huge attack and decent defenses.

          What I’m saying is the ratio of one stat to another must remain the same otherwise the Pokemon is definitely not as it should be, as the main series game.

          There’s an even more important reason for the nerf, though. Forget competitiveness and advantages of having Mewtwo.

          Nerfed Mewtwo has 49,430 CP as a Raid Boss!!! Imagine keeping his stats (that were reduced about 10%) Mewtwo would probably have gone higher than 54,300 CP!!!

          That’s scary high and quite possibly many trainers under level 28 would contribute little to fighting Mewtwo. It would become an elite only battle. Couple it with exclusive raid invitations and now it’s impossible to catch.

          Ergo, nerf.

          Edit: I mean level 28 because most trainers I’ve met under level 28 have struggled with Lugia Raid battles (heck even levels 30 through 32 struggle, me included). By the time of level 28 most strong counters and attackers have been acquired but they have only one or two versions of those attackers. Stardust is probably scarce to have enough attackers well trained by level 28 as well, and the max CP at that level is also bordering in desired competitive CP strength.

          Objectively speaking.

          No offense meant to any level trainers.

          • teresa sirois
          • peponzio

            How do you mean?

            The change in bellosom in this update was to the distance you must walk with it as your buddy to get a candy, from 1 km to 3 km.

            Or do you mean how can you make it smaller? As in it’s too heavy (7 kg weight)?

            The Height and Weight characteristics of Pokemon are defined upon capture or hatching and scale appropriately through evolution. I’m afraid they can’t be changed. Not even with a well balanced diet and good excercise.

          • teresa sirois

            I was thinking the same “nerf” as some Pokémon got last year like lapras and vileplume when they lost Cp

          • peponzio

            Ahh, alright. Yeah, Bellosom’s CP is already quite small so no need to nerf like Lapras and Vileplume.

            Don’t worry your Bellosom is fine, it was not nerfed. The nerf was for Mewtwo only.

            The change was in walking distance for candy when you have Bellosom with your trainer as its buddy.