Chrales, reverse engineer from the PoGoDev Discord channel, has found an interesting piece of information in the app’s network traffic!

The Pokemon GO client is now downloading several new required visual and textual assets in the background. These assets will be displayed as an in-game notification once Generation III launches.

Visuals (decoration and background):

Downloaded text assets:

More Pokémon Have Arrived

Trainers, dozens of Pokémon originally from the Hoenn region have been spotted all over the world!

Got it OK

This leak shouldn’t be a surprise, given how close the Gen 3 release is. We are expecting the release either tomorrow or on Saturday and this discovery only reinforces that. With every hour that passes, we are one step closer to the release.

Please be aware that the weather update won’t be released with the new Hoenn Pokemon, as clarified by Niantic for the Verge. That update will come out later this month, as there is still significant work to be done on Niantic’s server infrastructure in order to support the real-time weather conditions.

As of the time of this writing there are no observable changes in the GAME_MASTER file, which indicates that there is still work to be done before the release goes live. Once the Gen III is ready to launch, we should see the following 10 moves in the GAME_MASTER file:

  • Surf
  • Waterfall
  • Draco Meteor
  • Doom Desire
  • Psycho Boost
  • Yawn
  • Present
  • Origin Pulse
  • Take Down
  • Precipice Blades

We will be updating our database site and the main site as more info becomes available. If you’re looking for a fresh read on the Hub, make sure to visit our newly published Pokemon GO Delibird: release date, Holiday 2017 event and moves guide.


    My Pokemon GO is update to 0.85.2 version 🤔

    • Minismurfen3

      Do you mean 0.85.1?

      • Simone Amoruso

        No, 0.85.2, it’s a little bug fixes that rolled out shortly after 0.85.1

        • Dan

          Most recent update is 0.85.1. I updated last night.

          • Simone Amoruso
          • Simone Amoruso

            As I said, 0.85.2 is rolling out now.

          • Dan

            It’s a misprint there. Go into the app store, or into the setting in the app itself.

          • Simone Amoruso

            OH SWEET ARCEUS.
            JUST because you don’t have it in the store it DOESN’T mean it doesn’t exist! I don’t have the 0.85.1 in the store yet, but it doesn’t mean the only version avaiable is the one I have!

            0.85.2 is live and rolling out! Some people have it, some don’t. STOP.

          • Dan

            The settings in the app say Version 0.85.1. Where are you getting that information?

          • Simone Amoruso

            WHAT DID I SAY. Dan, You’re the most ridicolous person on the internet.

          • Dan

            Again, the version in the app says Version 0.85.1.

          • Simone Amoruso
          • Dan

            I’m assuming you have no friends with your anger issues. You might want to seek counseling for that.

          • Simone Amoruso

            I’m assuming you have no life, considering the last comments. You might want to cry in your mom’s basement for that.

            Also completely busted with the last pic and tries to invent some kind of random insult in order to not show how stupid and childish he is, not to mention that he recognized after lots of posts that HE WAS WRONG. Poor little Dan, what an awful person.

          • Dan

            Own a house, have an amazing job where the let me do what I want, and don’t get completely angry at people on the internet. But thank you.

          • Simone Amoruso

            Gosh you’re embarassing. Feel so sorry for you.

            Btw it’s 0.85.2, and you’re saying nothing about it. Must be hard being wrong and stupidly replying “no it’s 0.85.1” for hours. So dumb.

          • Dan

            On iPhone, it’s 0.85.1. That’s what in the app AND on the app store say.

          • Simone Amoruso

            That’s because we’re talking about Android, genius. Only android got the extra update (as I showed to you multiple times) of bug fixes.

          • Dan

            You, nor anyone, ever said the update was for android only.

          • Simone Amoruso

            …My first comment… my pics (APK is only on android, genius, and the screen was from play store)…

            Laughing so hard. Really. You tried.

          • Dan

            Literally NONE of your posts say “This was from Android”. The APK mine is a screen shot from Silph Road, which, literally, just says APK Mirror. The next one was an App Store, but it doesn’t say that it’s the Google Play Store. Your third was showing the in game version, but doesn’t indicate which service you’re using. Again, you didn’t say anything about Android until you said “That’s because we’re talking about Android, genius”.

    • Simone Amoruso

      Yep, a little bug fixes rolled out shortly after 0.85.1

    • DW
      • Dan

        Manually update from the app store.

    • Ph. Win

      I’m still at 0.83.3… No update available. Means no Gen 3 tonight / tomorrow…?

      • Dan

        Manually update in the App Store.

    • Dan

      Mine is 0.85.2, and it’s the most recent update (12/6/17).

  • Sahir

    I feel it’s just few hours till we see them rolling out!

    • Minismurfen3


    • Landon Mercer

      Same. Every time you see the message for the in game announcement in the code, it means you see it that day

      • S-GUTZ

        Also the last time They announced gen 2 it dropped the day after. In the update it also said later this week (announcement was on Wednesday, gen 2 was Thursday)

  • Heydavid17

    Our shopping mall here in Denmark wrote in a newsletter, that they will activate lures all day starting from the 9th of December.
    They normally don’t know anything though, but makes me still believe, that they should start appearing later today or tomorrow.

    • Dan

      I think they’re saying December 9th since that’s the last day of the week, and all Niantic said was “later this week”. They probably don’t know more than we do.

  • Red Dogg (reddogg13)

    Which moves will the new make legacy?

    • Chanderule

      I assume Bite or Dragon Tail on Gyarados

  • Josh W

    Please fix the PoGo Plus! It’s been so long already!

    • Robdebobrob

      I keep seeing this comment every other article, and i still dont know whats wrong with it.

      • Chris Denton

        It disconnects every 5 minutes with the latest iOS update. It’s been this way for over 2 months

    • Xone

      What’s wrong with It? Used mine earlier today and it was working fine.

    • Josh W

      It works fine on iOS 10 but with iOS 11, it doesn’t function correctly. Has to buzz 3 full times before the catching buzzes will start.

      • Chris Denton

        I also notice that after about 5 minutes of use it just disconnects completely.

        • Josh W

          Wow, really? I haven’t tried using it even 5 minutes to notice that happening. I get so frustrated that I just disconnect it haha.

          • Chris Denton

            Yeah but that might have just been mine because I don’t see many other people saying theirs disconnects.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      I have to wonder at this point if that is the actual intended function, and that being able to catch it immediately with the first buzz/light up is/was a bug.

      In terms of getting people to slow down, and not play while driving/etc. The “bug” accomplishes those goals.

      I don’t like it at all… I much prefer being able to catch it/and spin stops immediately. But there is part of me that wonders if as they got working on it, if they thought “Well, isn’t this more what we want it to do? Let’s keep it!”

  • DevilxDan

    Pokemon go hub u do know that the gym battling has changed. Its better and no glitch

    • Dimas Aditya S

      Really? How about the dodge glitch? Did it fixed?

      • Chanderule

        Nope, its only that the energy doesnt return (which is awesome) but the dodge glitch is still present

  • Sylivou

    Onl’y one question left, where is Smeargle!

    • Czerwik

      and Mew and Celebi

      • Chanderule


      • Dan

        We’ll probably see them in EX Raids at some point.

  • News for games

    Is gen 3 half out ?

    • Robdebobrob

      Do you see gen 3 pokemon ingame?

    • hkmaly

      Didn’t you hear it’s coming “later this week”? That means Saturday 23:59 Hawaii time, anything later would mean people from US will say they broke that promise.

  • Núria Condom