we can officially confirm that Generation 3 has been released in Pokemon GO and that 50 new Hoenn Pokemon are appearing in the Wild!

We are updating our guides and our database site as you’re reading this. You can find everything we know about Generation III on its respective content Hub.

Now, before you run out to hunt, which you should absolutely do, spend a moment and read this article through the end.

We’ve known each other for a while now, dear reader. We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we? We’ve lived through the release of Generation 2, the GO Fest disaster, the release of raids and through all of these months of anticipation and speculation.

Now, after all of that, Generation III is finally here, putting a cherry on top a successful, but very controversial, Pokemon GO year. There’s a saying in software development that we often like to quote in the office: “Trend, not state, is what maters!”

Essentially, this is what got us through this year. This quote and your relentless support, positive comments and kind words.

Many of you are not aware of this, but we were seriously considering shutting down the Hub at the end of 2016. Now, we’re more than happy to say that we made the right decision and kept our lights on.

On a day to day basis, you and literally hundreds of thousands of other Trainers read the Hub. We are blessed and humbled by your continued support and your commitment. We hope we will never fail your trust and that all of our mistakes (which happen once in a while) will swiftly be spotted by our incredible community.

Thank you, dear reader, for this, and for many more successful Hub years to come!

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  • Heydavid17

    HUNT!!!!! =D

    Have fun everyone!!!

  • Curtis Beales

    Lets go people and get those creatures!!!!

  • Antonio Mercurio

    None on my nearby! Cant catch anything!


  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Looks like weather is out now too!!!

    • KatyCro

      Weather seems to be only out, if the area already got the map update.

  • Ekko_Ekko
  • Krister Sernbo

    Caught Makuhita, Skitty and Seedot in ”cloudy” wheather!

    • Krister Sernbo

      Had to restart app to see them


    thanks for not letting go!

  • Chris Denton

    Good luck city players.

  • kimbring2

    Thank you for your team’s effort.

  • Hard Work
  • Romain Lecomte
    • Higher_Ground

      well that was unexpected.

      • Romain Lecomte

        Does it mean less pokémon with this weather? I hope not…

    • Jack_jack132

      Might catch some fire types haha

      Sorry. That wasn’t funny

    • Tyler Enterline

      Please stay inside lol.

  • William Kelly

    Sooo happy i stopped playing this dumb game. Poor marketing

    • Michal Hušák

      So why do you read this web page an join discusion ? Maybe you have some doubts about your choice ?

      • Higher_Ground

        look at his comments, he’s been threatening to “unsubscribe” from gohub for at least a month – and this is the only page he really comments on. Strange indeed.

  • Jayden Garcia

    The game keeps telling me gps signal not found :/

  • ono1113

    Just catched lvl 31 and 34 pokemon WTF…. they had “weather” bonus

  • Higher_Ground

    Much thanks and appreciation are due your way, Antonio & the rest of the GoHUB writers and supports.

    It’s unusual these days to find such a helpful community online. It’s amazing that most of us have been able to keep our cool given the hiccups we’ve seen over the past year. This site has been a very welcoming respite after many frustrating afternoons wasted by gym errors and server issues.

    I’d have also probably given up by now if not for a place like this. I look forward to reading about pokemon just about every day. I hope this site sticks around for as long (or longer) than Niantic.

  • Tade13
    • Curtis Beales

      Could be possible. Someone could have caught a Slakoth and gave it enough Rare Candy to evolve it into that.

    • Jayden Garcia


  • Uriel Avila

    Mawile raids???

  • Sourav Das

    A 1001 geodude and 1435 rhyhorn for a weather bonus . Not bad.. it too good actually.. hyped

  • Akshay Yadav


  • Shubham Khamaru

    Where can I find the list of the 50+ pokemons released today ???🤔🤔🤔

    • Tj Smith

      these are the only ones I can confirm are in the game now, there maybe more but this is all i have confirmed hope it helps
      generation lll pokemon go
      252 Treecko
      253 Grovyle
      Sceptile #254
      255 Torchic
      256 Combusken
      Blaziken #257
      258 Mudkip
      Marshtomp #259
      Swampert #260
      Poochyena #261
      262 Mightyena
      263 Zigzagoon
      Linoone #264
      265 Wurmple
      266 Silcoon
      Beautifly #267
      Cascoon #268
      Dustox #269
      273 Seedot
      Nuzleaf #274
      Shiftry #275
      280 Ralts
      Kirlia #281
      Gardevoir #282
      285 Shroomish
      Breloom #286
      296 Makuhita
      297 Hariyama
      300 Skitty
      301 Delcatty
      302 Sableye
      303 Mawile
      307 Meditite
      Medicham #308
      309 Electrike
      311 Plusle
      312 Minun
      316 Gulpin
      Swalot #317
      325 Spoink
      326 Grumpig
      335 Zangoose
      353 Shuppet
      354 Banette
      355 Duskull
      356 Dusclops
      359 Absol