The Global Catch challenge has officially started. This post serves as a guide and as clarification for a lot of questions that weren’t answered by Niantic’s original post. All of the info listed here is verified and confirmed by Niantic support.

Bonuses are activated as soon as unlocked

The Global Challenge bonuses become active as soon as unlocked. This was confirmed by NianticIndigo, an official Niantic support representative on reddit:

  • Rewards are unlocked shortly after reaching each milestone and will last until December 1, 2017 (Farfetch’d globally and Kangaskhan in East Asia will appear for 48 hours upon achieving the 3 billion Pokémon caught milestone).

The same clarification was made on Facebook:

Event bonuses last until December 1, 2017

As answered by NianticIndigo above, event bonuses last from the moment they’re activated until December 1, 2017. That means that the first tier of rewards (2x XP, 6 hr lure modules, more Pokemon encounters) will last for a long time, probably starting as soon as November 20 (today)!

Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan will be released as soon as unlocked

Following the same pattern as mentioned above, both Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan will become available as soon as unlocked. This means you should stay on the lookout for news about the event and be ready to hunt down Farfetch’d when / if the opportunity arises.

It seems that it could go down fast, depending on how fast the increased spawn rate will be unlocked.

You need to catch around 25-30 Pokémon to unlock the regionals

Given the 3 B catches requirement, the following is true: 3,000,000,000 / 7 = 428,571,529 catches per day is needed to unlock Farfetch’d. Although that number sounds incredibly high, the recent estimates suggest there is anywhere between 20 – 30 million daily active Pokémon GO users (mixed data, closest we have is from Business of Apps).

With that number, we can assume that every Pokémon Trainer out there needs to catch at least 15, and recommended 22+ Pokémon every day. Of course, this will get easier as soon as the Bronze rewards tier is unlocked, bringing more worldwide spawns.

Is this event the news we’ve been waiting for?

No 🙂 But more about that in the days to come. A note from NianticIndigo about upcoming feature changes:

We still have more information to share about upcoming feature changes, but it may be a few more days. Stay tuned. ~source

  • Greg

    How did you get to that number of 20-30 million ACTIVE users playing the game EVERY DAY? How do you know, they are going to PARTICIPATE in such a nonevent? Have you counted the tens of thousands of ACTIVE players switching to Draconius every day?

    I remember a year ago, me and my daughter walking about 10 miles in late frosty evening with magicarp buddy to get her first gyrados, then put into gyms our fighters (for a 21 hr coins collection), with incense lit to catch more mons while walking, double xp double startdust…That was exciting. She’s not playing any more as none of her classmates does it any more and there are no gyms and no pokestops where we live (inside the city boundaries). Little progress has been made since then. No additional structures, event bonuses are worst ever. Give us at least the chance to catch M2 in a transparent and possible way. The announcement was made on Sept 14…waste of time.

    Wouldn’t a failure be an embarrassing situation for Niantic? They can still fake the numbers though, as there is no way to verify it. WHere is the BIG UPDATE we have been waiting for?

    • Anthony Francisco

      20-30 Million… 10 Million is a big variable…

      • Greg

        Yep. Then most of the “active” players I know are doing the daily streak only (you need to catch one pokemon and spin pokestop (gym) once.

        • Robdebobrob

          So spread the news of the event. Then more people will stay active and catch more. If they are interested, they will start playing again. If they are not, then no amount of change in the game will bring them back anyways.

          • Greg

            You need more and better rewards to bring them back. You need more structures for rural players. You need new exciting things in the game. You need better customer support. You need to keep your promises.

    • Rubén Gómez-Carreño Galán

      Ten of thousands changing to Draconius Go hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahhahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahahhaha very good joke!

      • Greg

        Actually not a joke. See previous articles here. Our local PoGo group here has shrunk down to seven players from 45-50 VERY ACTIVE players. The DraGo group has 23 members now. Most of them are ex PoGo players.

        • Partysaurus Rex

          That’s highly suspect anecdotal data. The recent numbers published on the Hub puts DracoGO at just shy of 500k downloads. Reports for Niantic show PoGo being downloaded over 750 Million times. DracoGo would need to be 15x bigger than it is now to even be at 1% the total downloads of PoGo.

      • Frankline Noah

        Draconius Go is a valid option for rural players. I am always out of pokeballs. I would love for an ability in PoGo to make our own pokeballs and harvesting the “fruits.” That’d really help rural players. Also no one plays around here, so I can only do Lvl 1 raids.

        • Frankline Noah

          My nearest Gym/Pokestop is 5 km from my place and I have to cross a heavily wooded, no streelight area to reach there. Draconius Go is playable though.

          • Greg

            Same here.

        • Finn Brown

          D go is an acceptable switch for rural players but there isint going to be that many urban players switching

      • Robdebobrob

        100.000 downloads on the play store. I honestly expected more.

        • Greg

          I asked Elyland for the numbers, hope to get the answer from them. There are many more options for downloading the API. There are no download data for Appstore available. The latest version 1.2. has just been released. Don’t get me wrong: As a hard core lvl 40 player, I am NOT the troll bashing Niantic. I want the company to listen to us, to IMPROVE their practices and bring back FUN. I also play the new game (started 12 days ago) , because it’s much more fun at the moment.

          • Robdebobrob

            We all want Niantic to listen. If people wanna play DraGO thats fine with me. I tried it, didnt like it. Instead i play Ingress on the side in hopes of ever getting to level 12 (im at 23% of the way :/).

    • David Denk

      I was wanting to number crunch to see how man I would have to make sure I caught + a few more to make up some slack on people, Every site I came across seemed to have PoGo at about 5-6million active daily accounts, then a side chart being 40-60million active monthly… If a fair amount of Monthly people do hop on for this event it could make a huge difference in having to catch 600 over the course of the event to only at the maximum players only 45ish… of course this doesn’t take into account how many of those are multiple accounts by a single player who well obviously can only catch on 1 account at a time and all of those hidden things that play a part in trying to find out an exact amount.

    • Higher_Ground

      The announcement was made on Sept 14…

      August 31st by my account, 2 wks earlier. They need to quit dragging this out.

    • Simone Amoruso

      Wow, so much whining over here.
      You have problems, mate, you really have. So sad…

  • Anthony Francisco

    Is there anywhere we can keep track of how many catches we are standing on?

    • ono1113

      of course not, it would make sense then

      • Anthony Francisco

        haha, it didn’t work last time they did this anyway. Will they ever learn…

    • Neopiru Games

      the catch statistics on the Chicago event as everyone knows already were manualy manipulated and faked so I don’t really care that much if we achieve the goal this time or not, because Niantic will release all bonuses and regional exclusive anyway – if the event fails, there would be a massive hate everywhere – just imagine

      • Anthony Francisco

        100% Agree with everything you said.

  • Curtis Beales

    Farfetche’d only lasts for 48 hours?! I thought it was a permanent unlock! That’s dissapointing.

    • Robdebobrob

      Its just like the other regionals: Worthless in battle or gyms. I only need 1, and 48 hours should be enough to get it.

      • David Denk

        unless it has become on the same spawn as Tauros… our town has seen 3 Tauros since gen 2 hit I am not liking those odds just saying.

        • Piramatrix

          Word, i have been roudtripping the US for a month, not a single Tauros seen

        • Robdebobrob

          Mr. Mime is quite common here. And with more spawns at bronze and even more at silver im not really worried about it.

      • phfercamic

        Worthless in battle? Did you see Heracross?

        • Robdebobrob

          Nope cause i live in the Netherlands. Hes not available here 😉
          He might be the exception.

          • peponzio

            Kangaskhan has potential but is somewhat underpowered right now.

        • Jon Jon Javellana

          Yeah Heracross has been useful for us south Floridians lol.

        • Vinícius Santos

          Yep, Heracross is probably the only useful regional, and since they’re pretty easy to find here in Brazil it’s not unusual to see them every now and then defending gyms or even at some raid bosses 😀

    • Nichole Allison

      Farfetche’d will be till December 1st and Kangaskhan is only 48 hours I believe

      • Robdebobrob

        The image/poster/infothingywhatever says both will be available for 48 hours.

  • Joe1407

    I have just starting playing D-go and when first setting it was hard. All the part of the game are there and running. P-go was easy to use, you only had a small amount to learn. Then they add more parts later. With that in mine, At first I did not I like D-go but, now I do like it better then P-go. I am only using the things I know and will get into the other after a few levels up. Last, I found a few problems with the stops and email them. I got an email back from a real person, That was great.

    • Curtis Beales

      So what? Why are you coming onto a Pokemon Go website and saying how much more you Like D-Go.

  • Eden rahav

    When is the release date of gen 3 on December?

    • ikato kiyazaki

      Late december in like christmas time

      • Robdebobrob

        Gradually over December they said.

    • WingedSupernova

      Don’t listen to him nothing has been confirmed.

  • Storta

    Is it really hard to appreceate anything niantic does? Because so far i’ve seen no one talking good about this event even ome time even though this is what many people were asking for in FOREVER: regional travel and fun little mini events

    • Cj Evans

      Niantic is such a screw up it’s hard to get excited about anything they do.

      • Storta

        I agree but come on this event is just good yet people find bullshit reasons to complain about it

        • Exactly my thought.

        • Christopher Andrew Moore

          People will always find reasons to complain. Fact!

    • Higher_Ground

      it’s a 2 day opportunity to catch 1 regional for most people. That’s not what we were asking for – it’s like 10% of what we were asking for with regard to one aspect only.

      • Finn Brown

        Im really hyped if we get 3 b because where i live there are no regonials ;-;

        • peponzio

          None? Wow. No corsola, heracross, tauros, farfetch’d, kangaskhan, mr mime?

          • Finn Brown

            none of them
            I live in new zealand and have never traveled playing pogo
            closest to me is kangaskahn and it should be in NZ but naiantic cant be bothered to put it here >:(

          • Venus Darkling

            I am guessing east asia does not include us in NZ , of course not, we do not even make certain maps lol

    • Robdebobrob

      I like it. I expected double XP. The stardust is a very nice addition, 6 hour lures will really help (still got 72 to spend). Farfetched is a good bonus. Sure i dont like regionals but if this is the way i can get 1, great. Overall i really like the event bonusses.

  • Jesper

    Double XP is live

    • Az

      It’s not. Just tested

      • Jesper Källström

        Got bonuses for three straight catches, then nothing.
        Strange but you’re right, must been some glitch.

    • Simone Amoruso


  • Aryx

    Sure, it’s not a ‘big update’. But it is a nice event,and actually inclusive. There are a lot of things we, the community, criticize Niantic for. But this definitely should not be one of those things. The event is inclusive of the entire community, and the rewards are downright good

    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      I agree.the ones of us left playing can unlock for everyone to gain interest again in playing in order for them to lose interest again the next time Niantic are sluggish with updates

    • Jason

      I’m always happy with double Stardust could be the only thing and I’d be happy

  • bnxblatino

    22 ‘Mons is ridiculously easy! We got this….

  • Partysaurus Rex

    We need to spread the word. If 289million was day 1’s take… we need to double our catches to ~50 ‘mons.

  • Mandy Kota

    Any word on what the current tally is?