Ho-Oh has been released as a Raid Boss around the world, following the immense success of the recently ended Global Catch Challenge! Ho-Oh will be appearing as a Legendary Raid boss until December 12th of 2017 everywhere around the globe.

Our regular friend Chrales, a data miner with the PoGO Dev discord channel, managed to data mine the following news graphic that should be appearing in your game’s news section soon:


The Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh has been spotted in Pokémon GO! 
Gather your friends and find a Legendary Raid Battle near you!


Both normal and shiny Ho-Oh sprites are also available in the game as of now:

The official wording states that Ho-Oh will be available as a Legendary Raid Boss, hinting that the EX Raid system WILL NOT BE USED for this release:

Congratulations! We issued a challenge—and you answered the call. Collectively, you caught over 3 billion Pokémon during the Global Catch Challenge, unlocking some amazing rewards along the way. But that’s not all… As a result of all your hard work, Ho-Oh is now appearing in Raid Battles at Gyms around the world until December 12, 2017. So, gather your friends and find a Legendary Raid near you!

In any case, be sure to read up on Ho-Oh using our Ho-Oh Raid Boss guide and prepare to raid the beast. Remember, you don’t need an EX Raid pass to raid Ho-Oh!

  • Joel Jensen

    Is there any reports of Ho-Oh raid sightings since the announcement?

    • Two in US already

      • Richx93

        Any idea how they’re distributed alongside the Legendary Beast? Random when the egg hatches or?

        • John Dayani

          probably random until the dogs are gone

          • Anders Behring Breitfart

            Hopefully, the dogs are here to stay.

          • Tom

            The dogs will definitely go so that everyone will have a solid chance at getting Ho-Oh. After that I think Legendaries will ether appear randomly or they will all become exclusive after Mewtwo comes out for everyone.

    • John Dayani


    • CyberBishop1

      There were three in the New Orleans area on Harrison Ave, one at a Starbucks too which I caught mine there.

      • Joel Jensen

        Lucky. The past 11 Legendary Pokemon that I battled I didn’t catch. In. A. Freaking. Row. F*CK NIANTIC!!!!

      • Joel Jensen

        And I have school, and my mom doesn’t like taking me. We live in the country with no pokestop. The only good thing about living in the country on Pokemon Go for me is the occasional good/rare and sometimes super rare spawns.

  • Cooper McCollum

    So happy. So, so happy it’s not EX raids

    • ikato kiyazaki


  • News for games

    Yay ho oh here I was scared if it had a ex raid pass cause I can’t battle gyms alot

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    YES! HO-OH!

    • Minismurfen3

      YES! OH HO!

      • peponzio

        HO, HO! YES!

  • Nebojša Simić

    how many people can take it down?

    • Michal Hušák

      You need aprox 25 maxed golems, Zapdos or Raiku . So 5 elite trainers can do this.

    • Anders Behring Breitfart

      I soloed it with my 100 iv Shuckle. Piece of cake.

      • Minismurfen3

        Haha xD

      • Cooper McCollum

        I bet mate

    • CyberBishop1

      Most of the people at our first raid used t-rexes, there was 17 in our group and it went down pretty quick. I am thinking maybe 6-8 lvl 35+ trainers with good strong pokemon should do the trick.

    • Minismurfen3

      I think we need around 5-6 to take it down, so few because it is a Fire type.
      But i recommend even more people because it can have Solar Beam which will destroy any good counter.

  • Leo Luo


    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      If only they scrapped ex raids and released mewtwo they’ll all put the dracgo down

  • Anders Behring Breitfart

    Dumb move. It’s a shame that Niantic is making it available to everyone, rather than handing out EX-Raid passes to the best players. Having a legendary Pokemon should be based on MERIT and TALENT, not just dumb luck.

    • Richx93

      So that excludes the EX system aswell then since the EX system is the definition of dumb luck.

    • Richx93

      Oh, having scrolled through your comment history I’ve just realised you’re a troll. My mistake.

    • Dimas Aditya S

      OH shut the f*ck up…

    • Kram C Nusopired

      Talent? as in you can throw curve with excellent? Only thing is people got more luck than others and money 🙂

    • Jørgen Tangerud

      Merit and Talent? Best players? This is game with No skill needed, players ahead of others have either more money to trow in, more time, or both.

    • Biga173rd

      Dumbest comment ever.

  • CyberBishop1

    We just did a raid with 17 trainers of various levels and took it down relatively quickly. That sucker is HUGE, like throwing a ball at an Ursaring. I caught him on my 4th ball, golden razz + curveball + good throw. It chose 5 tyranitars and one golem for me to battle it.

    • Minismurfen3

      Congratulations on catching it! 🙂

      • CyberBishop1

        Thank you, I tried to upload a pix here but it kept saying I need to log in first.

  • Justin Hom

    Is shiny actually available to capture or just in the code? People on reddit said that it’s not available yet

    • Ph. Win

      I wouldn’t guess so. Shiny models seem to be uploaded with all new pokemon on a regular base.

  • raichu DL

    the first 2 ho-oh raids popped up over here today, one was from an L5 egg that appeared before the ho-oh announcement went live. unfortunately, our raid scene is barely alive.
    only 2 weeks for a 2% base catch rate legendary. knowing that i only was successful at 5 suicune raids this month, i’ll be lucky if i get to have a shot at ho-oh more than once.

  • Hard Work
    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      Awesome dude. None have spawned in my area sadly…

    • Minismurfen3

      Congratulations! 😀

  • Anders Behring Breitfart

    To anyone who doesn’t have a Mewtwo, I’m sorry to break it to you but you have only yourselves to blame.

    • Eoin Ware

      Brandon Tan hasn’t got a Mewtwo ex pass and he is literally the best player in the world, and has got 200+ of each legendary. Ex raids are given to low level or casual players to keep them interested in the game, and Niantic totally discounts all high level players

      • Anders Behring Breitfart

        Sadly, Brandon Tan is a n00b.

        • Eoin Ware

          He has 250mill total xp, which equates to level 40 12 and a half times

      • Robdebobrob

        Im pretty sure there is no such thing as a “best player in the world” in Pokemon Go.

        • Armel Apelete

          Brandon10 has a Mewtwo i think

          • Robdebobrob

            So do i and thousands of other people.. That does not mean anything.

    • Kram C Nusopired

      What a scrub

    • Cooper McCollum

      True. I do blame myself for having 3 adopted children and having to work 13 hours a day to feed them half as much as the average human eats for a snack. I also have to home school them because they get bullied so much at school. so it is my fault I don’t have enough time to get a mewtwo. after all, this is practicaly the only fun thing me and my kids do to keep them fit and healthy. so I have myself to blame.

  • Pvt. James Marble

    This chicken is just a more colorful Moltres |D

  • Armelo Apelete
    • Curtis Beales

      100%. Well done.

      • Camilo Maiz Ortuzar

        play a lottery ticket please xD

  • Curtis Beales

    I love how on the in game notification Ho-oh is flying above a Valor controlled gym. #Valor4life.

  • Robin
  • Smashly

    I think this should also be done with Mewtwo. Even if its only for a week at least it give the opportunity for everyone to have a go. A week as a raid boss then subject to ex raid after that. I stopped playing until now with all the raids i did well over 300 and no ex pass. Sorry if this was already posted.

  • Robdebobrob

    Just did 2 in a row, caught both. Very happy its here now. However, with the last legendary beast still here (Raikou in my case) you dont know wich is gonna hatch. and 45 minutes is just a very short time to organize everything and everyone.
    This really should be the time they change the eggs to 45 minutes and raids to 1 hour.

    • Curtis Beales

      There’s only 3 more days of Raikou left so after then we’ll know it will be a Ho-oh.

  • anakh m nair

    Hey guys i am happy but i have a problem
    I am not able to see gyms!!!!
    Plz help

  • Garv

    Yes!!!! I wished Ho-oh and it came on my birthday! I love 28.11.17

  • André Pimenta

    I caught my Ho Oh last Thursday cp 2163 with nice curve golden razz trick (“certainly caught my attention” (Mystic) here in Porto, Portugal… So happy kkkk. I think that after December 12th Niantic would stop with these legendary raids or put the birds/dogs again, the people need to rest a little bit, 5 months of legendary raids is a lot kkkkkk…