hold on to your seats, the hype train is officially departing! As discovered and verified by Chrales, a PoGODev data miner, Ho-Oh and Celebi’s new 3D models are now officially on Niantic’s servers!

The data was obtained by tricking the game client to think that the player’s Pokédex already displays Ho-Oh and Celebi as caught. Once the trick was successful, Chrales was able render three new 3D models:

Be aware that their 2D icons (Pokédex sprites) are still not in the game. Once those get added, we can start speculating about a potential release date. Additionally, remember that both normal and shiny Mewtwo sprites are in the game, but we never had the opportunity to catch a shiny Mewtwo.

With that in mind, keep your hype in check and enjoy the pictures (click for a larger version).

Normal Ho-Oh

Shiny Ho-Oh

Normal Celebi

Using the existing Raid Boss CP formula, we were able to calculate both Pokémon Raid Boss CP:

  • Ho-Oh Tier 5: 48276 CP
    • Max catch CP: 2222 CP
  • Celebi Tier 5: 37733 CP
    • Max catch CP: 1766 CP

Note: the excessive gender circles are a side product of Chrales’s network modifiers:

  • Heikki Mustonen

    Celebi for December?

    • Curtis Beales

      Maybe. It won’t be a raid boss as it’s a mythical Pokemon like Mew. Gen 3 will be in December but the last legendary finishes this month so who knows.

      • hkmaly

        I think we will get some Gen 3 legendary as december raid boss. Possibly with region rotation like the dogs.

  • Dan

    more legendary Pokemon that I wont be able to get smh

  • Jorrit_trickz

    Why not Celebi’s shiny version?:0

    • raichu DL

      likely because it hasn’t been a thing in the main games for 16 years and 5 gens –
      the GS ball celebi in crystal is said to have a possibility of shininess, but all subsequent events shinylocked it despite known spinoff game (mystery dungeon) and TCG appearances.
      for GO to ever get it would be a surprise, though still another spinoff appearance. a few of us are still waiting on that sun/moon and now US/UM connectivity.

      • Higher_Ground

        hey you aren’t enjoying your mimikyu hat?

      • Dávid Bartoš

        raichu are you waiting for us/um? I am waiting for it so badly! We can chat sometime if you want!

  • randomman29

    What hype? This is not Latias so there’s no reason to care for these filler pokemon.

    • Austin Tang

      Not everyone likes Latias. Besides, he could be a filler too. Also I’m not a latias hater. Just being fair to all legendaries 🙂

      • Randomman29

        Latios could be yes but I’m talking about Latias.

  • Daniel Viquez Rogers

    -What is the fifth circle in the gender description?
    -Why is there Gender for Ho-Oh?? Aren’t Legendaries gender-less, just like all the others we have catched so far?

    • Rubén Navarro

      You’re right! Seams totally fake!

    • scelestion

      Niantic just recently has fixed the gender specifics for Latias and Latios, so they just still might have to fix these things with Ho-Oh and Celebi as well. Remember, these images were gathered without them being officially published. Having both male and female entries just might be the standard for every Pokemon until Niantic specifies the correct options just before release. The only thing we should question are officially released data, like, for example, Zapdos that has its shiny sprite as the standard in Pokemon GO.

    • We wrote the clarification just now, forgot to mention that in the article. Thank you for the concern Trainer, no bamboozles!

  • AvisAile

    Somebody know how to tricking the game client for diplay ho-ho and celebi ? Thanks

  • Just to clarify… Genders/excessive circles are a side product of Charles network modifications. Full details can be read on the PoGO Dev discord channel.

  • simple PC
  • Keval

    May I know how you find their 3D Modals?

  • Commiesdontlikefacts

    If they don’t scrap the ex raid system this will turn into another nightmare for niantic

  • Derptoise Wt

    Why is there a shiny sprite option on Celebi?

  • ーギャニズカイヨ(KaiyoOrganiz)

    Mythical Pokémon will unlikely ever be raid bosses.

  • peponzio

    It’d be cool to have unnanounced appearances of Celebi. Then a couple months later some form of mention that Celebi was seen traveling to the past.

  • Yoda • Agario