the GAME_MASTER (*) file has changed again this morning. Unfortunately, there are no good news to report this time: 5 Legendary Pokemon lost their Base Capture Rates (BCR), implying they won’t be available soon.

Don’t panic yet, there could be more to this than meets the eye. The following Legendary Pokemon were affected:

We were not surprised to see BCR removed for Mewtwo and Legendary Beasts, but Ho-Oh caught us off guard, as we’re quite certain he should be available on the Yokohama Pokemon GO Stadium event.

Again, take this with a grain of salt. It’s not uncommon for Niantic to change these values back on short notice, much like it happened the morning before GO Fest, when Legendary Bird BCRs were added.

We’ll be monitoring the GAME_MASTER for further changes, especially after Zapdos becomes available next week.

(*) The GAME_MASTER file is a configuration file for Pokémon GO. It’s downloaded from the Pokémon GO servers and saved onto your Android or iPhone device. It’s used to reduce the number of server requests the game needs to make and it’s values are used virtually everywhere in the game.

  • Josh Hack

    Hopefully they go up, if even by 1%

  • Antonio Mercurio

    i still dont have a legendary and im really jelous

  • peponzio

    Since Generation 2 Lugia has always been related to the three Legendary birds. Meanwhile Ho-oh has always been related to the three Legendary dogs.

    It makes sense that if they wanted to release the three birds first due to the relations with the three teams then Lugia had to come with them.

    When the three dogs are released Ho-oh will follow; or quite probably the other way around, Ho-oh shows up and the three dogs start roaming around.

    How cool would it be for the dogs to be global roamers! Imagine them being region exclusive for a weekend, then switch to another region and be exclusives there for another weekend and so on. Have all three dogs in different regions for sets of times. Then roam somewhere else.

    • Lorddacc

      Not a great plan having the legendary beasts regional exclusives and for such short time. If people complain about the birds being available for only one week each, it would be chaotic of the beasts were available for just one weekend.

      • peponzio

        Yeah, that’s true. Objectively speaking it should be one week for each appearance just like the birds, but there’s always someone that will complain. Weekends are more globally free time, weekdays are workdays on a vast majority, so working class will complain.

        Longer than one week will take months for the beasts to roam around. Also I meant for weekends to be like they are roaming, while weekdays they are hiding. That could make it have sort of a purpose or mystique around their appearance.

        In the games as soon as the beasts were discovered they roamed forever until caught. So full week appearance is also acceptable. Forever until caught is not so acceptable.

        There are currently 5 or 6 regions right? One which is sort of shared. Tauros in North America; Kanghaskan in Australia; Mr. Mime in some parts of Europe; Farfetch’d in some parts of (Eastern?) Asia; Heracross in South,Central and some parts of North America; and Corsola in between the Tropics lines.

        I have both Heracross and Corsola in my region.

        Let’s say the beasts choose one region each, and stay there for one week. To cover all 5 regions would take 5 weeks. At any given time at least two regions will not have a legendary beast but combinations can make any region go only one week without a beast.

        Then when all regions are covered they could start again. That would give us one week every 5 weeks to try and catch one specific beast and have us looking for beasts every other week.

        There is only one problem. Regions combined must cover the entire planet, otherwise some people will be left out.

  • GonzoI

    Seems likely that they intend Ho-oh and the legendary mutts to be released together in the same way as the birds have been, after an event. And legendaries are the best tool they have for generating interest when the game dies down, so they will need to hold onto that card for later this year.

    • Josh Hack

      Hey, when profits are low…

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah as much as I’d like to see all 4 in 2 weeks that seems like a great way to have zero content waiting on deck.

      Gonna be a big hibernation until gen 3 after I get my legendaries.

      • GonzoI

        I am with a Discord group now, which is bringing back the sense of community from the first month of the game. I plan on organizing events like a “serious” Magikarp Raid after the legendaries are gone. Hopefully community engagement will keep it fresh in the downtime.

        • Shockna

          Be sure to get a screenshot of 20 Zapdos’ at once against the Magikarp!

          • GonzoI

            I don’t know if we can pull it off, but I am going to try very hard to arrange that. I plan on using a screen recorder, though, not just a screenshot.

    • Rob Freeman

      I agree. I couldn’t get 5 people to do a Tier 4 raid. Now we have 2 groups of 8 to 10 for Legendaries.