Update: Niantic employees and Pokemon GO Travel YouTubers are posting images from this location on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Check @Anni79 on Twitter and Rachel Quirico on Instagram.

A Ho-Oh test EX raid was spotted in Japan today by multiple local trackers. Although we were very suspicious at first, we managed to get multiple confirmations from Japanese players and influencers.

The raid was spotted around 13:40 local time in the Uradome Coast gym located at 35.592504, 134.304881. The gym has a special Pokémon GO logo inside the photo disc and apparently can be accessed even though a raid is in progress.

Various screenshots we collected:

As far as we are aware, no invites were distributed for this raid. We’re unsure if the Pokémon GO Travel YouTube squad is testing the raid or not, but we are fairly certain that they are included in one way or another.

If Ho-Oh is to be released, we are expecting it to happen tomorrow, during the Global Catch Challenge celebration in Tottori and then to be released worldwide, similar to how Mewtwo was handled.

Additionally, a new wave of EX Raid invites was sent out, this time without the “field test” note. The raids are scheduled to take place on December 3rd, giving Niantic ample time to prepare and tweak Ho-Oh for a potential worldwide release.

We will be paying close attention and reporting as soon as more information is available. A huge shout-out goes to our Twitter community and Reversal for helping us verify this in a matter of minutes.

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    looks like it was true

  • Greg

    Another wave of crappy tests to bring more frustration among players?

  • Tor-Iver Sørensen

    Some people in Norway for an invite, but they’re still calling it field testing. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0a7f28346bb1392611c87066f81103cd1c5ca9daaabc43c037699828b9595ec2.jpg

  • Robdebobrob

    “Additionally, a new wave of EX Raid invites was sent out, this time without the “field test” note.”
    You got any pics of those?
    Last night we had news of some new passes in our community but those were still with the “field test” note.

  • Matthew Fraser

    I have an Ex raid pass in Tokyo tomorrow. We’ll see what pops up. I have my mind set on the Mewtwo, but wouldn’t be too upset with Ho oh, provided the catch rate is the same.

    • @souravsingh

      can you give me ex raid pass for tomorrow

  • Ellethor

    This is insane. The EX raid system is absolutely a disaster.

    I think frustration with Mewtwo is fully enough.

  • Roel Posthouwer

    Stupid ex-raid system.
    My son, below the age of 13 doesn’t have the possibility to see sponsored gyms. How will he ever be able to catch those? I guess not..

    • mayes2158

      you can change it so he can see them, go into app info, force stop, click storage, clear data, clear cache… when you reopen game it will ask for birth date again… use yours

      • Roel Posthouwer

        Not possible since it’s a trainer account linked to mine

    • Honkee Kong

      he wont… deal with it. life isnt always fair. Time to teach a few lessons.

      • Roel Posthouwer

        Most dumb answer ever!

      • Hedronal

        That doesn’t make it good video game design, especially not in one about “catching them all”

        • Drew Pennicooke

          bandwagon comment right there. “catching them all”
          It’s almost impossible to catch them all in the real games. Don’t count on catching them all in fake pokemon.

          • Hedronal

            True but still, sheer RNG to get a chance to see it and maybe get it if enough people also got that chance and can do it then, when whether you and people who did the exact same thing as you (like a group of raiding friends) may not get the chance. This being blindly going for a chance by raiding certain places (that may or may not be convenient at all, a downside of location games that this plays right into) in the hopes of finding the right one in the first place.

            Based on the chances there, it’s a feature that can’t be used by more casual players at all, and still takes luck for the highly-involved ones, for something that was broadcast as a big, public thing from the first trailer. Catching them all or not, it’s still bad by design.

    • PepsiBandit

      You dont have to go to a sponsored gym. There are countries with none at all. There is just a higher chance of them choosing those gyms

  • -ph-

    Yep, let’s squeze more people to shopping centers before x-mass!

  • Peg Janssens

    So what’s the app there using in those screenshots???

    • scelestion

      Many cities have local tracker sites that show you Pokemon spawns as well as raids (made possible with bot accounts roaming the city), with remaining spawn times, IV percentage and other info – but that depends on the tracker. In case you really didn’t know that, you should check whether your city has one. When we are raiding, we are always checking one of our city’s trackers to see where the nearest and/or best accessible raid with decent remaining time is taking place.

  • Sourav Das

    Yeah got the ex raid pass for Dec 3 .. will it be a mewtwo or ho-oh..

  • Dill

    Starting to feel like I’ll never get an Ex raid pass, lol.

  • Richx93

    The idea that they could release Ho-oh when so many of us don’t have Mewtwo yet is incredibly frustrating.

  • Storta


  • Chris Everitt

    i raided with a friend not from the area who has two mewtwo already did same raid he got a dec 3 ex raid pass and i didnt still yet to get one well hes on his third this right after they made it more fair i raid at that gym all the time gold badge it was his first raid ever at that gym explain that

  • Joe D

    oh great another EX raid tease…