the Indian iOS store is now featuring an official advertisement for Pokémon GO that says the following:

“Special Pikachu with Hat and first legendary Pokémon.”

It’s unclear when this ad went up, but it’s a new image that was not reported before. We could be seeing a similar ad appearing in other stores soon. As far as speculation goes, we expect that Mew could be the “first Legendary Pokémon” mentioned in the ad.

The screenshot below shows the ad (center right portion of the image):

  • FullmetalFlam3

    I really do hope that Legendaries will be decently obtainable, particularly if they still plan on releasing them via raids as it seems. I haven’t been able to find enough people to even take on a Level 4 raid boss yet, never mind a Level 5. It’s going to be ridiculously hard if they move forward with what it looks like their plans are… (apologies for the rather poor phrasing of my thoughts there)

    • Davey Jamin

      Poor you in the Netherlands a lvl 4 is easy, at least if its a tyranitar.

    • Amber Back

      look for a local facebook group – or create one yourself. Maybe spend a couple $ on facebook advertising to get the group going. Or leave a small pokemon card with the link at a high-traffic gym for players to find. There was a big group of players in my area already having monthly lure parties and i didnt even know it until i went searching.

      • FullmetalFlam3

        I’ve tried doing your first suggestion, but it hasn’t really panned out so well. Even among my close friends, I don’t get much feedback when it comes to playing, so I’ve ended up becoming a strong solo player. Which personally sucks. :/

    • Same problem for me :/ need people!!!

      • Nathaniel Lee Lewis

        I live so far down in my county that I don’t know if anyone else who lives down here even plays Pokémon Go

        • Today I used the silph road radio… Then realized that there was not a single raid beacon at the whole country!

  • Daro.

    Mew isn’t a legendary pokemon 🙂

    • Bob Sherley

      true it’s a Mythical Pokemon

      • Nathaniel Lee Lewis

        Yeah like Celebi

  • Sazzadul Haque

    seroiusly i am eagerly waiting for gen 3..gen 3 got some serious pokemons..which can be great for the current game meta system..

    • Nathaniel Lee Lewis

      True because Slaking will be the new Snorlax and Metagross is my favorite Pseudo-Legendary

  • Snorlax

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be Mewtwo. First legendary makes me think only 1 is gonna be released so far

  • Jasper D

    Just came by to point out that “First legendary Pokémon” can also mean first multiple legendaries, since Pokémon can also be read in plural. (example: “Mew and Mewtwo were one of the first legendary Pokémon I caught”)