Ingress portal submissions have finally been reopened, roughly 15 minutes ago! It seems that Agents level 11 and up can submit portals worldwide, no mention of lower levels yet. The submission limit is 7 portals, down from original 10.

We have confirmed this in Croatia, by Rdash123, our local Ingress mastermind. A very exciting time is upon us – new portals, new Gyms, new Poké Stops and new nests. We’ll update this article as more info comes in.

We have prepared a few images of the new process:

Confirmed by Niantic:

For all of the newcomers to the Hub and to Ingress, here’s a quick instruction set on how to properly submit Ingress portals, written by Rdash123 on our forums.

Submitting portals in Ingress for Pokestops/Gyms

Hello there folks.

If you are planning to start Ingress for just submitting portals for Pokestops and Gyms please be aware that Ingress community takes it seriously and please dont lie to Ingress players that you stopped playing PoGo and switched to Ingress if you are really not switched from PoGo.

Ok so straight to the point.
If and when you start to submit portals in Ingress please follow these candidate criteria. And also please watch this video before you start submitting portals.

Candidate: Antique/Rustic Farm Equipment
Policy: Do not Submit
If on private residential property or a farm. Submit if on display in a public park or museum and is visually unique or historic.

Candidate: Apartment/Development Sign
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless they are historic or have some significance.

Candidate: Cairn (Stacked Stone Monument)
Policy: Submit
If significant in size and unique and meets other criteria in terms of being publicly accessible and safe to access. Falls under the criteria of adventurous tourist attractions.

Candidate: Cemetery
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the cemetery is historical or has special significance in the community.

Candidate: City/Street Sign
Policy: Do not Submit
Regular street signs/city signs that have no historical significance.

Candidate: Exercise Equipment
Policy: Submit
If the candidate is in a park or community gathering place; falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage walk and exercise. If there are multiple pieces of exercise equipment, one submission for the whole group and not for each individual piece of equipment.

Candidate: Fire Department
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the candidate is a memorial/museum that does not obstruct the path of the emergency vehicles.

Candidate: Fire Lookout Tower
Policy: Submit
If open to the public. Falls under the criteria of adventurous tourist attractions. Do not Submit if lookout towers being used as private residences.

Candidate: Fountain
Policy: Submit
If it has pedestrian access, i.e. agents/players can walk up to it. Do not Submit if it spouts in the middle of the lake with no access.

Candidate: Gazebo
Policy: Submit
If the candidate is in a park or community gathering place; falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage walk and exercise.

Candidate: Golf Course
Policy: Do not Submit
Hole markers and other locations are rejected ON THE COURSE. Submit if in areas where agents/players can sit and socialize (like cafes or club areas).

Candidate: Gravestone
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the gravestone belongs to a famous/historic person or notable member of the local community and is more than 50 years old and community norms for use of the cemetery are open to historic visits and other uses.

Candidate: Highway Rest Area
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the rest stop has any significance like being a popular tourist spot or a historic location.

Candidate: Historic home
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the home is not a private residence and is open to the public.

Candidate: Hospital
Policy: Do not Submit
Do not Submit if the candidate is on or inside the hospital building or is in any location where it could obstruct emergency services and access to the building.

Candidate: Hotel/Inn
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the hotel/inn is historical, has an interesting story or is a unique local business.

Candidate: Mass Produced Corporate Art
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless the candidate has some significance such as being the first or having an interesting story behind it.

Candidate: Memorial Bench
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless for a notable member of the community or in a low density area.

Candidate: Memorial/Dedication Plaque
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless for a notable member of the community.

Candidate: Mountain Top Marker
Policy: Submit
Permanently attached logbooks, structures, or signs are accepted.

Candidate: Playground
Policy: Submit
If the candidate is in a park or community gathering place; falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage walk and exercise.

Candidate: Post Office
Policy: Submit
Connects and unites people around the world.

Candidate: Ruin
Policy: Submit
Falls under the criteria of tourist spots that showcase local flavor and culture and that make your city/neighborhood unique provided that the site is open and accessible to the public or can be accessed from an open sidewalk or viewing area.

Candidate: RV/Mobile Park
Policy: Do not Submit
Unless it is historical, a community gathering spot, has an interesting story or is a unique local business.

Candidate: Survey Marker
Policy: Submit
If on a trail or helps you explore the location. Falls under the criteria of off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions.

Candidate: Trail Marker
Policy: Submit
Falls under the criteria of adventurous tourist attractions and encourages walk and exercise.

Candidate: Water Tower
Policy: Submit
If accessible without entering a restricted area, is uniquely decorated, or are otherwise a notable monument.

  • Finn Brown

    Does any one have a problem where when they walk their eggs and buddy distants records well under the true distance they walk
    An example of this is when yesterday i rode 14k minding my speed And it said Had walked 2k. that really annoys me
    I real want to know how to fix it

    • Robdebobrob

      You just went to fast. No need to spam it on every topic.

  • Heydavid17

    Not gonna lie, it’s tempting to make up some pokestops right outside my door. However, it’s technically cheating, so I won’t do it.
    Despite the fact, that I do hate, that where I live, we do have a few really stupid pokestops xD

    • Chris Denton

      Come to my town! There’s about 20 small businesses that could be stops, multiple schools that could be stops/gyms but no ingress players and no way to level up in ingress.

      • House O’Muppets

        Generally speaking, where is your town?

        • Chris Denton

          I live in southern Indiana between Louisville Kentucky and Evansville Indiana. All the little towns in between are barren.

          I drove uptown this past weekend and did all the solo raids I could and I was lucky enough to get an EX pass for next Saturday! Hopefully I can meet some actual players from up there who play ingress and can help. I would pay someone to put stops around here lol.

          • Melissa Moore

            I live in Chandler. 4 stops and one gym that no one is ever around to battle with 😢 All the stops are sidewalk free except for one that is on the highway

          • Chris Denton

            I feel your pain! Now imagine an ex pass for a raid at that one gym and no one shows up. Punished for trying to play. I would come play with you and I’d bring my huskies, but an hour and a half drive for 1 gyms isn’t worth it to me. I’m sorry. I guess it doesn’t do any harm saying the name of my town, it’s marengo. Only the cave and post office have stops and the cave is a gym that’s closed to the public most of the time.

          • Melissa Moore

            Omg, nobody showed up? That really stinks 🙁 My 2 huskies would die if we drove that far. ( one of them doesn’t do well on car rides ) I have to drive 30 minutes to get multiple pokestops and I thought that kinda stunk. There is a husky club in Louisville that usually meets monthly. If you join, maybe you could get some raids or stops there?

          • Chris Denton

            I was the only person and I only went because I wanted to see the turn out. I sat there for 2 hours lol.

            My babies love going for car rides but Louisville is about 45 minutes 1 way. I do play up there about once a month and it is better.

          • Jill Wiley

            You wouldn’t be close to Vevay Indiana would you I had a good friend. Who lived there right off the river had one of the best eating joint I’ve ever been to

          • Chris Denton

            I’m about 2 hours west of vevay!

          • Jill Wiley

            O ok we always had a blast up there and on the drive up. Me and my husband live in South GA so we would always go through Lexington to see his good friend (UK student) and then hit up snappys pizza for lunch and then get shells ice cream and grill for supper OMG amazing

          • Chris Denton

            Awesome! But UK? Yuck lol

      • Khouri

        Schools are a poor candidate according to portal submission rules. And I doubt schools want creepy adult gamers skulking around their property, lol.

        • Chris Denton

          i don’t disagree with the logic but I get pretty strange looks when I walk around and play this game in the nearest playable area(28 miles from home). That’s not around schools.

          My problem isn’t really that I need pokestops, but more or less a change in how spawns occur. It does me no good to go out look around for Pokémon because I have and there are no reachable spawns. I know where they are but I am not going to trespass to get a nidoran.

          This game needs to be separate from ingress so that you don’t need to be in town or on someone else’s property to catch a Pokémon.

  • Chris Denton

    Well good work niantic.

    Places that had stops, will have more.

    Places that didn’t have stops, still won’t have stops.

    The issue isn’t that we need OPR, the issue is that there are no ingress players to suggest stops in a lot of areas. It’s not possible to level up in ingress, in an area with no xm or portals. So you are stuck looking at an empty map with no way to gain xp, which you need in order to suggest portals to make the game playable. See the problem?

    As far as I can tell, xm deposits are Pokémon spawns and portals are gyms/stops. Both games suffer from the same problems. Niantic is trying to solve the problem with the problem.

    The solution to fixing pogo does not come from the game(ingress) that’s responsible for the lack of data in rural areas. Pogo needs to be independent of ingress.

    Let trainers request stops and let us report bogus stops. No level requirements, as no trainer wants another trainer to have a stop on their house.

    • Chris, You’d be surprised as to how many ingress players there are. We have worked really hard to get new stops and new gyms available in areas where there isn’t any. I personally have found like 50 places that was in need of a stop/gym. So I understand your frustration but be assured that the ingress community takes this situation very seriously!

      • Chris Denton

        We as pogo players shouldn’t have to just sit and wait and hope that an ingress player will create portals in our areas.

        I do think there are a decent amount of ingress players as a whole but spread out over the world, there can’t be many in rural areas. That’s why we have this problem. All of pogos data comes from ingress, so it’s obvious to me that ingress is the problem.

        A few generous people like yourself, for sure, cannot bring parity to rural areas. I wish you could.

        • Chris,

          I thought long and hard why Niantic probably won’t add that feature. The problem is the game is so graphics intensive that it is hard on the battery of most phones. They don’t want the backlash of players when it drains it faster with the added features. I suggest you log into ingress and reach out to the community and find players who could do this. I’ve got a ton of places pogo players have suggested to me that it will keep me busy for several weeks. You could also play ingress and get to lvl 11 or 12 and do it yourself. Just a thought…

          • Chris Denton

            I can’t level up in ingress because there is no xm or portals to gain xp, as I said before. Also, there are no ingress players locally, likely because there is nothing for an ingress player to do here.

            I’m not sure that graphics are the reason. Could you elaborate a little for me please? I’m looking at a bare map with a road, not sure how it would be more graphically intensive to add a “create a stop” button.

            I know it’s obvious, but I, as a Pokémon trainer, have no interest in dumping more time into a game that is not Pokémon and isn’t even guaranteed to become a stop if I somehow could fart out some xm or portals to get the xp.

            Thanks for the input. I do appreciate it, even if it doesn’t help.

          • Christ,

            I elaborate graciously, right now we have Pokemons moving around, we have balls being thrown and we have encryption going on to try to prevent players from spoofing or getting information about where the Pokemon are. This all is really central Processing Unit(CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) intensiveness. While this might not a problem on a gaming laptop these cell phones are not as fast and don’t have memory to be fast enough. While we are using Pogo we are speeding up the system for both CPU and GPU. Each one draws a lot of energy from the battery. I suspect they did try this a few months back but people started complaining about battery life and batteries getting hot.

            Now I will say this they would need to hook every aspect of the pokestops submissions in the game. This would create an addition layer, which would probably slow down the game play and drain the battery even faster because it’s like a deck cards, if you add another deck of cards and try to play a game of gofish, it would take you longer time to finish the game. So by adding an additional layer to the game would take more time to load, more ticks to the cpu and thus that would slow the game down tremendously.

            Ingress is a simple 2d game that uses less cpu and battery power thus it is the best option for the adding portals/pokestops. Niantic is worried that if they do this people will stop playing the game due to even more game problems, slower game play, and even more data usage. Niantic is probably trying to keep people from leaving why would they rock the boat. They want people to buy coins and they want good pr. Ingress has had this in the past and just a thought they might would also have to make even more programming for the server because I don’t know how they have it set up but they would have to create a way to add portals on the server side and why would they put so much money into pokemon go when they have it already set up in ingress?

          • Chris Denton

            I’m not sure what to say. I will say this, I can play the full version of GTA San Andreas on my 4 year old iPhone but Pokéstop requests in pogo would bottleneck the cpu and gpu on modern smartphones?

            Why should pogo have a system built for Pokémon instead of ingress, which was built for ingress? Because ingress has failed in most parts of the world at getting sufficient stops/gyms/spawns for pogo. Only big cities have anything worth opening the app for.

            If niantic wants to keep players and get new players there has to be big changes to the underlying system.

          • hkmaly

            So you think it’s application problem? Then allow people who are high level pokemon trainers to submit from ingress even if their ingress level is just 4. Don’t tell me there is no way to link pokemon and ingress accounts.

          • Khouri

            Would need to fart MindUnits, farting Exotic Matter does not grant experience in Ingress

          • Chris Denton

            Lol maybe so I’m not sure how that works as I’m not playing pogo for ingress.

        • Khouri

          If Niantic were to open submissions to everybody on PoGo like they did initially with Ingress, they’d have a big mess on their hands with not enough time to handle it well. They opened Portal Recon to agents and what I found during the start of it was more that Ingress players were sorting out all the garbage submissions (like a fire hydrants in front of someones house) or the mass amount of duplicate submissions of a portal that already exists. While I believe that you yourself would likely follow the submission rules, I bet all my submissions that PoGo players would be submitting a lot of convenience Stops/Gyms and less practical ones.

  • Rosa Bordenga

    a velaine sur sambre seulement 3 pokestop et pas d arene

  • Rosa Bordenga

    en belgique sa se trouve velaine sur sambre code postal 5060

  • Diskus1

    Off topic: Give PoGo an Android Wear client like Ingress!!! There’s amazingly enough an Apple Watch client!?

  • P-necio

    No portal, no exp, no level, no pokestop, we are condemned to never have portal/pokestops, in the other side countrys or places with many portals, more portals or pokestops… DERP!

    • Khouri

      I had to do a lot of traveling for unique portal captures and making big area fields. I can understand how portals not close by can be an inconvenience, but it isn’t a game stopper. (L13 Resistance Agent; L33 Mystique trainer)

  • Tsunam1j

    Can anyone help us here in South GA USA with a few more pokestops/Gyms…

  • Sean Leckie

    L8 agent here… L11 seems a bit random. Wish it was just a bit lower. Though some agents scoff, L8 is no small time investment and I feel I know the portal criteria well enough by now to know what to and not to submit.

  • nEtwrAith

    Is this 7 portal submissions TOTAL, or does it reset after a certain amount of time?

    • Khouri

      Resets every 2 weeks.

  • Jill Wiley

    Since you can link your pgo game to your ptc account or your Gmail why not allow players to submit forms through ptc. I mean everything else goes through there the ptcg the 3ds games… My idea is they are slick trying to grow Ingress off the success of pokemon go… You have to play ingress to get your potals submitted then they hope you get addicted to ingress.

    Simplest way to fix most issues is
    1. make it so raid boss CPs are based off of the number of players who pass by that said gym per day/week so people in smaller towns can participate in them. (If your in a town where 3 people play then your never catching a legendary)
    2. Allow pokestops/gym submissions through the Pokemon trainers club website (and based on gps and Google maps you can determine if it’s safe)
    3. Allow players to befriend players (dont have to allow trading or battling yet just to allow them to know your around)