the Legendary Beasts are scheduled to migrate today, leaving their current habitat and visiting a new continent. It’s expected that the beasts will migrate at 01:00 UTC, November 1st.

As a reminder, the following locations and map are still valid today:

  • Entei in North and South America
  • Raikou in Asia and Australia
  • Suicune in Europe and Africa

Raikou, Entei and Suicune catch rate tables

The following tables hold true for all three legendary beasts, with their base Capture Rate of 2%.

No Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry 1.67% 1.92% 2.50% 3.07%
Curve 2.83% 3.25% 4.21% 5.17%
Razz Berry 2.50% 2.87% 3.73% 4.58%
Curve 4.21% 4.83% 6.25% 7.65%
Golden Razz Berry 4.13% 4.74% 6.13% 7.51%
Curve 6.92% 7.92% 10.20% 12.43%
Bronze Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry
1.84% 2.11% 2.75% 3.38%
Curve 3.11% 3.57% 4.62% 5.67%
Razz Berry
2.75% 3.15% 4.09% 5.02%
Curve 4.62% 5.30% 6.86% 8.39%
Golden Razz Berry
4.54% 5.20% 6.73% 8.23%
Curve 7.59% 8.68% 11.16% 13.58%
Silver Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry
1.84% 2.30% 2.99% 3.68%
Curve 3.11% 3.88% 5.03% 6.17%
Razz Berry
2.75% 3.43% 4.46% 5.47%
Curve 4.62% 5.77% 7.46% 9.11%
Golden Razz Berry
4.54% 5.66% 7.32% 8.94%
Curve 7.59% 9.43% 12.11% 14.72%
Gold Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry
2.17% 2.49% 3.24% 3.98%
Curve 3.66% 4.20% 5.44% 6.67%
Razz Berry
3.24% 3.71% 4.82% 5.91%
Curve 5.44% 6.23% 8.05% 9.83%
Golden Razz Berry
5.34% 6.11% 7.90% 9.65%
Curve 8.90% 10.17% 13.06% 15.85%

P.S. It’s rather obvious now how the next migration will look, isn’t it? 🙂

  • x Ktulu x

    The gym badge now affect catch rate? or is this the case since the beginning of the raids?

    • x Ktulu x

      okay bronze-silver-gold is pokemon type medal, forget about that

  • Jan Dvořák

    If the base catch rate is 2% why do you have 1.67% as normal(no berry,no curve) catch rate in the table?

    • Spetsen

      Actual capture rate is based on base capture rate, Pokémon level, ball type, berry, curveball and type medals. For raid bosses the first three are constant (level=20) so those constant values are used in the table I would guess.

  • Leo Luo

    I thought that they switched on the 31st, just like Entei?!

    • Marco De Freitas

      It depends on time zones, a few ones will get the new one on October 31 but the real migration is on november 1st

      • Leo Luo

        Thank you! I just realized……yeah I live in North America, so we had Entei.

    • Dan

      Today is the 31st? Also, the official announcement said today.

  • Joel Jensen

    america gets suicune today, probably at 1pm pacific time

    • You’re totally right. I’m ready for it. My exeggutors and dragonites are ready.

      • Digi dugmon

        thanks! i was wonderng which pokes to use!

        • Yeah homie. Powered up raikous with shock and wild charge are best, zapdos’ with beam and bolt, Exeggutors with grass moves. Dragonite with dragon moves is clutch too. Can’t forget jolteons.

  • Heydavid17

    Hmm… I wonder what we’re getting in Europe next #Sarcasm

    • Leonardo Isaias Zerda


      • Curtis Beales

        Thanks captain obvious 😀

  • Will

    Where did you get the 01:00 UTC time from?

    • Geo

      greenwich mean time, means 1 am london time.

  • All I can say is thank goodness this legendary craze is ending soon LoL. Making them more rare would’ve been a better move in my opinion but hey a company has to make money.

    • Jon Jon Javellana

      LoL, have you forgotten the Legendary Bird scenario? Once they were done rotating, they released em all at the same time? XD

      • No. More. Birds. Please lol

      • peponzio

        It’s not the same though. Birds were available everywhere but only one at a time. When all birds had come and gone (1 week instead of 1 month each) they all came for 1 month.

        The dogs are more migratory with all of them out on separate spots. Even if they were to come out all at once and following the bird single to group time ratio, then the dogs (all three available everywhere) would stay for about 4 months, 10 days and 6 hours (on average) or about 4 months.

        We would see all dogs everywhere as tier 5 bosses until first days of April 2018. Which would actually make a terrible april fool’s joke.

      • I don’t want to think about that lol

    • hkmaly

      Don’t worry. When the last dog ends, there will be another Legendary from Gen III taking it’s place. And if they run out of Gen III legendaries before being ready for Gen IV, they will repeat some … or all.

  • Tyson L. Wendler

    Here in PNW we have been getting the migration near 5 pm on the last day of month every switch so far.

  • Gojan Patiño

    Hello, I do not speak English: then I use the translator.
    Does anyone know if in December there will be incursions of the three legendary beasts?
    Like last month, we had the three legendary birds.
    Thank you!

  • Az

    Does anyone know why legendaries are not in the Battledex? It would be interesting to understand how they fare in battles compared to the regular pokemons. In particular, Suicine seems weaker in comparison to most of the Battledex squad