the first European EX Raid has finished roughly an hour ago and our Spanish crew was at the Bonaire chopping center in Valencia, fighting Mewtwo and reporting for the Hub.

If you’re a Spanish speaking reader, we highly recommend that you follow our ES Twitter account: @PokemonGOHubES. In any case, check out our Mewtwo Raid Boss guide and be ready for your EX Raid.

Report in Spanish, our English version and a video of the event is below:

Hoy hemos estado en el Centro Comercial de Bonaire, en Valencia, España. Hoy se llevaba acabo una Incursión EX. Cuando hemos llegado había mucha gente, no hemos podido contar la gente que había, pero 80 personas había mínimo. Cuando se ha abierto el huevo de la Incursión y a aparecido Mewtwo, todo el mundo ha empezado a chillar y a saltar de alegría, no veíamos a la gente así con Pokémon GO, desde hace mucho tiempo. La gente se ha intentado organizar por colores, pero al final ha sido imposible, al acabar de luchar contra Mewtwo, muchos lo capturaban a la primera, otros a la segunda, y a otros se les resistía, cada persona que acababa de capturar a su Mewtwo, chillaba: “YA LO TENGO, POR FIN”. Y verdaderamente ha estado muy bien, tanto el ambiente como la gente.

The raid took place from 19:00 to 20:00 and most of the folks got their for the early start. There was a lot of people, our reporter couldn’t count all of them but he estimates that at least 80 were present.

When the Raid Egg opened and Mewtwo appeared, the crowd went absolutely bananas and started screaming and jumping in joy. To quote our Spanish team:

“We haven’t seen people this excited for Pokemon GO  in a long time!”

People tried to organize using the “let’s group up by team color so we get more Pokeballs” strategy, but to no avail. The fight was predictably easy, as the overwhelming number of raiders made even Mewtwo crumble.

Some Trainers caught Mewtwo, some didn’t, but surprisingly the reaction of the lucky ones was almost the same: “Finally, OMG, finally!”

All in all, the atmosphere was amazing, the Spanish trainers are nuts in their own way and it was one of those truly great moments only Pokemon GO can create.

  • Mario CR

    I need my mewtwo pls niantic

  • We don’t have any kind of sponsored gyms or anything else. What about EX Raids here?

    • Robdebobrob

      give it time, its stil in testing phase.

  • Heydavid17

    I watched the Mewtwo raid in Denmark, which happened at the same time.

    However, I only noticed about 30-40 people, and a even less amount even caught it. What people were talking a lot about before the raid, was if they had to fight a specific pokemon, in order to get the invite. Most of the people even said, they fought a tier 2 pokemon.

    Anyhow, the rest of us who didn’t get a invite(me included) kinda felt left out, we were hoping the lucky ones would get it. But… kinda hard to watch others having a shot, and all you could do is look.

    After witnessing how the invite system works, then it’s seems like a really bad idea, the way the EX raids work right now. They need to include a lot more people.

    • Pretty sure you only needed to beat a tier 1 raid at the gym it was taking g place at to get an invite? Do you not solo raids?

  • hilmanefef

    The hype not high like when Lugia release. Poor fvking bloody ex raid invitation

  • Kang Ari Nugroho

    I am a legit player in Level 33, it feels really annoying to find out that a level 33 players hasn’t had any Legendary while a Level 20-ish player has a Mewtwo in the inventory. I have a proposition. Put the Legendary in Raid, but they are in its normal CP or twice as strong. If a player manages to defeat it, he will earn the monster but it’s in egg form. The player must walk with it for a certain distance (20 or 30 km maybe?) to have it hatch. This way, an individual player will have chances to get the legendary. Such gym will be too good to miss so that there’s a high possibility that the player will buy a premium raid pass from the store. Furthermore, the player might want to buy a Super Incubator to have the egg hatches faster. Well, killing several birds with one stone.

    • Scott Allen Simacek

      Quit whining and play harder

      • Kang Ari Nugroho

        Well I am whining and I do play hard. Unfortunately for me (and other solo player) right now Pokémon GO is not about ‘I must play harder’, it is ‘we must play together’.

    • Dean

      Exactly the same here. Level 33, have no one to do raids with. Managed to solo 2 level 3 raids on my own, but there’s no point even getting close to legendaries for me. Now every level 20 in a big city has a full arsenal of the strongest pokemon in the game (including tyrannitars) and I barely have anything…

    • Andrea Edwards

      My two friends and I are in exactly the same position. All legit level 35 and 36 but as we live in a small village there is no one else to help take down a level 4 raid never mind a legendary. In the next town level 20 players with loads of tyrannitars on their deck. I hate the changes to the game. Feel it was worthless all the effort we put in from last July to now

    • Chris Denton

      It’s a slap in the face to dedicated players, in less populated areas. No legendaries here either. Level 30 missed 4 days since launch.
      The reason niantic doesn’t want everyone to buy raid passes often is beyond me. All raids should scale for the player(s) in the lobby. If we are taking the time to go play and spend money, we should be rewarded just the same as anyone in a densely populated city.
      I’m sure someone will say it would ruin the experience for big groups. No it won’t, if you have full lobbies it would still be a higher cp Pokémon you are battling.
      The egg reward is really interesting. I’d feel comfortable doing that, if city players with big groups also had to acquire said Pokémon that way. As common as they have made legendaries for city folk, I would feel more cheated if I had to walk 30-40km for 1 with limited candy and they just have to smack the screen.

  • Jeroen Dekker

    That team split up fails at most places where organised groups are not in place. I feel lucky that we in our town have an organised group of 265 players. Now only Mewtwo has to be released worldwide so we can try to catch it.

  • deidara’s geijutsu

    I am an european spanish player, and we also got our own Mewtwo EX raid in San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain, located in the southwest of the country. We also had “the first european EX raid”, actually it was at the same time. I just wanted to report that yesterday we had at least one EX raid in each province of the country.

  • Chris Denton

    The one gym in my town just got its first EX raid. I didn’t get invited because no one was at the snorlax raid 3 days ago. I went to see what kind of turn out the EX raid had, not one freaking person.

    Niantic- “We see there are no players doing raids in this area, let’s troll the remaining few with a Mewtwo they can’t acquire”.

  • Vlad Neagu

    I wonder if mewtwo will ever be in available in romania

  • Harsh Sharma

    I am also the trainer with 35 level and still didn’t get mewtwo or raid pass for it even I successfully defeated raids of sponsored gyms why???

  • Mike Lawson
  • Mr. Latenzo

    Was the catch rate 100% or not?