Last night Niantic has activated another server-side security measure, targeted mostly at known bot accounts (previously flagged accounts).

The new security measure targets accounts used by third party trackers and prevents them from seeing rare spawns in the scanned area. In term, spoofers who use trackers to snipe rare Pokémon can not see them. Although this change doesn’t stop spoofing completely, it discourages spoofers from taking action.

This is how the new security measure looks like in action — both accounts are at the exact same coordinates, at the same time.

Image courtesy of PoGO Dev discord:

This is a bandaid fix and it targets only accounts that were previously detected and flagged as malicious. Several trackers have already defeated the new security measure by creating fresh new accounts.

Community reactions say that this measure hurts also legitimate players that occasionally use tracking apps. Although using map trackers is against the in-game ToS, our recent Twitter poll showed that 81% of participants are OK with that:

Rumors in the development community show that the majority of flagged accounts are bot accounts, spread across various APIs and services.

  • Josh Hack

    What if you are flagged for gps drifting?

    • Mike Lonely

      Niantic simply doesn’t care. They will do what they want despite making players leave out of frustration.

      • Sebastian Schieß

        Like me … on my s4 mini (GT-I9195 / Android 4.4.2 KitKat) i’m not able to login with my account since 2 months. The account isnt banned. I can login with an s7 edge without problems and catch rare pokemon too without any problems. But on the supported (not rooted!, before you ask) S4 mini it doesnt work anymore. Even i resetted my phone. So … niantic lost a player in me too.

    • Pokémon Central

      If your account has been banned, with the ^^^ measure. Contact Niantic Support to let them know.

    • Will Crosby

      This will only effect accts that get flagged after this update is applied

    • GonzoI

      I have a severe problem with GPS drift (walking between 2-story buildings in the downtown area here will often flip me 2 blocks away, and of course inside buildings is terrible) yet I’m not flagged. I’m guessing they have some sort of tolerance level for drift.

      • Drift is not a bannable offense. They have years of experience dealing with bad drift. The “soft ban” for drifting is referred to as a “speed lock” in Ingress. They use that to prevent spoofing from one country to another and then back again, but it doesn’t get you banned unless you use a third party app or bot to do it. That’s why the people using fake gps apps installed as a system service still have not been banned (and why they disable playing the game on rooted phones)

  • Ricardo Silva

    Niantic, the gift that keeps on giving. The stupidity is too much for me to handle.

  • Luis Orbegoso

    Y por que no mejoran su radar, poniendo aparte lo que hay alrededor y en pokeparadas…

  • ferjibaja

    I read somewhere that this will also affect players who use IV calculators? Where’s the harm in that?

    • Travis Dunbar

      A) Its still using outside software to read the game data, and against the rules.
      B) The built-in appraisal system is good enough to tell you what percentage bracket your pokemon is in, what its top stat is, and how good that stat is. Maybe you won’t get the other two stats, but you really shouldn’t need that level of precision. This isn’t tourney level cartridge pokemon gameplay.

      • TechTinker11

        I play cartridge Pokemon rather casually, but I dislike the appraisal system. It may tell me my Pokemon is 60-79%, but with a game in limited collection space, I would rather keep a 78% Pokemon the the barely decent 60%. It’s a game where IVs matter more then Come except for a few Pokemon.

        • Kelly Hukill

          I agree I got flagged for using IV Go calculator to narrow down the iv stat bcz niantic is too lazy to give us that info. This is bs nitanic is about to lose players that actually spend $$$ monthly in the shop if they dont start being more fair. At lvl 39.5 Ive only played fair & square but i quit playing gyms bcz of all the bots controlling them. Niantics problem lies there not w/ iv calculators. Just stupidity.

          • Jay Lea

            The trainer can hand calculate IV. If they are too lazy to do so, then they can resort to Niantic’s appraisal. If too hard, then another game should be considered.

          • Kelly Hukill

            The simple point everyone seems to be making is Nitanic already knows the exact iv of each pokemon why not just tell trainers instead of making us all guess. They also need to increase the # of pokemon space for storage w/ each new addtl generation. That would allow for competiveness. Trainers do not want to keep them all – just catch them all. So, again cut to the chase Nitanic & give us the exact iv thereby ending the need for trainers to seek out 3rd party iv calculators altogether.

          • Will Crosby

            That’s what I’m talking about tho, no pokemon game ever gave you any info on ivs except at first in silver and gold a shiny was a perfect if then they changed it later. My point was that the appraisal system is supposed to make players feel like they’re getting their iv info, which they are getting roundabout info but still, but it doesn’t tell you anything that you wouldn’t already know just by comparing cp to position on the arc aside from telling you which specific stat is strongest. So they really aren’t telling you anything that you can’t find yourself. Ivs have always been hidden stats and pogo is no different.

          • Jay Lea

            Of course Niantic could provide IVs, and they could provide maps with every Pokemon available, and they could provide the ability to joystick the game from the comfort of Mama’s basement. But, they don’t and all those things are against their Terms of Use. Their game, their rules. If a gamer wants spoonfeeding, why are they playing Pokemon Go?

          • Kelly Hukill

            Jay obviously you enjoy being a supreme being amongst all of us lowly trainers who ask for a little bit more from a game we all want to succeed & improve. With your 1st comment I thought maybe you were having a bad day but I now understand you just like being confrontational instead of having a nice conversation. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this. I hope you feel btr soon.

          • Aida Ramic

            Bingo!! Well last 3 sentences! 😉

      • Alexander Hessler

        Trackers being against the rules really is just BS, because it is just a way for especially rural players, who are repeatedly discarded and ignored by Niantic, to actually have a shot at completing their Pokédexes and competing with urban ones.

        • GonzoI

          We’re not competing with urban areas unless we drive into those areas or they drive into ours. If we go to theirs, we have access to their biomes. If they come to ours, we just take the gyms back as soon as they leave.

          That said, I’m rural and I’ve either caught or hatched almost every base level pokemon between the town where I work and the town where I live. The only ones I’ve not caught or hatched where I’m at yet are Sneasel (drove to a nest about 45 miles away) and Unown. Some have required nests or events (Shuckle in the rock event, Girafarig nest). I had to buddy-walk a lot for Kabutops, Porygon2 and Blissey, and am walking for Ampharos now (with Tyranitar next), but everything is available here.

          Travel does help with getting the Pokedex filled faster, but not enough to matter. About 15 pokemon I got the first time by traveling. But it’s not an important factor in competition. This meta skews in favor of Vaporeon just because it’s ridiculously easy to get and has a broken mix of high HP, high defense and high attack with strong moves that lets it take down things it really shouldn’t be able to. Seriously, it does better against Dragonite than most ice pokemon.

          • Akbaalia Jones

            I hatched a sneasel yesterday

          • GonzoI

            Congrats. I still want to save up enough candies and get a good one for Gen 4. Weavile should be useful.

      • FAQUE3

        How is it really against the rules when you can get the exact same results by basically using online calculators, or even writting down the results on a paper and doing the math? I call that BS.

        • Will Crosby

          It’s against TOS because it specifically says any “attempt to access, read, or modify in game data through the use of any 3rd party program or website not provided by Niantic or the pokemon company” Ivs are hidden stats that you’re actually not supposed to know which is why the in-game appraisal doesnt give you anything definitive.

          • Rishi Tiwari

            Okay but how can Niantic stop me from using online calculators…they can’t!

          • Will Crosby

            They can’t, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cheating.

          • Will Crosby

            Just like they can’t tell spoofers that have the fake GPS converted to a system app. It reads just like it’s coming from the standard gps

          • GonzoI

            The appraisals are definitive, though. It may not be exact, but it is definitive. Furthermore, read what you just posted – “access, read, or modify in game data”. IV calculator websites are fine. IV calculator apps that log into your account to get the data directly are not fine.

          • Will Crosby

            You reread it buddy, Only if they are “provided by niantic or the pokemon company”

          • GonzoI

            The clause “through the use of” links the two. Welcome to grammar 101.

          • Will Crosby

            Through the use of anything not provided by those specifically stated. Nothing is linked it Cleary states that if it’s not officially provided, or a generally available source, and considering Niantic hasn’t released their iv formula the only 2 ways to get the formula for the ivs is either figure it out yourself or look in the code and I highly doubt any of them figured it out themselves, none of that information is within tos

      • Tom Renish

        The question wasn’t whether it’s against the rules. The question was also not asking what *you* think is good enough. The question was asking what harm is done by a more robust appraisal system.

        As a side note, you sound like a shill for Niantic when all you can say is TOS blah blah blah. Real product innovations occur when companies listen to their customers.

  • Cindi Watson

    I don’t use trackers but follow a group that does and will go for an Ultra Rare announcement. Sometimes the announcements are found without trackers. I don’t see the harm in it. Once you finish your dex, you start hunting for good IV. What is the harm? It makes the game interesting. BTW, I have used POGO for weight loss so mainly the fun time walking.

    • Higher_Ground

      well, it’s giving you a small advantage over others who are following the rules… but I don’t see it as being all that much of a problem in the game. There are much, much bigger issues with gyms all around.

      I still don’t have a Dragonite and my only Snorlax is like 300 CP. If I were abusing trackers I’d have plenty of dratini candy and probably several Snorlax, one of which might actually be useable. I’m not really in a rush to beat the game, though, so I’ll just find them as they come.

      • Akbaalia Jones

        I just hatched a dratini today … most of mine were hatched and i caught 3 overall … I’m not in any rush at all … don’t need trackers to play this game … I just go everywhere while hatching my eggs and catching everything in sight for stardust … the game is good just the way it is … i just go out and play the game the way it was meant to be played … I’m not in any big rush at all … and I take advantage of the special events

        • Higher_Ground

          I pretty much feel the same way. It’s annoying that so many people seem to have perfect Dragonite/Blissey/Gyarados but you have to play with a little “Live and Let Live” mentality. I may not get as many coins, and it may be boring to attack the same pokemon all the time, but at least I’m still making progress and it feels more like I’m earning it.

          • Akbaalia Jones

            Getting them from the eggs are usually the best one’s … everything they i catch is just mainly for stardust but I do get some lucky catches most of the time … the reward is in walking the distance and being patient and using the tools within the game and overall you will get some good stuff …. I finally hatched my second porygon and took advantage of the buddy candy special and now I have a porygon 2 … I collect eggs from different locations and parks and shopping areas and just keep walking … I use my pokecoins mostly for incubators

      • Sylvia Chochian

        Exactly! I am at level 30 and still don’t have a single 3000 cp pokemon to my name. I walked a ridiculous total of almost 200km to get enough Chansey candies and after all that, it only evolved into a pathetic 1300cp blissey! I know I could have held out for a better Chansey to evolve, but my 11 year old daughter (who is the reason I play the game) couldn’t wait to evolve the minute we had 50 candies. Now, I’m taking advantage of the 4x buddy candy to walk the Chansey some more considering I have a better one to evolve. Even then, it still won’t be close to 3000cp.

        The point is, I don’t end up putting in a few minutes a day, and I feel like I’m so far behind most other players especially in gyms. I’m always the weakest one in a level 10 gym and get kicked out by those lovely double account holders that like to take one account and level the gym down to 9 and then kick the weakest guy out and steal their spot with their other account. There are just layers of cheaters on every level and Niantic chooses to target the trackers. Who really cares if someone wants to have a high powered pokemon? You can deal with them later, but first deal with the people sitting on their butts and spoofing all over the place taking over gyms. I have really only seen a handful of actual people come up beside me at a gym and battle while I’m there. Mostly there’s no one around and gyms get snatched back minutes after battling.

  • Scott Officer

    Instead of wasting time and reasources shutting down scanners Niantic should just provide a scanning service themselves. That would make it easier for casaul players to take part in the gym meta,therefore making it harder for spoofers to hold gyms.

    • John Jones

      They already do fool. You can’t expect no challenge and for everything to be spoonfed. It’s a game. And NO Pokemon game has ever had the tracker system you all demand.

      • David Anthony Tate

        Found the guy who never caught any legendary dogs in GSC

        • Imraan Omar

          I agree with John and I caught all the dogs in Crystal. The games is going out and catching pokemon not finding the best or nothing else. I caught a Feebas so its cool with me not having a Snorlax, Dragonite or Tyrannitar

          • Higher_Ground

            Feebas isn’t in GO yet…

          • GonzoI

            It wasn’t in Crystal either. I think he’s confusing Crystal with another game. Only Diamond, Platinum, Black, White, Black2 and White2 allowed you to get all the ones he listed.

          • Imraan Omar

            I was merely stating even though in gen3, that getting rare pokemon requires grinding or they wont be rare.

      • James

        Generation I
        In Generation I’s Pokédex (model HANDY505), the entries are simple and each individual section can be accessed directly from the listing. The last option—”Area”—displays the map, along with flashing indicators at each location where the selected Pokémon can be found; in cases where the Pokémon is not available in the wild, is only available once, or can only be found by fishing or in the Unknown Dungeon, the message “Area Unknown” will be displayed over the center of the map instead.

      • Higher_Ground

        Even the very first game told you which routes to check. It doesn’t have to give you GPS coordinates but something beyond 1-2 blocks would be great.

        If I knew the town 60 minutes away had a lot of pokemon I need, I’d go check it out. It’s too far to travel on a whim, though, so it’d be nice to just be pointed in the right direction.

        • GonzoI

          A lot of towns have Reddit boards where people talk about what they catch. I went on the Indianapolis Pokemon GO board before a trip there to figure out where I should hunt pokemon in the evenings.

      • GonzoI

        A few have had tracker systems that would be good. Sun and Moon has a system that tells you what general areas certain things spawn in from the pokedex. They’ve already said, though, that they built Pokemon GO differently from Ingress, and the Ingress map tools that don’t carry over are what would give that sort of “biome map” feature.

      • Big Daddy

        poke radar? 🙂 remember that fondly, makes the go tracker seem even more inadequate, that was a big thrill of the game hunting, like when go first came out

    • Joel Jensen


    • Edison Poi

      i prefer aim those teleport… they take down and occupy my area gym, even they are not there.

  • vision33r

    Keep destroying your game Niantic. If trackers are gone, it’s game over. Fix what little game left and things to do.

    • GonzoI

      Promises, promises. We always hear “game is dead” after they take away features or block some cheating tool. And yet it’s still the largest active userbase of any mobile game.

      • Eric Herndon

        yea because they’re all bots for scanners haha

        • GonzoI

          The number of bots for scanners is in the thousands to tens of thousands. The number of users is in the tens of millions. There will never actually be a game where bots outnumber real players. It’s simple economics: If it required as many bots to run a map as actual users, the ones running the bots would need at least half as much processing power and bandwidth as the company that’s getting paid quite a lot by users.

          Further, if they were using bots to pad their numbers to make their product look good, they wouldn’t have annihilated the current crop of scanners like this. It would just be an unspoken thing they never touched.

          • > It would just be an unspoken thing they never touched.

            I confirm this. Niantic has allowed a GreaseMonkey userscript to modify the Ingress intel map to give data that is not strictly provided by the stock intel map. Yes, they have removed a few things to disable some more nefarious features (hunting portals over a certain age, for example to prevent players from getting what’s called a guardian badge) but for the most part, they don’t care about you using it as long as you aren’t provoking players by using it to gain an unfair advantage.

          • ColdNCursed

            While I mostly agree with you, I do believe Diablo 2 would like to have a chat… =)

          • GonzoI

            Not my genre of game, so I looked it up. I find the occasional comments similar to the ones I’m responding to where either a botter or an annoyed player -thought- there were more, but along with them I’m finding comments that there really weren’t that many bots.

            It’s a form of selection bias. You notice the bots because they’re noteworthy. A spate of murders hitting the news always makes people assume murder is common place, despite the reality that 99.999% of the population is not being murdered.

            It’s also an issue of disproportionate effect. A bot in Pokemon GO is on far more gyms than a real player. A bot in Diablo 2 (according to comments I just read) is far more likely to be encountered in the higher profit runs that require higher levels than players who spend months getting to the same point.

            More importantly, a bot on any of these services is going to be far more taxing on the services because they’re running constantly and doing something constantly rather than the wandering and taking breaks that real people do. Game servers would never work for a majority being bots.

            If you’re going to nitpick, though, the closest I’ve seen to “mostly bots” was Inselkampf, where the game naturally gravitated to a scale in which no human player could keep up with all their islands. The older servers would devolve into generally 2-3 bots fighting it out after driving off all the human players. That said, even those games constantly had a few people checking in on them, so even that never actually could fall below the number of bots. All of the actually meaningful play was bots, but there were still more humans.

  • Jordan Tough

    So do Niantic have Venonat marked as a rare Pokemon then?

  • Tom Renish

    Yup, this flagged my account and all I ever used was the IV FLY app for appraisal since the in-game system sucks.

    Guess I’ll wait 2 weeks to see if my warning message disappears.

    • 03grunt

      I’ve been using ivstats and then ivfly since it was released and have never had any problems.

      • R Firestone ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

        I got flagged for ivfly. Only thing I ever used

        • Dr.Biliman Narcisse

          are we going to be able to use my again is it a temporary thing

      • Jon Woodbury

        Me too. Flagged for IVfly. I stopped using it and the warning went away.

        • 03grunt

          Did you update to most current app with current API?

    • Dr.Biliman Narcisse

      are you going to be able to use it again

      • Dr.Biliman Narcisse

        i dont use nothing but they flag my account i cant see any rare pokemon

  • Omar Alor

    There’s a big difference between spoofing and tracking. Spoofing is definitely bad, as it takes away the experience of playing in the real world and exploring places in real life to catch pokemon. Tracking helps players find rare pokemon or pokemon for which they desire candy. If anything, this motivates players to go out into the world to catch pokemon because they know where to look, instead of wandering around aimlessly in their own local area hoping for something rare, which can get boring pretty quickly.

    • hashish

      Use silth road’s map compiled by gaming community instead of trackers and you will be fine.

      • R Firestone ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

        That only gives nests. That’s doesn’t show you rares (like that Chancey) that are near you and disappear in 20 minutes.

    • GrrrOfOmicronPersei8

      Spoofing isn’t bad. It doesn’t affect you as a player on what Pokemon you catch. Sure, someone could travel to a gym and train it up or knock it down without actually going there..and that is annoying. But it doesn’t affect whether or not you find a rare Pokemon and catch it at all.

      The aimless wandering is annoying, and that’s why the original tracker was great. They messed that up though, and it sucks that we don’t have a good one except to show you stuff near Pokestops.

      • Higher_Ground

        Sure, someone could…

        Maybe they should do a better job of differentiating. While it’s annoying that someone has a stable full of Dragonites from spoofing, it’s not nearly as bad as that same person then spoofing on top of gyms to place 10 Dragonites all around town.

        I personally don’t care if someone spoofs to fill up a Pokedex. I care only slightly if they spoof to load up on annoying high-CP pokemon if they aren’t also spoofing gyms. If they spoof gyms, though, they deserve a permanent ban.

        Niantic should just host their own version of Pokevision (& have it full of crappy ads so they make plenty of money). It would undercut other websites/apps and hopefully not completely drag down their servers.

      • GonzoI

        Not having access to coins kills the game for players. Few people can afford to keep buying coins, and incubators are vital to getting pokemon. Spoofers don’t just take gyms, collect their coins, and leave like a real player does, they go back to the gyms and take them back. It makes it where real players can’t stay in gyms long enough to get anything out of the game.

        • Sylvia Chochian

          I agree completely with this comment. One of the most frustrating things in pokemon go is the gym system. I’m so fed up of battling 7 gyms and collecting 20 coins because these spoofers just take back the gyms 5 minutes after I painstakingly battle them. I currently have 90 fainted pokemon and another 30 that have only been partially healed. I have practically no potions left with which to heal them and for all that, I can’t even collect the coins that I deserve. Why should coins be any different than candies received when catching a pokemon? That’s the way it’s supposed to work in this game – you perform an action, you receive a reward. Why doesn’t this apply to the coin rewards as well? Honestly, they are never going This be able to crack down on these cheaters. At least if they make it so that you can collect your coins after each battle, that will be half the aggression reduced. Personally, I wouldn’t be as upset about my gym getting taken back if I’ve at least been able to get my coins out of it. There’s nothing much else that motivates me to battle these days because I can never keep up with all those 3000+ beasts that are lined up in gyms everywhere you look. At this point it’s just “give me my coins and I’m good!”

    • Will Crosby

      Except trackers require bots which is against TOS so it’s just as bad. Cheating is cheating no matter what kind.

    • Jay Lea

      Those who use trackers often use them to get the biggest and best of all the mon. Then, they take these mon to the gyms and hold the gyms throughout the town with their supersized pokemon. Those who don’t use trackers, bots, spoofing etc are left at a serious disadvantage in gyms and therefore collecting coins. As long as those who use trackers stay out of gyms and don’t brag about their collection, I don’t have a problem.

      • Everyone seems to forget you get 5k stardust per day from 10 gyms… To me, this is more of a motivator than 100 measly coins which buys all of 10 pokeballs…

        5k stardust is ~50 pokemon catches (at least 50 balls) worth of stardust and cannot be bought, hence it is infinitely more valuable for the gym meta as you need the stardust to power up pokes to their highest levels.

  • Calvin Wiranata NG

    How I know that my account is flagged or not?

    • If you get a warning on login that says your account has been detected using unauthorized third party tools, then it is flagged.

  • GrrrOfOmicronPersei8

    I like all tools available to people (except bots; at least have sense enough to actually play the game even if you use a spoof program). I think spoofing can be very beneficial for people who want to play the game, but can’t actually go out somewhere due to whatever reason (illness, work, travel restrictions, etc). Let’s stop demonizing people for that kind of thing.

    • Will Crosby

      Do you use live maps?

    • Jay Lea

      The argument for spoofing might carry some weight if Pokemon Go were the only video game in the world, or only Pokemon game. But, it isn’t for either category. Spoofing from work? You’ve got to be kidding. Illness? That’s life. Yes, I was sorry to miss my 7 day streak when I had the flu but spoofing wasn’t a consideration. Stuck in Mom’s basement as an adult? Play another game.

      • GrrrOfOmicronPersei8

        Life is different for everyone, and there are people out there who try to make all kinds of things accessible for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Some of the people who use spoofing programs might be lazy..some might be disabled. Either way, it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t hinder YOU from playing the game the way it was intended by the creators. You’re allowed to complain and whine when a gym is loaded up with 3000+ CP Blissey, Dragonite, and Snorlax all you want. But that’s part of how the game was intended, for there to be people who have Pokemon that strong in gyms; some people chose to get there a little differently for whatever reason they use to justify it. It doesn’t have to be the only Pokemon game or the only video game in the world. People have created cheat codes and other hacked ways of playing many other games, either as a way for them to fix problems in the game, to make the game accessible to other people who might not be able to play normally, or to enhance their experience in the game.

        Overall, people who spoof break the rules and that’s undeniable. So are people who use scanners (which rely on bot accounts), IV checkers, and data mining websites. I would surmise that a good 98% of the players have broken or continue to do so. In the end, Niantic has plenty of right to shut down scanning sites and things because of it being against the rules. They have every right to shut down this website too, for the exact same reason.

    • Will Crosby

      Also, unrelated but I have to say it, you know it’s Lrrr from omicron persei 8 right? Not grrr.

      • GrrrOfOmicronPersei8

        Grrr is his son.

  • Bobby-dee Arriesgado Mariblanc

    This is good. Coz everyone just wants a perfect this, perfect that. This is supposed to be an mystery-explore game. But playing it now like a go-collect-that-pokemon-on-the-map game. Where’s the fun in that?

    • Will Crosby

      That’s exactly what people don’t understand. What’s the harm in iv calculators? Well ivs are hidden stats that you’re not supposed to know. What’s wrong with using maps? Well they’re run by the bots that you hate and complain so much about.

      • GonzoI

        They put the IV information in the game in the evaluator. It’s not exact numbers like the calculators, but it has the same impact on the game. The “not supposed to know” argument falls flat. Maps, on the other hand, show you precisely where pokemon are, taking the exploring out of the game, and are explicitly against the rules.

        Furthermore, you can play the game entirely without IV calculators (in fact, most people do) without being impeded. The response of most map users, though, is that it’s “fair” because you can cheat like them too.

        • Will Crosby

          No sir, it’s still hidden stats. I can tell you that pokemon is highly stronger than normal and you still don’t know the exact stats. They put the appraisal system in for the sole purpose to deter iv calculator use. Please tell me which other pokemon games actually gives you any info on ivs? None. Appraisal system tells you the same thing you can figure out one your own just by comparing cp number to position on the arc. It doesn’t actually give you any information on how much stronger it is. Just gives you an idea.

          • GonzoI

            Me: “It’s not exact numbers.” You: “You’re wrong, it’s not exact numbers!”
            Conversation: Over.

          • Will Crosby

            That’s not my point, which you keep missing, I just specifically mentioned that to point out the difference. The point is niantic specifically state’s in their TOS that any info you get on the game has to be generally available. But since the only way to get iv info is to crack the formula yourself or look in the code. So unless the dev of the iv calculator cracked it himself it’s against TOS.

          • Will Crosby

            So that means. If you used said iv calculator to get your exact iv you have broken tos.

          • Daniel Abarca

            Lol what?????? ” WHAT other pokemon games actually gives you any info on I’ve? None.”

            Are you really being serious? Because they all do. Theres a thing called breeding for Ivs look up any video on it do you don’t sound ignorant.

          • Will Crosby

            Umm no, that method is different, using ditto to breed a pokemon for high or perfect iv is not the same. That iv information still wasn’t given in game, it was found out that the dittos used in that method have at least 2 perfect ivs. There are no in game mechanics that tell you what the iv is for a pokemon you JUST CAUGJT WILD that I know of at least but I’m a few generations behind so I could be wrong but for a long time you could not find out by any means.

          • Escaminosflau

            You right, in Pokemon Sun they show you the exactly IV’s.

          • Braedon Lewis

            ive done nothing i dont use scanners i dont use moving hacks and i havent teleported. all i did was sign into my gf account literally 2 minute walk away from her work to catch a wartortle and MY account is now apparently flagged cause she caught 5 rares and my phone refused to let them pop up and believe me i tried walking around refreshing deleting cache and everything my phone will not show rares and if she logs into my account on her phone it does the same thing. its not the phone or the carrier my account is literally NOT letting me get them. this is stupid i walked around

    • chris

      What about people who have networked together through Facebook groups and post rare pokemon isnt collaboration and community one of the original purpose

  • Leigh Gosney

    What is a tracker?

    • Josh Hack

      An extra website/app that shows you where Pokemon are in your area are

  • captainobvious78

    My account got the new “blinded” ban yesterday and I have only been playing for a month. I am a regular player. Their system is not perfect since they are now getting rid of their own real players. I spent a lot of time and money this past month for nothing now. Such crap.

  • Jan Pierre Silubrico

    Here in the Philippines 3rd party tracking apps is widely used and most
    players heavily rely on this apps to catch rare pokemons and get
    to call themselves ‘legit’ players because in their defense they still go out
    to catch it.

    If you ask they badly need to look up the word LEGIT to see
    what it really means

  • Leslie Moss

    I don’t care that much for a perfect this or that I just want to have the ability to complete my pokedex and have at least some chance of finding a rare Pokémon.

  • Jeanette Lodge

    I wouldn’t even know what a tracker looks like or how to get one but I find I don’t always get the same pokemon as others pokemon hunting with me and they don’t always get the same ones I get show up on nearby pokemon…think I have gone to a gym only once as I am new to this game…still figuring things out. What do bots do that detracts from others? Does it affect the available pokemon?

    • They are used by a tracker website or app to locate the strongest and rarest pokemon for the players to go catch them. Those players then use those strong rare pokemon to capture and hold gyms which prevents other players from being able to participate fairly in the gym game.

  • Michael Oakes

    My account was flagged. It do I know? I can only catch commons. No rares appear for me at all. They show up for wife & son, but not me. I used IVStats because everyone said it was fine. I got the warning and deleted it, but continued to get the warning. They said it would go away, but it never did. Incredibly frustrating, especially when during this event. I am a legit player who has grinded to level 35. I’ve never spoofed, bottled, teleported, shaved, etc. Not sure how long this will last, but it definitely sucks.

    • Took me 2 weeks or less after I got the notification. That was before this shadow ban tho. Just give it time.

  • vision33r

    Trackers save lives. So many loat their lives foolishly to this game. A tracker is the safer way to go out and catch without going to risky places.

  • Chris

    Regarding scanner use, I’ve found Snorlax and Lapras in my own neighborhood, steps away from my usual walking path. With scanners only, however, not with the app by itself. They weren’t even in the ‘nearby’.

    I’d love to see catch rates of specific spawns compared between the game only, and with scanners in play. I guarantee a majority of those rare spawns are captured only because scanning services exist. What’s the point of a spawn which no one sees/catches?

  • Philip

    I got flagged yesterday and bis i am Really Angry, Brause I am not a Bot and Mo Fake GPS Player and I want to fix this as soon as possible because at the moment I can not catch and find any rare Pokemon.:(
    Can anybody help me to fix this?

    • Philip

      *i am really angry
      *no Fake GPS Player

  • edward cao

    Accounts banned. OK! even legitimate accounts are banned. Why not ban those who we called as “flyers (accounts that fly their avatar to different locations just to catch, or battle with gyms) – can’t niantic detect those accounts?
    From thousand players seen on park, now not even a hundred, or 30 players play on park. then ban those legits, cool. I hope pogo last for long until gen 7. I just hope.

    • edward cao

      i am reacting because my legit account was banned,but why is it that those flyers, those lucky flyers in town, hundreds of them who can play, catch mons, battle with gyms, owned gymsssss ( so many gymsssss) still can play the game without hassle. For info my account is legit, its not a bot account, i spent hours just to catch my mons at parks. then just because of suspicion of using tracker i was banned. cool!!! Players playing pokemon is rapidly decreasing for info…. hope niantic seen that

  • Daniel Burgess

    how will you know if you have been flagged or not ?

  • Lilian Nam

    I refer to our exchange of emails. I have explained clearly that my account is
    wrongfully flagged, but have only got an irrelevant answer.

    Please note that I have always done all the steps set out in your email
    regarding gps stability, but your app still drifts location out of my
    control. If that’s the reason why you have flagged me, please improve
    your app at your end instead.

    As I said in my earlier email, I have spent money buying incubators, which is definitely not what a BOT will do.

    I have invested money and my valuable time to build up my trainer level and just about to reap the resulted benefits from catching rare pokemons at a higher level. I remain a loyal customer while more and more players are giving up the game. But now, I am innocently flagged, my account is handicapped and all my money and time have been wasted by your unreasonable flagging done to a loyal and honest customer.

    Please take immediate action to review my case and reinstate my account to normal. If Niantic continues to disappoint me by not unflagging my account, I would have no other choice but to give up the game and to claim all my money back!!

  • Paco Jones Losmios

    I have been flagged two days ago, I DID NOT EVER GET ANY WARNING WHEN LOADING THE APP, I just suddently realized that I did not see Pokemon which were around me as spotted by other players or by the Pokemon go plus.
    All my “ilegal” activity has been occasional use of IV GO App.
    Any idea on how to get the ban lifted? Is there a procedure to contact NIANTIC about it, other than reporting a game bug (which this is not) or the one for appealing a permanent ban?

  • Ayrton Diniz

    Does anyone knows how long it lasts?

  • edward cao

    seems i have an idea why niantic banned accounts RANDOMLY.
    RANDOMLY?? Blinded banned? i don’t think so, this is just a propaganda to increase more sales of the pokemon GO plus, am i right???
    as you cant see mons in the wild. some of it. pogo plus is the solution to the problem. for what reason? SALES??? Tell us if im wrong. If not why is it that POGO PLUS can see them all???
    stop banning accounts randomly as it is not fair, other players who fly accounts can still play the game without hassle, while those who spend hours playing, chasing mons are being banned for SALES purposes.
    track how players catch mons, locate distance of the mons they catch…youll see and noticed that mons are on the same location and the distance is minimal. so why accuse of being bots?
    there are ways for players to communicate with each other, tell them that there is a rare mon on that area, and catch them.
    does communicating with other players, asking where to find the rare mon they catch considered cheating?
    my account was banned for doing the same strat, thats why im wondering, how my account was banned. RANDOM? FOR SALES???

  • edward cao

    you are losing your players, do something not to lose those who plays the game. not throw them away. your system can prove what im saying. more and more players quit the game, as they are banned. we ask you to ban those flyers, not those who play and waste time playing the game.

  • Beau T Ottenbreit

    Unfortunately this has hit a lot more people than just those a-hole spoofers. Having an iv checker which is the only way to know whether or not the pokemon you catch is worth keeping can give a third party warning as well and as a result we can’t catch anything except for lucky egg bait now.

    Bots and spoofers need to go, it needs to be top priority. They need to find a way to get rid of them though PERMANENTLY without killing off the rest of the players and I would imagine a majority of players use iv checkers, the game is unplayable without them, and trading will entirely be based on the iv value of pokemon if its ever released.

    Look there are very few active players (and I live far from a real city) that don’t have their dex full or near full – I have 3-5 of everything (but unknown and regionals), the rest I transfer. Without the iv checker, the in game joke of a checker doesn’t give enough detail to let me know what to keep or discard. With the limit never getting raised from 1000 when Gen 2 came out, there really isn’t enough room to keep everything to start with, let alone free spots for going around for pokemon. The game is fairly pointless if you can’t improve on what you have – the gym system is so beyond broken with the strongest gyms being beatable by any two newbies teaming, everything has been too easy to catch, and yes the spoofers ruin everything for everyone because they are the reason we don’t get new features like trading, breading, and competitions. The one thing we are able to do is improve the quality of our pokemon inventory, but unfortunately the only option we have to do that involves using the extremely popular iv checkers. I got a warning once and now I’m treated as the equivalent as the scum of the game that teleports to rare pokemon found by bots, or simply to the gyms to screw over everyone out there trying to make lemonade out of these lemons. This needs to get changed.

  • Stefan Berec

    oh, ok. i have flagged account now. it’s good news for my pocket 😀

  • Cosimo Cascio

    this shadow ban is permanent or not?

  • James Martin

    So I believe I am flagged. Haven’t received any message or warning, but right after the Rock Event I have been only seeing common types. Figured it was the system just resetting after putting all the rock types out. But went out with a friend and he saw a Quilava and we pasted a Shellder nest, etc… I wasn’t able to see any of them.

    Is there a way to find out if I have been flagged (even though the evidence is overwhelming) and how do you get unflagged? I recently started using the IV Calculator All G2 so i guess that is what caused it…

    Thx for any advice…

  • edward cao

    why not block all Philippine players. as all uses tracker, 3rd party app, iv calculator. ask friends to catch mons for them, using fb to track mons, use other internet sites to catch. it is sad to say that you only block others while others who can fly their avatar to several kilometers from home are still enjoying this game. niantic thought that there are still 100 players where in fact those 100 players are only 10. 10 as this 10 players has 10 accounts each. why not just block the whole app in the country. Seriously block players randomly just to sell your pogo plus. your players are decreasing dont be stupid. wake up niantic. hunt down those flyers not us who play pogo several hours in the park. seems your info are not accurate. there is a 1:1000 ratio who play legitimately without using 3rd party app in my country.why blind only few. wake up

  • Siong Ian Ong

    Why can’t I see rare pokemons? I am a genuine player who has caught every all my previous pokemons on the exact spot. How long would I been banned for this?

  • Marci Hutchins

    I was given a shadow ban with no explanation or warning. I’ve since Found out it is from using IV Go. And IV Go developers responded to someones comment on Google play about risk of ban. This is the 2nd time I have been shadow banned as no-one told me it was from using IV Go until I contacted them 4 days ago. Apparently you will have game play resume eventually. Last time took about 9 days. This time was 2 and then yesterday evening it’s banned again. I haven’t used any 3rd party apps or hack/spoof so no idea why once again I can’t even see an eevee.

  • KezzaKrunch

    I got flagged and I have nothing that helps me find Pokémon THIS IS UNFAIR! And must be happening to others too.

    Also, My GPS is lousy on my phone so my person gets stuck at one place while I drive to the next then wait for her to teleport to me when the GPS works again, can this get me flagged or has someone been using my account? (The ‘no GPS’ banner covers the screen and if I flick between apps it will go away for a second, then I can quickly use the buttons it covers before the banner comes back) is this my game with bad GPS? Do I need to delete and reload the app?

  • Michael

    How do u fix a flagged account I deleted everything I thought might have got me flagged I just play the game with a few friends and family and sucks that I am flagged

  • James B. Hill Jr.

    I don’t understand this at all. There are obvious spoofers at raids, and people using bots who have been doing this since the game came out.
    I used a calculator one time because someone said it was an awesome program to check pokemon stats. It does not even affect my game, and yet I have had a shadow ban on my account now for a week. I cant get any response from Niantic. Is this permanent? It is a very unfair ban. How do they expect to keep new players, if they do this and then don’t even explain to you what is wrong, or how to correct it?

    • KezzaKrunch

      It is not permanent. You will have things back to normal in a week or so. Keep smiling, catch all the common ones for stardust. Same thing has happened to many people. And yes the bots and spoofers are still laughing.

  • Stanislav Dragov

    I created a second account to test how spoofing works .I’ve been spoofing on it since i created it and i haven’t gotten this issue (its only lvl 12 but still) . On my main account that i have never spoofed on and i have used trackers 2-3 times I’ve been noticing that issue lately . Really ? Do i have to start over ? (And also how is spearow a rear pokemon but slowpoke isn’t? )

  • Kristof Breëns

    so in other words my girl and i walked through the park today and she found couple of bulbasaurs and a ryhorn, I didn’t find any so im flagged for hacker or tracker or whatever while i never used any of that spoofer or other stuff ? kinda unfair i think because i can’t find any rare anymore for no reason