do not panic if you encounter a green screen after completing a raid battle — it’s happening everywhere. The bug happens on entering the capture challenge scenario and does not prevent you from catching the boss, but you need to restart the app before.

Several users reported being unable to see the real boss CP after restarting the app. Apparently, after the bug occurs, all Trainers that participated in the battle see the same (wrong) CP on the encounter screen. Even though everyone sees the same CP after rejoining, the real CP was already set and if you catch it, it will be different for most people.

Of course, there is a workaround for this: After defeating raid boss, pay attention to when the raid boss CP stops dropping. This is the true CP of your encounter!

In order to prevent Raid Pass loss, do not join a raid if the timer is under 5 minutes – you simply won’t have the time to restart and engage the capture challenge.

Ryan C. posted the following picture of the bug appearing on 8 devices that participated in the same raid in 2  Irvine/Tustin OC raid channels:

Photo by Ryan C. / HyperStryke

We went out and tested the bug with 1 and multiple players in a battle and it was stably reproducible almost every time. The cause seems to be server side, so there isn’t much to do but to sit and wait.

  • Havasi Kifli

    Bug after bug after bug.. When are we going to have a fully working game??

    • Michal Husak

      Never. The used technology (C# + Unity 3D engine) is targeted on multiple HW support, not on 100% stable code. It is a game engine, not a space ship OS :-).

    • deemon

      After bug.

  • Tracy Sims

    Niantic, when are you going to reimburse all the “pay to play” players who have wasted countless raid passes?

    • Roland Childs

      You cannot be serious!? Did you honestly think that because you spent money, you will have better odds of catching raid bosses?

      • Jeffsoh

        If someone just join the raid at the last minute and the boss is defeated, eventually his screen is stucked at green. He has to restart the game. I think he is not allowed to go into the boss-catching screen. You know… this raid pass is wasted.

        • Roland Childs

          I understand your point of view, but….”countless raid passes”…surely he did not mean he wants his money back for the green screen bug, that only started to appear from yesterday.

          • He’s saying he went around town raiding at all these gyms so that he could get an EX Raid pass. Then we found out it was all luck-based. I don’t see why people are killing themselves over this; Mewtwo’s good, but it’ll come to us eventually.

          • Carl Mieczkowski

            yeah, eventually we will be transferring the lower IVs….

      • Chris Denton

        Lol, by spending money in the game, you should get some level of customer service.

    • Greg

      Never. It’s a crappy company. They couldn’t care less about their (paying) customers. Here is the official answer:

      Wendy (Pokémon GO)
      Sep 27, 8:51 PM IST


      Great news. The Pokémon GO Equinox Event has been extended 24 hours! It will now end at 1:00 P.M. PDT on Oct. 3rd.

      We’re sorry to hear you weren’t able to use your Raid Pass. Unfortunately, we’re unable to issue a replacement, but don’t worry- you can collect one free Raid Pass per day by visiting a Gym and spinning the Photo Disc.

      For more information about Raid Battles, please visit our Help Center.
      Niantic Support

      • Greg

        That was the answer I received for asking them to replace my paid raid pass wasted due to Niantic servers blackouts two days ago.

        • Biga173rd


          • Robdebobrob

            That seems to be their new policy. I recieved this about 3 weeks ago: “As a one-time courtesy, I have added 4 Raid Passes to your inventory. Please note that you may need to logout and log back in before this change is reflected.”

            Took me about 10 complaints mails to get here tough. 6 before the even understood the issue.

          • Greg

            I’ve taken a step further and wrote a complaint to Apple’s Istore. I’ll keep you posted.

          • Chris Denton

            It’s not apples game but they will refund you. They refunded me 100 dollars the opening week because niantic wouldn’t take responsibility for their server issues.

            That’s customer service.

          • Greg

            Yep, probably yes. It is sad tho. The company should be treating us better. It costs them nothing to replace the items lost due to THEIR fault. It is very likely that in the future I will think twice before paying for the coins, furthermore – those who read this chat, might think twice too. It’s not about the dollars but about the attitude.

          • Chris Denton

            You are preaching to the choir. The customers experience should be a top priority but it’s not even a priority.

            Good luck, Apple refunded me the day after I asked, so you shouldn’t wait long.

            There’s nothing more infuriating than a company who treats its customers like trash.

          • Greg

            Apple refunded in full. Plain and simple, Looked at the evidence and did it. A company that cares.

          • Chris Denton

            Yep Apple is a great company when it comes to customer service.

            Glad you got your money back but it sucks niantic kept it and Apple had to step in.

          • Biga173rd


          • peponzio

            This exactly. Keep asking and providing evidence, describing the experience. Even if they couldn’t confirm your case Niantic eventually gave something back.

            Just keep asking until they realize you are not just hoping for free stuff but are actually an unsatisfied customer.

        • Higher_Ground

          That’s some poor customer service.

      • peponzio

        It is sort of understandable though. Imagine all the people asking for reimbursed passes, eggs, modules, etc.

        How many are actually true? It is probably time consuming to revise all cases to find the true ones and the piggy backers. Niantic should do it, but the fact remains that it is time consuming, hence the slow responses and the missed reports.

        After all it is not an automated process, every report is unique (sort of) and is probably handled by people. Nobody is perfect.

        It is also true that Niantic owes its customers the appropriate service. For the best results though try to send evidence: pictures, timestamps, information about your phone and general happenings that led to the problem. Try several times and have patience.

        Also, use Nianctic’s page customer support. It redirects your reports fairly appropriately. Follow up with a personal mail with your user info. And do it every day until you get a response. If it is not satisfactory, try again.

        If you are true, Niantic will reimburse eventually. Besides they can’t keep angry customers voicing concerns for ever. It is bad advertising.

        • Greg

          In my opinion, it is not understandable. They sell their products. We buy. We pay. They deliver, but then the goods are being wasted due to company’s software malfunction. And you go to Niantic’s page customer support. Provide the facts. The answer “we are sorry, but cannot replace the items you lost due to our mistake” is NOT the fact that should be understandable. You buy a new car. The brakes stop working, and the producer/dealer says we are sorry, but we have too many angry customers so we cannot help you, but there is a nice movie coming to your area, go to cinema (we will not buy you a ticket) and have fun. Besides, you can listen to so many beautiful engine sounds down the street while you are reading our user manual…I don’t buy it. We shouldn’t.

          • peponzio

            I understand, but that is not a good comparison. For one the number of customers for cars is much smaller than for Pokemon Go.

            sells between 4.7 and 5.2 million cars a year, worldwide (Between 2016
            and 2017 statistics). Pokemon Go has 5 million users Daily, and average
            65 million players Monthly. Players which file reports for anything game
            misshappening. Reports for coins and items reimbursed are also mixed
            with bugs, crashes, glitches, and complaints or suggestions. That tends
            to happen if reports are not filed properly by the users, eg. file for a
            bug when asking for coins.

            Second. Most car sells come with some
            kind of insurance and quality warranty. They ensure the sell will work
            for some time, if it doesn’t then parts are replaced and/or systems
            restored free of charge. The ToS and license agreements of apps on the
            other hand are more loose and lean for the provider instead of the
            customer, because you want the app you agree to terms that may include
            providers not legally bound to reimburse due to programming errors. They
            still reimburse because they don’t want angry customers and bad
            publicity, not because they are legally bound. Unlike a car company
            which is legally bound.

          • peponzio

            Third. When repairing your car, the companies usually take the car
            from you, they make evaluations and sometimes even investigations to
            ensure the warranty wasn’t invalidated. They search for evidence and
            proof that it is their obligation to solve your problem (even if they
            are at fault). Ingame purchases leave little evidence of their existence
            after consumption and the amount of feedback they can generate is
            reliant on the game’s code and connectivity. Therefore if you can supply
            even more evidence from your side (eg. screenshots) you’ll increase
            your chances of the case being resolved.

            Is it Niantic’s issue tto
            have appropriate feedback coding so we don’t have to supply evidence?
            Yes, definitely. Are they working on it? Probably, only they can know
            for sure.

            Also, I’ve never heard Niantic complain about too many
            users reporting problems. I merely stated that it is a lot of work and
            that workers dealing with these problems are people who can make
            mistakes but are expected to be perfect.

            I have filed reports. I
            have not gotten any responses so far. But I haven’t had a good reason to
            follow up. One report I made was resolved in a few hours last week
            (Blissey got back from defending for almost a day, there was no log in
            diary and no coins awarded and she was the only pokemon I had defending
            that day and the last log for defending was for the day before), and it
            was probably because many reported similar problems (which were
            Niantic’s fault). Had I not filed a report perhaps I would have not have
            my problem resolved or had probably taken longer for me. Who knows.

          • Greg

            While I agree with you on certain points, in my opinion, it is their duty to value their paying customers much better. In case it is clearly their mistake customers have been losing the items they had purchased, there should be a bonus for all who filed a complaint – a small token of care, perhaps 3 raid passes or 300 free coins. The damage to their customer base would’ve been much smaller. I’ll think twice before buying anything from them again, as i feel disappointment and frustration. It is our free will to chose what we pay for. I’ve spent over 1000$ for the coins since July 2016. A good company would do it better.

          • peponzio

            I agree too. I have seen other gaming companies (Ninjakiwi for example) make mistakes too and they always appealed to their customers with care packages and stuff.

            Perhaps extending the event one day was Niantic’s care package? If it was, then it wasn’t nearly satisfactory.

            Either way Niantic does have a lot of room to improve in the support department. They probably grew too big too fast. They must catch up.

            As for in-app purchases (in any app) they are a huge risk for disappointment and frustration. Most of the time it is money consumption (or burning) as the investment leaves no trace once consumed. Permanent boosts are the least likely to disappoint as they remain active through all the gameplay.

            Also bugs might make money useless, so it’s a gamble. I prefer to play it safe, but that’s my opinion too.

    • Harsh Sharma

      Same here bro i also wasted my money to buy 3000 pokecoins for premium raid passes for getting Ex raid pass. But still didn’t get that pass. I don’t know what niantic wants.

      • Corporal

        So sorry about you not receiving a pass however, they encourage your continued spending. Better luck next time.

        • Chris Denton

          Ripping people off encourages more spending? I think it encourages law suits.

          • Carl Mieczkowski

            would love to be involved in a class action, on multiple counts.

          • Chris Denton

            I’m not the kind of person to sue anyone, but this company definitely deserves it and I would not feel bad.

    • Corporal


  • Lars Einar Tvedt Honstad

    Well its buging all the time anyway, so one more its Just in niantic’s spirit! Never been as bad as IT is now!

  • Joko Kazuya

    I see in the lobby is still 0 players but after going inside there are already some players, if this also includes the bag as well

    • Greg

      it’s an old bug. exit and reenter while waiting

      • Joko Kazuya

        just now me and my friends finished raid but after the green screen out, we can not go back to challange what is this new bag .. ??

        • Greg

          After the green screen out you should restart the app and be able to “re-enter” the gym and try to catch the Boss. At least this is how it worked for me, using iPhone. See the debate above.

  • Johan Mattila

    Same bug appeared for me, green screen but restart allowed me to proceed to catch phase. But when Entei was in the 6th ball (was waiting for the three “jerks”) the game froze in that state with spinning disc to the left. Restarted the app and entered the gym again. Now I was greeted with the “throw in your raid pass”… 🙁

  • Piet

    Green screen for the 5 of us. Started raiding 1 min before raid end.
    Restarting app did not help us catch the boss. We got the rewards but no chance to capture the boss.

    • Beeboo

      Same here in Hong Kong. I walked away with anger and frustration…there were crowds of player nearby and all started to complain about it.

    • The same in my raid in Brno (Czech Republic).

  • Ryan C.

    Funny enough that I see one of my photos being used here (I uploaded this to a SoCal Irvine/Tustin Discord). Was this posted on Reddit somewhere because I don’t recall doing so. Nonetheless, all it took was a restart and some of us managed to catch a Raikou! 😁

  • Higher_Ground

    Yeah, just lost a raid pass because of this BS… didn’t have enough time to rejoin. Literally 6 out of 8 people had to restart and only 1 got back in time before the raid expired. I got in like 5 seconds too late.

    If I didn’t have half a dozen Raikou already I’d be upset. Right now I’m glad I at least got my rewards (meager as they were).

    • Higher_Ground

      I emailed them about it since I lost my pass and they replied with some BS along the lines of “you get a free pass every day, try again tomorrow”.

      What a joke. He told me that the green screen issue was resolved at the same time I’m reading people still complaining about it.

      The guy even mentioned in the email that the raids lasted 2 hrs (more than once) so I’m not sure they even have a clue as to what’s going on.

      • Chris Denton

        How are you guys getting responses? Out of 45 emails over the last year I have received 2 responses.

        Edit: maybe they changed the system since I last tried.

        • Higher_Ground

          I think I would have been happier being ignored. The reply I received was chock full of wrong information and a rather stingy response to begin with.

  • Forrest Sienna

    I caught a couple of Suicunes that were all about 15 cp points less than they should be. I would hate to see a 100% turn into something far less after capture!

  • stephanie

    I got it few times 2 day I have

  • Bret

    WRONG! It DOES stop you from catching the boss…IF the timer has run out! We took down a Raikou today, the raid timer had run out by the time we beat it… green screen… restart app… no catch opportunity for all 5 of us.

    Additionally, it doesn’t give you all your items. I only received 20 revives instead of the standard array of multiple types of items. Other players did receive their full allotment of items.

    • Higher_Ground

      the thing that gets me is that we had enough time, too. The raid didn’t end for another 1-2 minutes after we won, but it took longer than that for most of us to get back into the game. The one guy who did was basically counting down for us as the loading screens inched by.

    • Bret

      Here’s my journal that shows that I only received 20 revives and no chance to catch the Raikou.

      • Higher_Ground

        ouch, 20 revives and no bonus catch? WTF!

        • Bret

          And got the lovely “We don’t refund free passes” non-reply

  • Michael Trainer

    This is why I gave up GO. Sun and Moon may not be as glamorous as GO but I love shiny hunting and playing a game that works EVERYTIME i play it.

  • Danny Nguyen

    just relogin and go back to the raid gym

  • Sean

    When dealing with software that is still technically in beta and gets updates somewhat often, please put a date on your articles.

  • Kenji Lopez

    We need friendly battles…not the gym stuff but real head to head battles already…every body needs to agree