In an interview with Globo, one of the biggest Brazilian daily journal, Mathieu de Fayet, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Niantic, shared a few important tidbits of information today.

Please, manage your hype responsibly, as Fayet went clear on the record and announce three huge things coming this summer.

Three things: Legendary Pokémon, more value for being part of an in-game team and an upcoming “battles between the players” feature.

Without further ado, here’s the part of the interview we’re all interested in:

Q: Pokémon GO had 650 million downloads, but now it has 65 million active players. How to maintain people interested in the game?

A: “Because of the great success, we had to put off some planned news. Now, we are working in announcing new updates for the next summer (North hemisphere), like giving more value to the choice of teams, the announcement of the Legendary Pokémon and the battles between the players. One thing which we learned with “Ingress” is that the game sustains itself if we are capable to create social interactions between the trainers, and we are working on that.”

A few words of explanation:

  1. Several online outlets are naively interpreting portions of Fayet’s statement as an announcement of PvP. GO Hub wishes to distance itself from similar interpretations — we do not believe the phrase “battles between players” has anything to do with PvP.Given the context and the rest of the interview, it’s rather clear that Fayet was referencing the upcoming gym rework and new cooperative gameplay features.
  2. The phrase “this summer” is originally próximo verão in Portuguese, which can mean either next summer or this summer, depending on the context. Given the date and the wider context of this interview, we believe that “this summer” is the appropriate translation. This was also confirmed by a Brazilian native speaker of GO Hub forum fame.

This news comes right after Archit Bhargava, Niantic Marketing, dropped the “This summer will be legendary” at the Webby awards ceremony.

It also lines up with what Hanke shared earlier about quarterly updates and the gym rework earlier.

Shoutout to Alrich11 for sharing the news on the GO Hub forum!

  • DisguisedPandakF

    “this summer” means “este verão” in Portuguese, it does not mean “próximo verão” which means “next summer”. I’m Portuguese, I think I know what I’m talking about! 😀

    • Matt Townson

      but in English saying this summer and next summer can mean the same thing if its not summer yet which is what their refering to when talking about the context

      • DisguisedPandakF

        Oh, okey sorry if I was rude then :/

    • Keegan Coburn

      And I think Brazilian dialect is different from Portuguese

  • Antonio Mercurio

    WOW!!! i dont really care anymore. i want the gym rework!

    • eMike


    • vegetano1

      Nothing wrong with the gyms,….

      • Too many of the same Pokemon in gyms, too many spoofers, gyms are easy to knock out – the list goes on

        • Josh

          Supposedly with the gym rework only one of each pokemon will be allowed in a gym

          • GonzoI

            That’s just a rumor based on a mined flag that lets them set a limit. Not much beyond the existence of the flag is known. While I’d enjoy a 1-per-gym and 1-per-team rule to force variety into the game, it could just as easily be the legendary pokemon restriction a previous interview said there should be.

        • GonzoI

          You’re never going to get a balance where gyms aren’t easy to knock out because the moment it starts moving in that direction people complain it’s too hard.

          Look at Blissey, for example. It works exactly the way it’s supposed to, stalling out opponents with solid coverage moves that make it hard to beat. Just as it’s hard to beat, it’s even harder to build up a gym with one at the bottom. For as hard as it is to beat a 10-Blissey gym, it’s 2x as hard (roughly 500 prestige for most things capable of beating Blissey in time vs 1000 knockdown regardless of what you use) to build up in the first place. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it in the current game, but people complain about it as if there was.

          What needs to happen isn’t that gyms become harder to knock out, but that it doesn’t matter if you do. The reason most people don’t like gyms is that they can’t get the benefit from multiple gyms because they’re losing them as fast as they can take them. If people could collect from individual gyms as soon as they take them, it would solve that problem.

          One option is that taking the gym gives the reward – this encourages volatility, but loses any incentive to build one up.
          Another option is to have 10 timers instead of just the 1. Each gym you take gets assigned to 1 of those timers and can be collected every 20 hours. If you lose a few gyms, the next one you take will prioritize dropping into the timer it was before, followed by the one with the least amount of time. That way you can’t just take the same gym over and over, but it does favor taking multiple gyms. This has the benefit of encouraging building up a gym to keep it, while making it possible for a casual player to sweep through 10 gyms to get his or her 100 coins for the day in an area with high volatility.
          A third option is to make a second way of getting coins or coin-bought items like Incubators without spending real money so that being knocked out of gyms in high volatility areas is not a big deal.

          • Higher_Ground

            I guess we can agree to disagree on Blissey (if it was as rare in Gyms as it is in the game itself I wouldn’t complain) but I think you are spot-on with the proposal to change the way coins are collected from gyms. I think that’s the best way to do it too – just have a 20hr countdown on each individual gym and let you get the bonus automatically for placing inside it.

            I think there also ought to be a limit to the number of consecutive days you can stay in a gym. While I occasionally benefit from a stacked lvl 10 gym, I think it’d be a lot more fair if people had to come back and defend their spots. If you didn’t have to hold multiple gyms at a time to get the coin bonus I think people would be more agreeable to a limit.

          • Spetsen

            I don’t agree with the idea about a limit on the consecutive days in a gym. I think it’s great that the current system encourages exploring areas outside the city to find the “good” gyms that you can actually hold. If it wasn’t for that system there would not be much incentive to play anywhere outside of the city.

            Of course, there are other ways to encourage exploring new areas, the most obvious one being spawning rarer pokémon in more rural areas. But without any other change I think the “consecutive days limit” is a bad idea.

          • GonzoI

            The leaked “is hungry, feed it a berry” message seems like it would solve the perpetually stacked gym problem. If it works the way most think it will, you’d just have to go to the gym and feed a berry to stay active, but if you are inactive for too long, you lose your gyms. I do think there’s value in holding gyms for a little while (people who can only play on weekends, or for whom the gyms are a long drive away) and I definitely benefited from a few gyms staying up while I was recovering from surgery, but decaying over 7-10 days would be sufficient. I’d also like to see a limit on the number of gyms held per account as a lot of spoofers brag about holding hundreds of gyms. If spoofers were cut down from 350 to 15 gyms, that would eliminate a big part of the spoofing problem (both in gym spots freed up, and in spoofers quitting from a sense of loss).

            Blissey is rare now in large part because of Eviolite Chansey, Ferrothorn and Toxapex. Eviolite Chansey does Blissey’s exact job (special wall) better at the cost of Leftovers healing while having access to Soft-Boiled. Ferrothorn and Toxapex have better special defense and they have serious physical defense instead of the massive HP Blissey and Chansey do, making them better general walls. In the generation in which it was released, though, Blissey was in the “Overused” group (which back then was more literal than it is now). Back then, if your Fighting pokemon was either knocked out or Burned, Blissey was designed to stall you until you lost.

          • Travis Walker

            I think 15 should be the absolute max and it wouldn’t max sense to hold more than 15.
            I’ve just managed to get more than 10 Pokémon in Gyms and notice that 100 coin is the limit making it fairly pointless holding more gyms. I’m now at 12 and wouldn’t bother going beyond this due to the resources required i.e. Revives, potions etc.

          • My 3 machamps take down any amount of blisseys ?

          • GonzoI

            You had better luck than I did. 5 Machamps and 0 good movesets so far.

          • I have all fighting moves and the the attack is 14 Def 15 sta 15 mix of those combination with its the speed that does it trust me 3 of them with maxxed out dragonites and even a few gyarados will do it plus beat the gym but you have to dodge blissey too lol I should record just to show I hate seeing blissey in a gym I take it down just cause they think they can last

          • 3 machamps 2 or 3 dragonites 1 or 2 snorlax that should do it if they’re good lvl and attributes ?

          • GonzoI

            I beat the gym until the Blissey is just barely on, so that the team that put it there will have to fight it over and over. It took a few times, but I notice fewer Blisseys around now.

          • Got machop from Santa Monica they’re strong lol

        • the2000guy

          Too many spoofers that it seems are using bots to prestige or bubblestrat. Is time to get rid of this bubblestrat and also limit the amount of each Pokemon per gym to avoid have 10 Blisseys in a Gym. And also limit the amounf of gyms a player can hold to a maximum of 15-20. That will be better to other get an opportunity to hold gyms.

      • the2000guy

        It seems that you don’t play gyms or your town doesn’t have one. Or perhaps you are a spoofer who uses bots to prestige the gyms and take them down easily, while I have to go outside in the middle of the night trying to get some coins at gyms full of Blisseys.. Or maybe your are the biggest troll of Pokemon Go, LOL

        • vegetano1

          None of the above,..

          I have 2 Blisseys 3100cp+ i am lvl39 legit,.. i don’t use 3rd party apps,.. i am in 40+ gyms,.. thats what happens when you play pokemon go every day,… some gyms are well occupied some still go down,.. if niantic keeps changing importend stuff then the game is simply flawed,..

          • KrK

            Nonsense. Everyone who plays a lot knows all too well the problems specific to gyms, the account stacking, the shaving. There’s some easy ways to discourage shaving and that should keep the lazy, cheating players at bay.

          • vegetano1

            Î don’t liek lazy cheaters either,.. but i seriously have no complains about the gyms,.. i still have fun the way they work now,..

      • KrK

        If you believe that, then you are either naive or cheating….

  • Imseos1

    hello i am the only one who thinks :” its june tomorrow” and summer will be over soon?

    • GonzoI

      Yeah, and they’re not going to do these legendary events in rural America. Niantic needs to announce a date and location NOW so that we can schedule time off, get tickets, book lodging, etc. It’s like they only cater to people who work for a poorly run startup in a wealthy part of the US where international flights are far less expensive than rent. Oh, right…

      • Dexter Lind

        There is a world outside of the US y’know… And atleast you get the promo code thingy

        • GonzoI

          You know full well if I was ignorant of the world outside, I wouldn’t qualify my comments by specifying “America”, “US”, and “international”. We’ve seen how Niantic operates, so we know the first legendary event will either be somewhere in San Francisco or Tokyo. Their wording so far implies it will be in the US, so San Francisco. Much like the promo code you incorrectly assume we get (it was available to only Sprint customers, who are less than 15% of the US market), it will be in the US first, then your “world outside” as the negotiations are worked out in each individual location.

          The “world outside of the US” trope is BS. You wouldn’t post the “world outside Uruguay” if a Uraguayan posted about a Pokemon GO event inside their country and how it impacted people in another part of their country.

          • Spetsen

            Well, I think it’s a lot harder for the “world outside of the US” to get to an event in San Francisco than it is for someone in “rural America” so the fact that you’re​ complaining about the situation in the US kind of warrants the “world outside of the US trope”.

            The interest to catch legendary pokémon is global, this is an international forum. Let’s discuss things on the appropriate level, which in this case is international, not American.

          • GonzoI

            You will have your own events in your own country to complain about when Niantic decides to remember there are other countries than the nation of Sanfransokyo, and you will have your own challenges getting there. I’m not going to complain about not being able to reach the Seoul, Paris, Sydney or Almaty for their legendary events. Although the US seems to be getting the first legendary event, more than likely later legendary pokemon will have first releases in other countries that, like you with the US, I won’t be able to get to.

            You need to realize that it is not the full time job of everyone else to play your advocate in the precise way you want them to and be an expert on where you came from. You’re not here for events in the US, I’m not here for events in your country.

            Niantic has already missed the deadline for getting much of an international crowd at a summer event. On top of the same travel arrangements I have to make from rural US, international travelers have to be notified at least 3 months in advance to give most of them any hope of making it. It takes up to 8 weeks to get a passport in the US, longer in some other countries. It takes up to 60 days to get a travel visa to the US if it’s even approved. Japan, the EU and Australia have special arrangements for US tourists and vice versa, but even that is not a guaranteed fast visa approval, especially if there are a sudden influx for an event in one place.

    • Marcus Anthony Tichenor

      Summer with be over soon? It literally hasn’t even started yet. The first day of summer is June 21st and runs until September 21st

      • Spetsen

        Well, there are a lot of different definitions on when summer begins and ends, yours is based on equinoxes and solstices (astronomical summer) but at least to me it’s more common to refer to June, July and August as the summer (meteorologial summer). There are various other definitions though and if we’re taking southern hemisphere everything is turned upside down.

  • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

    Brazilian here: they said exactly: “para o próximo verão (do Hemisfério Norte)” = next summer (north hemisphere). On Brazil we are on South hemisphere. When Summer hits north hemisphere, here will be winter.

  • David Tompkins

    Good exegesis of the text. 🙂

  • Axel Back Enocksson

    waaaay to late, sorry to say but if you wanted a larger playerbase which played the game for longer there should have been more content and the like at launch..

    • vegetano1

      Because you know how to make a game liek Pokemon GO,…. dotdotdot

  • Bryce Roberts

    Im tired of going to gyms to fight they need pvp and things to do when you cant get out and about.

    • Dexter Lind

      They have confirmed that it Will be coming this summer…

    • vegetano1

      Then don’t,… XD

  • Kelly Dickerson


    • vegetano1

      Trading=cheating,.. cheat accounts trading into legit accounts,…..