Niantic has extended access to Operation Portal Recon (OPR) to Level 15 and Level 16 Ingress Agents worldwide (Google+ source), resulting in a large increase of Ingress Agents with access to the tool. Additionally, a new tiered in-game medal has been introduced to incentivise Agents to use OPR.

As we already know, a lot of changes that happen in Ingress through OPR, soon appear in Pokémon GO. Historically, it seems that new Portals are imported in Pokémon GO every Tuesday evening (GMT), which explains the continuous influx of new and updated PokéStops and Gyms worldwide.

In terms of metrics, Niantic has shared the following:

  • 4.2m Candidates Remain
  • 1.9m Candidates Analyzed
  • 432k Portals rejected
  • 182k New Portals introduced to the Portal network
New Ingress OPR Medal
New Ingress OPR Medal

Over the past few months, Niantic has been beta testing OPR, only allowing “experienced” Ingress agents to review portal candidates in an area roughly 300 KM around them. Now, players who are not max level also have a chance to review submissions and influence the fate of portal candidates.

It will be very exciting to see how this affects Pokémon GO, as it’s expected that the new wave of OPR Agents and the potential of getting a new medal will result in a significant reduction of the backlog.

Do note that it’s currently still not possible to submit new portal requests, similar to how it’s not possible to submit new PokéStop requests. All of the portals in the backlog are previously submitted, which means that they only affect areas where Ingress was a popular game.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in an area of interest to Ingress agents, it’s likely that you won’t be seeing any new or updated Portals/PokéStops. Unfortunately, this mostly affects players in rural areas, as Ingress was also notoriously more popular in urban areas.

  • RDell Johnson

    So, I’m on level 35. I live about 50 km away from a city of 300,000 in South Central Wisconsin, quintessentially, the Rural United States. I have noted, in my sphere or influence, about 5 new Pokéstops and no new gyms since the beginning of May 2017. Working this out mathematically, I might be in the initial wave of the Pokémon Go equivalent to OPRs, but I’d be less likely than someone on level 37, or, perhaps, 36. Or, am I wrong?

    • Jaroslav Staníček

      Hi, ingress L15 player (pogo L35) here. L16 in ingress is more difficult than L40 in pogo. Equivalent of L30 in pogo is L8 in ingress. I do not think that they will open opr for pogo players earlier than next year and this will be minimally for L38 players.

      • RDell Johnson

        Thank you for that insight. I’ll just ramp up my playing in order to become one of the elites!

    • David Wawrzyniak

      town of 5000 here, 3 new pokestops, and a new gym… start playing ingress, seams like new stops pop up frequently now (2 in 24hrs). Lvl 5 in ingress, lvl 28 in pogo

  • Guajira Lovato

    Was? you talk about ingress like it’s not popular still wtf