Niantic has just announced that a lot of new game play locations that were reviewed via the Operation Portal Recon program (Ingress only) will soon be added into Pokémon GO!

The following tweet was shared today:

We are very excited for the next few days, as this could be the start of an ongoing effort to create a better and more balanced gameplay environment for rural and urban player alike.

OPR was already the major driving factor behind recent PokéStop changes, bringing new PokéStops and changes to old ones, but Niantic has never officially acknowledged the connection before.

As a part of OPR, Ingress agents have reviewed literally hundreds of thousands of portal candidates, updated a metric ton of existing portals and resolved a number of outstanding issues such as inaccessible or military only locations.

We’ve received more than 4000 e-mails over the past 12 months that are either complaints or suggestions about the state of rural gameplay. Unfortunately, we can’t do much as GO Hub (or any other media outlet) doesn’t have a say or influence over Niantic’s strategy and design decisions.

However, we strongly believe that your complaints have been heard — this is the first time that Niantic has publicly, on social media, announced a plan (with a timeline!) to add more PokéStops.

To all Ingress players reading this, thank you. Without your commitment and efforts, there would be no Pokémon GO. We can only hope that Ingress 2.0 will fulfill your wishes and expectations!

  • Josh Hack

    Surely, Niantic should add a Pokestop submission service for Pokemon Go, not Ingress? Even it was for level 35 or 38+ it would be better than nothing

    • Thomas

      The problem with adding it in Pokemon is the crazy amount of spoofers and bots compared to Ingress. So even if you say from level 35+ there will be thousands if not hundred of thousand of fake or cheated accounts in this range.

      As someone who used to play Ingress, the community there is much more grown up and “professional”. Giving 6 year-old kids with a cheated account the possibility to add portals will just flood Niantic with useless portals at horrible or just unsafe locations.

      My Idea would be to recruit “pokemon rangers”. High level 35+ over the age of 18, who has to authenticate trough e-mail and captcha, and use Android so the PokemonGO app can scan the phone for other apps so there are no GPS spoofing and other auto apps on it.

      • Chanderule

        So first Android users about AR+ being unfair and only for apple, now you want to let only Android suggest pokestops

        • Josh Hack

          You’re not missing out anything with AR+, it just makes everything 10x harder and you don’t get any bonus for using it

          • Chanderule

            You get Dust and EXP bonus from what I remember; also, its another fun mode

          • Dan

            It’s not fun at all. I’ve tried it. It only works properly in fields, and during the day. But the reason that he’s suggesting Android is for the functionality of scanning your phone. That’s shut down on iOS.

          • Chanderule

            Yes, and that still means Apple users cant request

          • Gustavo Dante

            What we can do to balance and control a game with real life? WE JUST CAN’T, LIFE ISN’T FAIR BUDDY
            If just Android users can be controlled so just them should have the opportunity.

        • Christopher Andrew Moore

          Don’t forget the redeem codes

        • Finn Brown

          And you can never throw accurately

        • ScionStorm

          Google’s ARCore for Android devices doesn’t go public until March, which is why only the Apple users get to be the guinea pigs for the AR+ feature.

          • Chanderule

            I know

      • Dawn Oppermann

        Play Ingress. It’s awesome.

    • Gustavo Dante

      If it even was just for level 40 would be a ton better…

  • Manmaz

    Just throw stops and gyms on km² than use ingress fill.. Really. Ingress players? If stops/gyms would be done right we’ll don’t depends on another game players.

    • Matthew Woodruff

      I have to disagree, I live in the middle of cornfields with nowhere for a stop, Draconius Go’s “fantastic” strategy is to place points based on an algorithm, so there are places everywhere, but on private property. Niantic can’t put stops and gyms everywhere because there are some places where there is nowhere to put a stop. It sucks but I’d rather be actual landmarks than random locations.

  • Dan

    There’s a new gym local to me, so this has already started rolling out.

  • Hee Chan Chae

    Cool. Hope this starts helping the rural problems.

    • Piotr Krzywicki

      It started. I just logged in to check if new Pokemon are out (mistaken hours), and there is brand new gym and 2 pokestops in my sight area, in place there was literally desert before, and I hope there will be more deeper in town, where addional portals are. Stops still haven’t spawn point attached, but I hope this will change soon.
      Gusses one reason less to keep hating Niantic ^_^

      • Hee Chan Chae

        Idk how this works but glad it does 😉 at least niantic is making some efforts

      • Echo

        Glad you go your stop. My village has nada and I’ve had to stop playing as I can’t afford the travel to better areas just to get a stop. We did have a stop for a week or so but since the error with the stops only giving out 2 items, it disappeared for it never to return 🙁

        • hkmaly

          Maybe it WILL return now …?

        • Piotr Krzywicki

          I had very same story with stops in my area in the first place. 2 were added in October, on opposite ends of town, only to disappear week later and never return. Since synchro just began, there is hope for your area too and I’d like to wish you a brand new stop or two for Chrismas from Niantic 🙂

  • Wayren

    I’ll be interested to see the extent of these additions.

  • Mr Martinez

    Try with an incense if u want Delibird. Happy X-mas

  • Achi

    Bull*hit….they will just add more pokestops in cities….rural players still won’t get anything….

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      Shut up, people like you never are satisfied

      • Achi

        How can I be satisifed? After like 18 months here is still 0 pokestops….
        Players should have option to play everywhere, not only in cities… it’s discrimination…

        • Patrick Terry Jr.

          If you don’t like it shut up and get out, no one is forcing you to play the game

          • Achi

            Maybe you will shut up and get out? You don’t give any arguments, just writing useless posts….you act like 5 years old kid….

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            I act like 5 years old kid? At least I know how to use grammar correctly

          • Achi

            I’m not native english speaker, I thought that it’s easy to notice….I’m want see your “perfect” level of foreign languages…
            And of course if you don’t have any arguments you change topic…

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            Nope, I was verbally attacking you the same way you did me by calling me a five year old, can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen bud

    • Simone Amoruso

      Go away, no one wants you in here with that attitude.

    • peponzio

      Hello, aren’t we a lively bunch!

  • hilmanefef

    What is Inggres?
    Should be suckest app ever I heard

  • Robdebobrob

    We have some new stops and gyms in our city. Already had quite alot, but more is better 🙂
    Its funny to see that i think 5 out of 6 new gyms are all in the same part of the city, cause thats where an ingress player has been busy :p

  • wayans

    please, niantic, give pokemon go players a chance to submit pokestops.
    in my rural area, never heard a community or group (facebook, wa, etc) playing ingress; so dependency to INGRESS is BS; never will make a change for rural area of pokemongo.

    • Mike

      Try finding a city forum and ask for area help. There are tons of players who don’t even submit portals. There maybe help out in the game just ask around. Download ingress and COMM the players in the 20km range and see if they can submit anything to improve your area. Remember some ingress players get salty about pogo so be mindful. Look at your area and think about historic stuff and all the little churches. List them so you can offer submission suggestions. Good luck

  • x Ktulu x

    2 new gyms in my city and they are in my district, so nice !

    But I did not receive a free incubator this morning…

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      You should have waited till one pm PST, like it said on the announcement page

  • Albert Berrito

    As one of Ingress Agents who both submitted the new portal and doing the OPR. I support the more number of player from both Ingress and Pokemon Go to do these tasks. But there must pass the test and the test should have a higher standard with more clarified guide for which one should be or not to be a new portal/gym/stop.

  • Mike

    This made my day yesterday. Out hacking on ingress decided to check the gym that was there and seen the new stops i submitted as an ingress player! Best day in a long time!

  • Pang Chew

    Under temperature with minus 30, we really need more pokestop at cafe or restaurant in order to continue playing under warm environment.

  • Biga173rd

    That’s great news.

  • peponzio

    This is nice. A little bit controversial, every time another game is mentioned here it’s often received mixedly.

    Though in my opinion this will eventually become irrelevant through Niantic’s new (?) department that will focus on map submissions. If we think about it, we are basically the ones doing all the work of mapping the entire world and its PoIs (Points of Interests), but it’s been done like that in OSM and other mapping projects (even Google Maps to some extent).

    Having a separate independent instance for PoI submissions is by far the best way Niantic can go. Ingress will keep its OPRs most likely as it is an important part of the game by now. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Oscar

    If by massive you understand 3 pokestops it ok. I’ve been submitting portals in Ingress for 4 months ago. After 50 submissions just 3 became portals and they are in Pokémon Go, because they are in the middle of very isolated places. The rest (but 4-6 rejections) are still in limbo (not accepted nor rejected) because they are “in dense areas”. Notice the “ “.

  • Fabio Pinhal

    I just want to see my own village to get more pokestops and gyms niantic think about of the 11 portais they still are not ativated …

  • Himanshu Rathod

    My game not showing new gen three pokemon

  • Brad

    well I guess we’re fooked where I live since NO ONE plays Ingress around here.

  • Judith Flow

    I don’t think I spent more than 2 hours total playing Ingress. There had been a few players from what I heard, but when I tried, everything looked rather disbanded. So for more rural areas, I’d put more faith in any portals appearing around here based on OpenStreetMap data.

    • Brad

      OSM has major streets (including sections of 6 lane highway) missing here in El Paso, so another boondoggle by Niantic.