Niantic has officially confirmed that the EX Raid Invite system is about to change! In a recent Tweet, official Niantic Support has shared the following:

At this point, it’s not completely clear what it means to “improve the invitation system“, but we speculate that the new system will include more Trainers.

The current system was often dubbed as “not transparent enough” and “too random”, as hardcore and casual raiders alike faced the cruel reality of not receiving an invite.

This change does not require a client-side game update, all of the assets required for EX Raids are in the game for a while now. We expect that the next wave of EX Raid invites will come soon, targeting a wider audience than before.

We recommend that you visit start raiding extensively. We have confirmed only one requirement (so far) for receiving an EX Raid event: you must have previously participated in at least one successful raid at the Gym where the EX Raid is taking place.

EXtraordinary frustration

It’s not really surprising to see Niantic announce improvements of the invite system, especially given the recent rise in negativity about the feature.

Several Pokémon GO communities, especially those on reddit and Twitter, have expressed a large amount of criticism for the EX Raid system and it’s divisive impact on the community.

As one redditor (FlameGrilledTauros) kindly reminded everyone:

Was “This invitation system doesn’t make any sense” what they heard?

Without a clear set of requirements, lack of communication and seemingly random distribution algorithm, the EX Raid invitation system has proven to be destructive for a number of local communities — especially the smaller ones.

We, for one, welcome this change. Hopefully the next change will be a complete removal of EX Raid invites all together.

  • Josh Hack

    Why can’t we just make MewTwo a Tier 5 Raid?

    • Ericsson Yong

      For sure the gym will be crowded. And the roads leading to the gym will be jammed.Lol

      • Victor Lai

        First couple days/weeks maybe, but the hype would eventually ease up, as seen with the legendary beasts where it gets tougher to gather raid parties with each passing day.

      • Gan Kim Heng

        if everything gives easily, gamers will feel bore and kills the game. Human simply likes the SM, haha

      • Reagan Choi

        There’ll be too many mewtwo raids, everyone would spread out and it’d be similar to the current legendaries, maybe a bit more people.

    • Ancient Behemoth

      Becouse everyone would have 100 Mewtwo just like other legendaries, and that would make Mewtwo oposite to legendary.

  • WingedSupernova

    It really doesn’t make any sense. It’s like they give them to people who have the highest gym ranking at the gym, and even then that doesn’t always work out. I know for a fact that it doesn’t just hand them out to people who have raided at the gym either, since I haven’t gotten one from at least two gyms that had EX raids right afterwards.

    • Graham Barley

      i no some one that not done a raid at the gym were mewtwow was and ppl how have never got one

      • Marco De Freitas

        Do you “no” the difference between “i heard someone saying” and truth ?

    • Charter

      Of course not everybody who raided there gets an invite since the number of invites has to be limited.

  • Linh Đỗ

    It should be hard to have some pokemons sothat the game can still have something interesting. If all the pokemon are easy to have then the game will going down soon.

    • Mike

      That’s what shinies are for. And events.

      • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

        This is an event, so to speak. It works differently than most events they have done, but it is a special distribution of a specific Pokemon, which is exactly what most events they have done center around.
        I don’t think the invitation system is great, but I think it’s cool that Mewtwo is kind of hard to get. I see people with 20+ Legendaries and it cheapens the meaning of being Legendary. If you want a Mewtwo, I think you should have to work for it like the good ol’ days.

        • Marco De Freitas

          Good old days ?
          You mean throwing balls by pressing A and reset if you lose the fight ?

          Oh yeah, that’s was soooooooo hard.

          • Michael Minh-Triet Hoang Lu

            Marco, you must have not played the original games because you obviously had to defeat the Elite Four before even getting to Mewtwo… A task that was not easy to do.

          • Higher_Ground

            Yeah, it was pretty easy to do. Everything in the game just takes time/dedication.

            Mewtwo isn’t randomly assigned to handful of players who buy the game. Everyone gets a shot at it.

          • Chris Denton

            1 shot

          • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

            To get Mewtwo in the original game, you had to beat the game, then grind up XP until you had Pokes of high enough level to make it through several nonlinear floors to find him, then defeat him in battle. Not necessarily a difficult task, but you had to work for it by putting time and energy into raising Pokemon to fight him. These days, every generation gives you a free Legend, and the way Pokemon Go handles it takes away almost 100% of the specialness they once had because if you’ve got enough money to blow on raid passe, you can just go farm shitloads of legends. If you have fifty of it, it doesn’t deserve to be called Legendary.

    • Christian Isaacson

      The problem is that in my community there are people who ha e gotten 3 EX Raid passes and have 3 of them already! That’s what doesn’t make sense.

    • Higher_Ground

      except they aren’t all easy to collect – take for example the half-dozen regional pokemon. Unless you live in the extreme southern US (where you can get 3) then those would be considered a lot more rare.

    • Lærke Rasmussen

      I’m loosing interest in the game because with a life outside PoGo, the legendaries are just too hard to catch… (only have articuno, and no dogs yet)…

    • CyberBishop1

      In some areas there are pokemon that are incredibly difficult to find like Unknown and Larvitar and it keeps trainers on their toes to hopefully find them. That along with shinies and the events keeps players interested.

  • Casey

    Niantic does such a poor job communicating the whole EX “test” is starting to feel like a money grab. They are just holding Mewtwo over or heads to keep us raiding, but most importantly, spending money.

    At level 38 trainers can power their Pokemon all the way up. What are levels 39 and 40 for? It sure isn’t the free items!

    • Charter

      It’s your own decision to do more raids because of Ex Raid invitations. I agree that their communication isn’t good but because of that, we shouldn’t take any actions like doing extra raids etc.

      • Marco De Freitas

        Exactly, if you spend thousans in the game due to EX raids, it’s your own fault…

        And what’s your point about levels 39/40 ? they existed since the start of the game and have nothing to do with “money grabbing evil company”

        • Casey

          Would it be easier for you if I focus on one gripe per comment? I separated my statements into two paragraphs, just like you did your response. Why is that so hard?

      • Casey

        I completely agree, it is my choice how many raids I do. But we have so many trainers complaining locally about not getting an EX pass. Some trainers raid as couples, only raiding together. It isn’t uncommon for one to get a pass and the other not. I consider it luck of the draw, but some people are getting really bent out of shape.

        • Charter

          Yep, you have to be lucky right now and I understand people beeing salty because their friends got those passes and they don’t.

          But everybody has to calm down and understand: It’s a test and I guess everybody will get more than one chance for Mewtwo when Ex Raids are rolled out worldwide.

      • Charles Nice

        Except Niantic pretended that if we raided more we would have a better chance at a raid. They then turned around and made almost all the raids at sponsored gyms. We don’t have any sponsored gyms around here, so we were basically scammed into raiding more. There have been no EX raids in my area. None. Total scam.

  • Aryx

    “We, for one, welcome this change. Hopefully the next change will be a complete removal of EX Raid invites all together.”

    This. Exactly this.



    • peponzio

      Wow, when the main suggestion agreed by all is for a mechanic to disappear, you know something went completely bad.

      The idea itself is not really bad. It is an exclusive opportunity, ok I just realized the problem is the word “exclusive”. Everyone wants to be included so of course the idea of being excluded is abhorred by many.

      Though it should be obvious that the principle was to be a special occasion deal. This can still be achieved as long as the opportunities to participate are as evenly spread and well known by all if not most players.

      Edit: abhorred is the true kind of “ab” I meant.

      • mcfilmmakers

        No, the problem is you can’t achieve any way to “make it happen”. You could spend your whole life doing raids at the same gym every day and never get an invite for an EX raid under the current system. That’s a problem.

        Instead, it should be possible to guarantee yourself an invite by achieving a set number of conditions.

        • peponzio

          Ergo the part “as long as the opportunities to participate are as evenly spread and well known”.

          Well known conditions to achieve with evenly spread opportunities to complete them. That way it’s “fair” and “inclusive”.

          They could even be called IN Raids for “Inclusive Raids”. Why not?

          • mcfilmmakers

            Even spread and known condition doesn’t exclude random chance though. The random element is the worst part of it all.

          • peponzio

            Yeah random is a no go. I really hope they take that off the final release if and when there is one.

        • that’s kind of how Shiny’s work. My 11th Sableye was shiny. I have friends who have caught 100s an no shiny. Great for me, but honestly not fair.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Addressing your very snarky comment regarding exclusivity. There was never a clear definition as to who was getting the invites and why. Was it exclusive because you raided a lot? No, there are plenty of people who I would consider “hardcore” that didn’t get an invite. Was it because you were above a certain level? No, there were reports of people who were barely high enough to raid at all that got invites. Well how about if you had raided at a specific location recently or within a given time frame? No, there are couples that raid together and reported that one got the invite, while the other did not. What if you had just raided there ever? Nope, still there were reports of people who had simply spun the pokestop and got the invite.

        Its only “exclusive” because a limited number of people were invited. That’s just random, and there is a subtle difference to the definition.

        There are a multitude of reasons that people didn’t like the concept BEFORE it was rolled out. Probably because the players are tending to have better foresight than Niantic. The reasons for not liking it are quite valid, and extend far beyond what you are trying to trivialize it as. “Waaaah I didn’t get an invite!”

        • peponzio

          Ok? I wasn’t aiming for snarky. Nor did I mean to offend any excluded players (that’s right, we didn’t get an invite, we were excluded).

          Not even was I trying to trivialize the fact that the vast majority was not invited and I have never used nor plan to use the “whining” quote (it is diminishing and disrespectful).

          My point was that there was exactly never a clear definition to the Exclusive part of EX raids. It was probably meant to be a “special deal occasion” (exclusive) but it ended up feeling more like a “random try as hard to get and still be unable to” (exclusive) type.

          To truly be Exclusive Special Deal Ocassion I suggest it has to be evenly spread opportunities widely known by all if not most players.

          I do not like the feel of EX Raids, I agree with most (not all) comments and concerns regarding the randomness and general unfairness of the distribution. And I do not decrease the importance of this matter by saying that unconscious feel of exclusive might or might not have something to do with main concerns.

      • Higher_Ground

        I think you mean “…abhorred by many”.

        Not trying to nitpick, just I see you speak multiple languages and thought you might like to know. It’s a fun word.

        • peponzio

          Oh my, that’s right. I did mean abhorred, the “h” was in the back of my head and mixed it up with aberrance. Is aberred a valid verb?

          Thanks by the way, I do enjoy this.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    EX raids, 1 per week, different location every time, everyone within a 10km radius of the gym will get the ex invitation! Also, Mewtwo could be able to catch in the wild! and ho-oh??

    • Graham Barley

      spoofers will love that

    • Charter

      What do you even mean by 1 per week? in a 10km radius? My city has way more than 1,000 gyms how should that work?

      I think their system was okay, inviting like 40 to 50 trainers might even be a bit too much.

      • Antonio Mercurio

        if they have a raid in a park at the city hyde park for example, anyone in a 10km radius will get invited, once a week because their will be too many ex raids!

  • Graham Barley

    or make lv6 raid and have it rare like say 1 month if that or make now that lv6 raid in your area soon

    • Mike

      I still can’t do a raid in my city because no one does them. I have to take a train to NYC to do raids… I really don’t want to have to go on a train just to play this game to its fullest extent. They need to revamp this whole raid system, then focus on the EX.

      • Marco De Freitas

        You’re right they have to change the whole system because you don’t like to take the train ! Poor boy

      • 03grunt

        Make a Facebook group for your town. I live in the mountains of NC and have no problem rounding up a group for raids

      • Chanderule

        How would changing the system help you if you cant gather people anyways?

  • Baphomet

    Mewtwo could be a event pokemon, like you have to complete several quests and you’ll encounter him after the last one, only one time and only one chance to catch, but i think the requirements should be a bit easier, because small communities will never get the chance to gather people and farm legendaries in gyms, and most of those comunities doesn’t realy have a gym nearer than 7km of them, i’m speaking of my self if i wana play pokemon i need to go to the nearest city, Niantic need to change that, because at this moment pokemon go is a city game and alot of villages doesn’t even have a pokestop not to mention a Gym. 1 Gym and at least 2 pokestops should gather about more 50 people to the game in my village,

    • Chanderule

      Then you should have somebody suggest some locations in your town because they cant look at every damn village

      • Chris Denton

        Suggest something to niantic? Yeah, that will work. Oh wait, I’ve tried that for over a year to no avail.

        • Baphomet

          yeah i already try that to make events i even made some contacts and had some sponsors but they’re answer was “……..” nothing loooool

      • Baphomet

        Thats a comment of a city boy 🙂 they don’t need to look at every village they just need to put coordinates and voilá, everything is programed, this is because of sponsorship and low server capacity and other problems nothing more, i just think a game is ment to be played by everyone not to choose the players who are gona pay it, yes all city players have advantage in this game since they changed the spawns to pokestops, thats why i think they should analise every requests people make, but they set aside those requests sinse they start selling stops and gyms to comercial zones. I’m just saying that if niantic don’t do something about that, the game won’t last, i’ve notice that changes have started to be done but lests see if it reach there.

  • John Hymer

    It’s simple. Expand the gyms to more than freaking Sprint and Starbucks gyms! Include random regular non sponsored gyms. Duh.

    • Charter

      They already did. Also, this is no solution at all.


    Make Mewtwo and “IF” others like him a exclusive tier 5 random raid that pops up in gyms , say a 1 in 1000 gym in an area?

    • Marco De Freitas

      Worst idea ever.

  • Cindy Harvey

    My husband and I each got an ex raid pass for Friday the 27th. The problem is it is at noon! Not everyone can/will take off work to go to a Pokémon raid.

    • Charter

      That’s no problem. Just ignore the invitation. That’s the feedback Niantic needs.

      When Ex Raids are finally rolled out, I’m sure everybody will get enough chances to catch Mewtwo.

  • Robert Josling

    I reckon they should give everyone an exclusive raid pass once a month and then mewtwo be a rare level 5 raid that way you can’t store loads and gives everyone a chance once a month.

    • Charter

      How should that work? The good thing about Ex Raids is that you can be sure to meet enough players at that exact time.

      • Robert Josling

        Well when one appears you could make sure to join a group just like all other raids it would just mean you’d only get 1 chance a month. It’d just limit the number of mewtwo
        People have

        • Marco De Freitas

          See ? That’s easy to have ideas that sound great.
          But it takes time to make them possible.

        • Charter

          I understand that but I’m quite sure if there is one pass per month (at the beginning of the month), everbody will spend it on the first or second day. Everybody who has no chance to play during the first days of the month will still have a pass but nobody else will have.

          In my opinion, Ex Raids are a good thing especially for rural players. They make sure that the group is big enough and players have the chance to get to know other players from their town they didn’t know before.

  • Marco De Freitas

    I just can’t understand how people can be surprised about no getting an invite…
    You some players spend hours ou hundreds of dollars to make raids, that’s their own problem because that’s their own fault …
    The system is being tested, and i guess everyone complaining forgot that.

    When Ex Raids will be a real feature, you will be able to criticize aaaaaaaaaaall the problems but since then, you’re just a stupid foe that can’t wait to get a single pokémon and have to insult a whole company because of it.

    • Robdebobrob

      They are testing how it will become, the tests show now that it doesnt work. If everyone kept their mouth shut about it, nicantic would think it worked and release it like it is.

      I think you are the one that just doesnt know what testing really is.

  • Pedro Cordeiro

    Pleace, Niantic don’t forget invit for EX Raid for people of Azores, Portugal… pleace…

  • A5ashi

    be hard to have some pokemons sothat the game can still have something interesting. If all the pokemon are easy to have then the game will going down soon.

  • Leo Luo

    YES lengendaries are even more common than ttars, and other good pokemon. Legendaries aren’t even as good, and they are “legendaries.”

  • Mozuf

    I don’t mind the EX Raid Pass system, they just need to communicate on how to obtain it. You follow these certain steps and you have a higher chance of obtaining the pass. I want to work to for the pass, not just given to me.

  • wdnemesis

    I already lost interest in mewtwo. Starters i think I raided enough to get a pass. Make it rare but not impossible.

  • Kečupové máslo

    do it like this
    every one will get ex raid pass, ex raids will be on all gyms all day on 30th
    1st month it will be in america
    2nd month in europe and africa
    3rd month in asia
    requirement will be successfully complete raid in that month

    • Dan

      Why not just give everyone one EX raid pass at the beginning of each month and have everyone choose which raid to do? You must use wisely. I don’t think rotating would be worthwhile.

  • Miyuka Szczepanski

    I thought the EX system was a cute, nostalgic callout to the first pokemon movie. Where Mewtwo sent out an invite to trainers, just as this system did. I suppose I’m in the minority who liked the EX system. I like RNG.

  • Pat Guillory

    I like the ex raid system just make some adjustments to include more locations – i have only received one invite and i have mewtwo – but where someone who has 5 phones gets 5 invites thats crazy

  • Pat Guillory

    mewtwo should not be a regular raid – it is mewtwo enough said – Mewtwo should always be special please do not water down the game

    • 9to5Slavery

      Agreed !!!!! So agreed! Those cry babies !’n

    • Higher_Ground

      C’mon, you would not be saying that if you didn’t already have one..

      • Chris Denton

        I have 2 and I would have been fine with just 3 more candies. That’s how all the other legendaries should have worked as well, imo.

        Grinding legendaries seems like a contradiction to me.

  • Nick Tooley

    How about after you win so many raid battles you get invited, take the randomness out of the equation.

    • Dan

      My thought is that the randomness of it is only there for the test portion.

  • Sean Dulaney

    How about they stop making the ex raids in the middle of the day on weekdays? That way people that get the passes can actually participate in them? We can’t all just leave work/school for an hour.

    • Charter

      The fact that you’re not following their invitation is the feedback Niantic needs for their test.

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Wooop de dooo! So what you didn’t get a test pass! Mine had like 80-100 people there and it was pretty laggy. You want ultra lag (Samsung) or lag (iPhone)? Did I mention it’s a TEST pass. Yes. They are TESTING the system. It’ll roll out December probably! Raids are 4 months old. Still a baby and now your trying to make it have exclusivity. Give it time

  • Lin Wolf Crawford

    My only argument was I had to basically sneak out of work for the one I did get an invite to 😂 it was at Noon on a FRIDAY. Most people work at that time Niantic. Please be mindful, it would be much appreciated.

  • Kevin Mask

    I mean, why not abort this EX non sense for good and make it a regular 5 stars raid like the others with a 2% catch rate in exchange? this whole EX raid system not only has ever sounded poorly transparent, but it’s also completely bullshit, just a way to tick players off.

    • Spetsen

      Because 5 star raids are pretty boring and they want to have something that’s actually hard to achieve? With my hundreds of legendaries the word “legendary” has lost its meaning.

      • Higher_Ground

        who’s fault is that? You didn’t have to collect that many and you wouldn’t have if you didn’t enjoy it.

        I seriously have to question the logic of someone who does something “hundreds” of times when they find it “pretty boring”

        • Spetsen

          The fact that I have been able to collect so many legendaries? That’s all on Niantic. Even if I had only done one legendary raid I would have known that I could have done much more raids, decreasing the excitement by a lot.

          You need to learn that there’s a difference between past and present tense. I have done hundreds of legendary raids (past tense) and I think they are pretty boring (present tense). But I’m in Suicune land now (present tense) so maybe I will change my opinion when we get Raikou (future tense).

      • Kevin Mask

        The current EX raid system is not something difficult to achieve, being unable to take part of the game and being left out is not something difficult or challenging, it’s just stupid and frustrating for no reason nor merit, and as someone said, you could’ve just taken 1 or 2 exemplary of each legendary if you think this system has gone stale (partly it has). Unleashing a legendary hard to beat and to catch that’s something difficult to achieve or challenging, excluding players from playing is simply bullshit.

        • Spetsen

          Well, I never said that the current EX raid system is good, I gave you a reason to not have it as a “regular” level 5 raid. That’s what you asked for, so that’s what you got.

          • Kevin Mask

            But unfortunately Niantic is not giving us a reason to even enjoy the game, let alone a good alternative to make MewTwo Raids more challenging but playable at the same time, and I doubt they will soon, the only reason why a regular 5 stars + 2% catch rate is probably the best compromise for now. For ther rest I agree with you, current raid system has gone stale, and mons like Mltank and Unown and even Cleffa are more legendary than legendaries, but that’s the best Niantic can do it seems…

  • Leo Luo

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s about it. Finally.

  • raichu DL

    a good sign. i’ve concluded that our entire county (tillamook county, OR) likely got skipped over for the EX raid field tests – no gym in neither of the towns i’ve been playing in has even been host to an EX raid, otherwise i’d hear of it from our raid group already. we know that larger cities in the neighboring counties have hosted EX raids though.

    • Dan

      That’s the point of a field test. Hit the larger population centers to make sure the system works before rolling it out to everyone.

      • Charles Nice

        It is the exact same raid system as all the other raids. The only difference is the invitation. I’m pretty sure it works.

        This isn’t about testing. This is about sponsored gyms. Why do most of the raids go to sponsored gyms?

  • Rich Selmi

    This could possibly be how “participation trophies” were born…

    • Dan

      Tell me about it. Too many crybabies on this about not getting invited to an EX raid, saying how Niantic owes them. Suck it up, buttercup. You’re not special.

  • Clint Yesui

    IMO they should cap legendaries to ONE only like the games.. with possible fixed IV. It makes me sad knowing I have literally 20 Entei in my inventory… I do the raid for the xp.. and candies but damn man… legendaries have lost their meaning.

    • Rich Selmi

      That’s actually the exact reason I don’t mind the exclusive raids…

  • DogSledding

    I have seen 2 major issues so far at EX raids. (1) data/cell signal problems. That countdown timer can run out very quickly while people are just trying to get into the app never mind make it into the raid. (2) People who are in no way capable of participating in a raid. They show up with 95% of their pokemon fainted and they are down to doing the raid with pidgies.

    • Dan

      1) That’s not a Niantic problem, that’s a cell provider problem. If the network isn’t strong enough, contact your cell service provider to let them know that there’s a cell power weakness in the area, and that they should look to upgrade the network there.
      2) That is also not a Niantic problem, that’s user error. Tell people to revive and potion their Pokemon before attempting the raid. Better yet, that should be COMMON SENSE.

      These aren’t issues that Niantic needs to fix because they aren’t Niantic issues. It just seems like you were looking for something to complain about.

      • DogSledding

        Cell phone companies don’t care about pokemon go, they only care about selling us bigger and bigger data plans for the game to use up. As far as dumb unprepared people showing up to a raid, well you can’t fix stupid.

        • Dan

          I’m not saying to tell them “I’m playing Pokemon Go in this area, and the cell service should be upgraded so I can play the game”. I’m saying that you should tell them “I was trying to make a call, and it took a while to connect because the cell network is weaker here”. That’ll get them moving faster.

          And you’re right, you can’t fix stupid. I’m just saying that this isn’t a Niantic problem and should be addressed in your raid group. Tell people that they should heal up their best Pokemon before the battle so that no one’s time is wasted.

  • Dan

    Why don’t people realize that this is STILL in test mode? The lack of patience in people kills me.

    • Chris Denton

      This is just the icing on the cake for most people. That should be the take away.

      The straw that broke the camels back was not getting an invite to a test.

      • Dan

        This makes literally no sense. They’re testing a system and not rushing it out, so people are pissed. But if they rushed it out and it was broken (like most everything else they do), then people would be even more pissed. I would gladly take the “let’s test it to make sure it’s not broken” method.

        And not getting invited to a beta test is the straw that broke the camel’s back? Do you not know what a beta test is? It’s limited to a small group to test a feature before release. That’s what they’re doing. I don’t understand how people can be pissed off about that. Disappointed they didn’t get invited, sure, but not pissed off.

        Regardless, the last set of invites have been for raids at noon on Fridays. I’m actually glad I didn’t get an invite to it because I never would have made it.

        • Chris Denton

          Sorry you don’t seem to understand what I meant. I’m saying people were mad before ex raids about the game in general and not getting invited is the icing on the cake. Now they are bickering about everything under the sun.

          Straw that broke the camels back meant nothing more than when the flood gate of complaints opened up. That was when, after several tests the majority of people did not get an invite.

          I don’t get it psychologically either(being a test and all) but that is how I have interpreted all of what is going on.

          Sorry if you thought I was nagging you or something I was just trying to provide what I believe to be context to what is happening in the community.

          The first I went to was at 12 on Saturday. The second was at 12 on a Friday and I took a lunch break. There were plenty of people who did the same. But yeah 12 noon on a Friday isn’t ideal for anyone.

  • vision33r

    Make the EX passes 1000 coins and that’s fair imo.

  • anitamicah

    each time the invite goes out it is for a different time slot. that is a test to see how many players actually show up at that time. for the other comments about raiding at gyms and not getting an invite to the beta test…the ex raid passes are sponsored by starbucks and sprint. battle at one of their gyms and eventually you will get invited to the test. i got one for this fri for a starbucks gym i raided at 1 time at the end of sept. and yes i know in sept the last rollout of invites in my area were for park gyms but they might not have gotten the results they wanted or were hoping for.

    • Charles Nice

      There are no sponsored gyms in my area. As far as I know, there are no sponsored gyms in my entire country.

      And there is no reason they can’t test different time slots on the same weekend. Have twice as many raids and 2 different time slots. Why not?

  • David

    In our area we had a person get an ex raid pass and hadnt done a raid at the gym after 18days while i hadnt done a raid there in 32days and didnt get one.

  • Johnson Ning

    I joined so many raid in the gym where ex raid is taking place but i did not get one…..i want it so badly

  • Brian
  • Greg

    It was about time. 15000 battles won, 264 legendary raids successfully completed, out of which 75 at sponsored gyms, no invite yet. Items box loaded to the max with 500 rare candies waiting for the Mews (and Ho-ohs)…and no invite yet.

  • Camden Senneff

    It’s definitely unfair.. I’ve only done one raid in the past month, a Magikarp raid at some random gym, and got an EX pass for it, while many others spend tons of time raiding to get one and don’t. A bit unbalanced, I’d say.

  • Pro tv
  • CyberBishop1

    I don’t know if it is part of the change BUT this past Friday my family, myself and about 40 other people took place in the Mewtwo raid at a local Sprint store, That afternoon around 5pm everyone received another invite for an EX raid this coming Friday at the same Sprint store. An EX raid pass for doing an EX raid??

  • sanju.singh

    Yesterday I did 3 raid on Jio Sponser Gym where Ex raid place
    all Ex raid players get 11/11 Ex pass again and i dont
    what are you doing niantic THIS IS YOUR EX RAID CHANGING SYSTEM?????????
    We Players are not happy with your this ex raid system
    Plz Remove this and add lvl 6 for this
    fair with every players not bunch of youtubers and same players
    all players think quit the game

  • David Bentley

    It’s the fact it’s sponsored gyms only that are winding up our community (whatever a sponsored gym is?). We live in a small town in England several miles from 3 much larger towns. The 3 larger towns have had EX Raids, our town has not. The EX Raids have all been at the same gyms, 3 times now in each town. Having completed over 300 raids in our town you’d hope to get an invite at some point. Yet people who literally have raided once in other towns got Mewtwo. I get that it’s still a testing phase but there are people in the area with 3 Mewtwo’s, yet for me and the 150 hardcore players in my town, we have none. And don’t get me started on regionals …