a GO Hub reader named “liqdi” (real name redacted) tipped us of about a response e-mail he received from Niantic Support. In the e-mail, Niantic Support has shared that the Ho-Oh legendary raids will be extended for a while.

“In addition, we’ll also be extending the deadline for catching Ho-Oh. There will be more information coming soon. For updates on this issues, follow us on Twitter.”

Brian, a Niantic support representative that confirmed the extension with the above quoted statement, did not disclose the new end date. The following screenshot was provided as confirmation (liqdi’s details redacted in order to protect reader identity):

Click for large version, the text is otherwise hard to read

Around the same time we’ve received this e-mail (an hour before the publication of this article), a thread popped up on reddit, sharing a similar response given by a different Support Representative (called Jerry):

Same e-mail, different support agent

This comes as no surprise, given how many raid pass losses and failed raid captures have been reported recently. Niantic has managed to fix the issues with Ho-Oh raids over the weekend, however, hundreds of Trainers still lost their Raid Passes in vain.

For those who are not aware, the Ho-Oh raids were suffering from a number of issues that prevented players from capturing Ho-Oh or joining the raid after their Raid Pass was consumed.

The issues were so severe that Niantic even had to acknowledge them on December 2nd:

What does this mean for the Generation III release date?

It’s no secret that Generation III is expected to be released soon and a number of players predicted that Gen III release date would be December 12th, after Ho-Oh raids stop appearing.

Although this theory is plausible, it was never confirmed by Niantic nor our own data mining efforts. The truth is, nobody outside Niantic knows if Ho-Oh and Gen III release dates are connected in any way.

Our advice on the matter is to keep your hype in check, enjoy the Ho-Oh raids while they last and keep on reading about Generation III while we wait.

  • Aryx

    A release of Generation 3 in January would make a lot more sense – given the fact that holiday season is just around the corner and with that likely also a Holiday event (Delibird, anyone?).

    • Edwin Fung

      Hmm but Niantic did confirm that gen 3 will be released in December.

      • KatyCro

        They said the release would start as early as December. They never said it was going to be the full gen though.

        • Edwin Fung

          At least we’ll be able to capture the icy ones in gen 3.

        • Jon Jon Javellana

          Well think about it, how would they gate the rest of Gen 3? Aside from the halloween themed pokemon, what else can be gated from releasing full Gen 3, really?

      • Aryx

        “The rest of the Pokémon first seen in the Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire video games will gradually arrive starting as early as December.”

        These are Niantic’s exact words, copied from their announcement from Oct. 19th. It seems fairly safe to assume that Generation 3 will not arrive entirely in December. I wouldn’t be surprised if some (Ice?) Pokemon from Generation 3 would show up in this year’s Holiday Event as well, in addition to Delibird.

        • Leslie Lashley

          It will probably only be Pokemon without abilities

          • Chanderule

            Every damn Pokémon has at least one ability, most have at least two and like one has 4

          • hkmaly

            Pokemons which are playable even without their abilities.

          • peponzio

            Most likely, but they’ll have to rebalance many pokemon. Gen 3 adding abilities has too many pokemon that rely on their abilities to be of any use.

            Kecleon, castform, ninjask (sort of),shedinja, sharpedo, spinda, plusle and minun, dusclops, slaking and the weather trio.

          • hkmaly

            Dusclops is already out, didn’t you notice? Otherwise, your list is good, but lot of other pokemons remains …

            (Hmmm … plusle and minun in raid battle …)

          • peponzio

            I did notice. Guess he’s a little borderline usable, though no one will use it due to low cp. That was balanced with its pressure ability but Niantic didn’t bother to acknowledge that, yet, maybe.

            Plusle and minun would be interesting indeed in raids with multiple players.

          • Chanderule

            So everything minus Shedinja

          • Chanderule

            And Castform

        • Armelo Apelete

          I remember last year, they said exactly the same thing abt genII, they will arrive gradually and guess what? That just mean maybe we will not see the slaking line or ninjask.

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      Yeah, except Niantic did say December for the rest of gen 3

      • David Wolfram

        They did not say it would be the rest of gen 3 and they possibly as early as December

      • untamemadman

        Niantic also send end of last year we would have trading… do you see trading in the app?

        • Patrick Terry Jr.

          They would have given it to us if spoofers hasn’t ruined

          • untamemadman

            Depending on how they impliment it spoofers wouldn’t make a difference. An example would be Bluetooth based trading so two phones have to be next to eachother to trade

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            right, because everyone wants to have to meet up to trade, that would suck, so that would rule out most likely

          • untamemadman

            Thats how trading used to work in the NDS games, I would have no issue meeting up with my friends and trading with them

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            yes, but trading in the newish(used lightly) have trading without a cord and worldwide, why make it so you have to know the people to trade? I have nothing against trading, I am just saying it might not be time

    • sarah clark

      I figured Gen 3 would be the holiday event… like the gen 2 babies last christmas…

    • Partysaurus Rex

      He’s basically a Santa Penguin… so yeah, that is my guess. Return of Santa Hat Pikachus. Most likely more loot boxes on sale. I’d love for those single use incubators to come back.

  • Gianluca G.D.


  • Charlie Mangan

    they might have not released the date for ho oh cuz hooh might end and then gen 3 comes and they dont want to spoil any new updates

    • Aryx

      Good point.

  • Greg

    Interesting. I received only instructions on how to play the game and enjoy a free raid pass every day. No “small gestures” in form of free raid passes, no reimbursement of money. Had to ask Apple to do the job. Never ever spend money on Niantic.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      Yeah, there are guides and posts out there to get your team changed, and other things I haven’t been able to get done that “supposedly” Niantic support will/can do. So either people are just flat out lying about it, or its luck of the draw on which support rep you get.

  • Robdebobrob

    This isnt too suprising. Legendary raids are good for profit, so they just keep extending them. Ive been looking forward to some weeks of no legendarys present since the last bird should have left, but Niantic just doesnt seem to want them to leave.

    • Chanderule

      I dont see a problem with that

    • peponzio

      I know right? Birds came for one week each with lugia being harder to catch staying three weeks. Awesome.

      Then all birds stay for one month. Second chance to catch what you missed with plenty of time. Incredible

      Legendary beasts cycle around the world! Amazing! For three months. What?!

      Three months to catch three legendaries? We just did almost two months for 4 legendaries and they decide to super extend the beasts? Why?

      The beasts have been the single most annoying mechanic to me in pogo. I literally caught 4 raikou, then gave up, 1 entei, 1 suicune. Thats it. No more.

    • Chris Denton

      I can’t get help on anything that isn’t a tier 5 raid. People just don’t seem to want to use a pass for a raid that rewards less. I bet 80%+ of all raids done are tier 5. That could be a reason why there is at least 1 legendary at all times.

      If they wanted to maximize profits, there would be no tiers and anyone who had a pass could battle, win and attempt to catch(if they have enough items). I have 300 Pokémon and 200 revives with tons of max potions, there is no reason I need a group of people to beat a single Pokémon. I had to watch all three birds and Lugia come and go because there was no interest from other people in my town. I have since found a group 30 minutes away.

  • Higher_Ground

    “keep your hype in check”

    (two days pass without news)

    “Let the hype resume!”

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    How can I enjoy ho oh raids when we’re struggling to get 6 ppl bothered to play?
    Also becomes boring when most I know we’re 3/3 on the first day. Stop playing the hype up ages before anything happens and actually report when something happens worth the hype. Gen 3 what a waste of space e x pass what everyone waiting for and most have stopped waiting and moved on to dra-go well done niantic

    • Chanderule

      Yeah, its not like almost everybody is hyped up for the next gen

  • Jon Jon Javellana

    Trend is, Ho-oh hasnt been popping that much interest in people anymore. Raid fatigue is real amongst raiders whove been doing this since July/August? They need to stop lol.

    • Chanderule

      I wouldnt say that, tons of people still gather for these raids

      • Piotr Krzywicki

        Only because it’s most efficient way to leveling, though, not because Ho-oh hype. That one isn’t especially usefull by any means in current meta, and if five stars raid wasn’t good powerleveling method, hardly anyone would bother going out in such weather conditions just after Ho-oh.

        • Chris Denton

          This. 50 percent of the people at the day 1 raid I did, did not even know the Pokémon’s name, let alone be hyped about it. People were hyped for the news that was supposed to come but never did.

    • hkmaly

      Only question now is if the next legendary raid after Ho-oh will be Regice/Regirock/Registeel or Latias/Latios (I expect it will be geographically divided as with the beasts).

  • Mitzi Forbes

    A Ho-oh just hatched at a local gym and has 58 minutes remaining. Is this just a glitch or have the raid times been increased to an hour again?

    • Thiago Roland Ardizzoia

      I was yesterday in a Raid in Ho-oh and starts with 45 min fortunately our group in 20 I take the bird very quickly with 2 balls
      But for 3 days with a Ho-oh Raid I loose him with 10/12 pokeballs
      Is very difficulty to take down that bird

      • Mange L

        I got 8 out of 9.. All the other legendarys has been the other way around, One out of seven Lugia and two out of twelve for Zapdos for example..

    • Higher_Ground

      I just watched one hatch – has 45 min on the timer (the egg timer is 1 hr)

  • Pišta Pavlovič

    I really do not know what they’re waiting for, I just let go.
    Yeah, good to go raid is fine, but it’s just not what to catch.

  • Chris Denton

    Lol, what launch of any Pokémon has niantic not botched?

  • Coltonandgen

    The only reason why they’re doing this is because they’re delaying the gen 3 release

  • Daniel Paul

    I captured myself a Ho Oh just yesterday. 🙂

  • Mike

    dont need to extend the deadline, we need free passes

  • Michal Hušák

    Make people finaly happy. Give all players each legendary in 100% IV form for free :-).

    • Chanderule

      Because who cares about effort

  • Marvin Ward


  • ikato kiyazaki

    give ho oh new moves please..

  • Brian Keith

    its a problem when gohub is a better representative of news than niantic itself. they need a community manager that is current and not learning info from support ticket screenshots.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      To be fair there were screenshots early on from support representatives supposedly giving away Legendary birds for issues they were having with the game… those turned out to be bogus. So either support team is doing and saying things they shouldn’t or they really don’t speak for the design team. It should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • @souravsingh


  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Why are niantic still playing the staggered content game when millions of pogo players are joining the rival game isn’t it time they actually listened to its users? After all we’ve all at some stage built it up by paying into it.

  • Partysaurus Rex

    What does a free app have to do with it? You think that apple does that out of the goodness of their heart? They just turn around and take that from Niantic. Its a refund, people aren’t making money off of Apple/Niantic by demanding compensation for stuff they didn’t actually pay for.

  • bassrats

    Thank God. It’s been such a busy time for me that I haven’t had time to raid enough for better Ho-Oh’s. That plus the raids ending earlier has meant I haven’t gotten a chance to do more raids. I’m glad they’re extending it a little. Even one more week would be great.