our Ingress regular, Rdash123 (LVL 16), notified us that Operation Portal Recon stats are growing at a stunning rate. According to the official OPR stats page, the usage and submission resolution rate is growing dramatically, following the recent Ingress portal submissions reopening!

However, the numbers are still bottle necked by Niantic’s semi-manual verification/sorting process for new portal submissions.

For the uninitiated, OPR (Operation Portal Recon) is Niantic’s crowd-sourced tool to verify, approve and deny Ingress portal submissions. Pokemon GO’s world data is constructed from Ingress portals, with the data set being refreshed almost daily. This data consists of Poke Stops, Gyms, spawn points and nests. A lot of Ingress portals and clusters of XM energy become a thing in Pokemon GO.

As illustrated in the title image and below, the growth rate is pretty incredible. Be aware that there is still seven hours until today’s score resets, which means the numbers are going to be even higher:

OPR Activity grows
OPR Activity grows

Raw data:

09/20 23164 19302
09/21 21651 18674
09/22 19326 16934
09/23 14920 14840
09/24 16245 14932
09/25 25963 23846
09/26 49044 47697
09/27 55385 52813

Niantic’s community manager Andrew Krug recently clarified that the relationship is not 1:1 – not everything in Ingress becomes something in Pokemon GO. However, a significant portion of the data does get transfered.

We’ve researched the link between Ingress and Pokemon GO’s spawns, gyms and Stops in the past, again with Rdash123’s help. You can read that research paper here: Tracking Sightings Tab Pokémon using Ingress and XM points.

We’ll be monitoring the growth and reporting back if another big trend change is observed.

  • Gryphon Strother

    They need to make a separate way to submit from within Pokemon GO. Aren’t any ingress players in my town but there’s lots of high level GO players like me that could get out and do this! Please niantic

    • Partysaurus Rex

      I’d be happy to play Ingress for the sole purpose of adding portals and potentials stops/gyms… but looking into what is required to hit level 11… just wasn’t worth it, as I’m not the least bit interested in Ingress.

      Perhaps we could give something for level 40 players to look forward to and give them the ability?

      • Chris Denton

        The only way you can hit level 40 is if there are a plethora of stops and gyms in your area, if there is not you will not make it to 40 regardless of time played or money spent and that’s the problem with arbitrary level requirements.

        Niantic has no clue what the problem is, hence they are trying the same things over and over with the same results.

        • Chief Chad

          Sounds like your not willing to put in the work to get what you want. But that’s none of my business🍵🐸

          • Chris Denton

            Wrong, I play every single day and playing more will not create something that is not there

            But you shouldn’t assume you know my play style because you don’t.

          • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

            Just to create a picture of what you said: when I only had 2 pokestops I get 35k of xp in a day playing 6hours in that day and I´m spending a lot in incubators + plus gas to restock. Today that I have more pokestops I do 70k in a day with only life incubator because I have pokeballs to spend now.

          • Chris Denton

            I have spent over 350 US dollars on coins in this game and I have played for multiple hours a day catching and hatching anything I can. On a good week I can get 40k xp. I’m level 30.

            F2P is not how the game works for me. I have to use incense to find Pokémon because there are no spawns. Sure would be nice to catch Pokémon anytime the app is open and I’m moving. Not only in cities.

            I play every day and I catch maybe 20 Pokémon a week that aren’t from an incense. I literally have to pay money just to see anything. And city player can fill their bags in 20 minutes free of charge. They also have spawns on every corner, in their apartments and everywhere else.

          • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

            I spend more money in the game now because I don´t need to spend in gas anymore. Niantic are not making less money with more stops/gyms, it´s the opposite.

        • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

          I manage to get lvl 40 in June, 20 of this year in a small town in Brazil. I only have 2 pokestops and 2 gyms at my town at the time and 5.000km with my bicicle this week. I spend a lot of money in gas to go to a nearby city 2x in the week to restock the items. There´s another players in my city that are lvl 36, 37 and 38. It´s possible? Yes, it is! It´s a good thing? No! Nobody has to suffer like that. Few weeks after I get the lvl 40 gyms start to give items (what makes a huge diference) and now because of a group of Ingress players of my State we have 11 pokestops and 5 gyms. There´s a lot of cities in my area getting pokestops and gyms too but there´s a lot of places that doesn´t have 1 pokestop or gym. How do you expect that a Ingress player reach lvl 11 without 1 portal? Niantic has to create a program like OPR to PoGO players. Doesn´t make any sense we´re only rely on Ingress Players.

          • Robdebobrob

            “How do you expect that a Ingress player reach lvl 11 without 1 portal?”
            Literally impossible.

          • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

            There´s a lot of people crazy about that. This only create more spoofers…

  • Achi

    Sorry but this system is one big sh*t….it makes that in cities where is already many pokestops will be more pokestops but in rural areas still nothing change….

    • Mayson Ledur

      It’s this the pure trueness. Fully agree.

    • anne-susan

      yup agree, my city south/mid part full of stopss gyms (one place 3 gyms next to each other), yet north (where i live) 2 gyms couple stops, couple minuts walking of eachother ( nearest one of my house 10 minuts walking, others even further )

  • Chris Denton

    Check back in 4 years when they are sorted and you will find that there aren’t more stops in places that didn’t have them and 10x’s as many for city folks, again.

  • Florian

    There should be a simple algorithm that helps rural players. **** Ingress. Just let anyone make a submission in POGO, but only approve submissions that are “x”km away from another stop/gym. This would first of all limit the amount of submissions that the company has to go through, and would help add stops/gyms where they’re needed(rural areas + countries forgotten by Niantic)

  • Robdebobrob

    Started playing Ingress when i heared you could approve portals when you reached lvl 14. Soon after i realized what that ment, i stopped again cause it was just to much. Then the news came you could request new portals soon, starting at level 8 so i picked it up again. Now im at 6 and a half and it turns out you need to be 11 to request them and im close to dropping Ingress again.
    The game isnt that interesting to me, and i dont want to put that much time in it. Im sure you can make level 8 whitin a month, assuming you are in an area that already has alot of portals and activity. 11 = 5 times the amount of XP and some badges you need to put alot of time in. Its just to much.

    We dont want to play another game to fix the one we like, and real ingress players dont want us there aswell messing up there game. Niantic doesnt need to search for ways they can keep new players interested as suggested in the interview with Andrew Krug about a week ago. If you dont like it by level 8, you just wont like it. No need to force feed us the game.

  • Robdebobrob

    Oh and for the people interested: i can pull in 40K EXP in ingress a day if i spend 3 hours on it. That means you can get it in 150 days, in an area with 20+ portals quite close to eachother.
    Good luck to people who have a job that requires them to spend more hours on then me…