we have extracted and published all 0.63.1 static assets! It took us a while to figure out how to extract them in bulk, but it’s finally done.

The link to the repository is here (Pokemon GO 0.63.1 image assets repository) and here’s a complimentary image from the repository (old Master ball textures from the beta):

Also here’s a sheet of UI icons. Not sure why that red-store icon was added:

This repository will be updated with each successive release and included in our data mining efforts. Up to this day we’ve been extracting assets manually, now we have finally a semi-automated process to do it.

Along with our automated GAME_MASTER decoder and a set of automated data mining tools, we’re confident that our data mines are just going to get better and better… 🙂

  • That’s awesome!

  • Josh Hack

    Completely unrelated, but does anyone else think they should remove stardust?

    • the2000guy

      That’s the only way to power up Pokemon and increase their CP besides candy. Are you thinking to replace CP with Pokemon Level? And what Pokemon should dominate in gyms? The one with the highest level? Then, if Niantic applies the one Pokemon per gym, how it will be possible to replace that Pokemon placed at the TOP? If someone take down that Pokemon will be eliminated?

      • Josh Hack

        What I was thinking is either making it cheaper to power up, or easier to get it at all. I wasn’t asking for it to be removed.

        • suloku mago

          Stardust is one of the few incentives the game has to keep people playing.
          Catching everything that gets in your path is the only way to stedealy level up and gather stardust, and believe me when I say that after level 30 you’ll start to accumulate stardust, since you will only power up beyond level 30 your best pokémon and once they are maxed you will only spend around 10.000 per each pokemon you have maxed and you want to keep maxing.
          I’m currently level 35 and have amost 1 million accumulated stardust and plenty of pokémon to knowckout gyms (though I don’t do it anymore since my town is flooded with instinct spoofers/bots for months).

          Of course, if you powerup without any planification at all and without checking good IV/movesets you’ll just waste it and feel like you never have stardust.

        • Noah Steadman

          “does anyone else think they should remove stardust?” kinda was

      • Mirek Mareš

        If i was the developer, i would inspire myself more from the old games.
        Lets make battle system turn based, lets give pokemons levels and let them farm XP by battling other pokemons. I Think CP should stay it can be indicator how this one pokemon Is better / worse than other one of the same specie at same level.
        Also it would be very nice if candies were type based not specie based, so anyone can choose what Pokémon trainer type you want to primary be.