we know it’s a bit surprising, but today we’ve received confirmation that a special event is taking place in Pokémon GO during Halloween. The official Pokémon Company website stated the following in an article titled “Beware Pokémon’s Spooky Halloween Roundup!”:

The Halloween season is a special time in Pokémon GO. Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October, and we can’t wait to get out and about to see what sort of excitement we can scare up while catching new Pokémon to fill out our Pokédex. Stay tuned for more details about Pokémon GO’s Halloween event coming soon!

Although a number of media outlets is going completely crazy about the “new Pokémon to fill out your Pokédex” part, be aware that this is just an initial media announcement, nothing conclusive.

This does not, we repeat, does not, mean we’re getting Generation III for Halloween. What it does confirm is the following:

  • A Halloween event will take place, as we hoped for
  • A new content/game update is expected later in October
  • We should be hearing more soon

In addition, there is a plethora of other Halloween themed stuff going on:

  • Pokémon TV will air two special episode collections: one that journeys into haunted houses to deliver plenty of scares, and another that digs into all of the Pokémon’s favorite treats.
  • You can make your own Pokémon Pumpkins using the official pumpkin stencils
  • Marshadow is appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon via a special distribution
  • #PokemonHalloween is the official hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for everything Pokémon and Halloween related
  • A special new plush and costumed plushes will appear in the Pokémon Center shopping locations
  • Gryphon Strother

    I mean, when they say “new Pokémon to fill out our Pokédex” they could mean new ghost types or something are coming ! What else ? There’s no way they don’t have all the current ghosts haha

    • Igglybuff!

      Remember that last year we got Meowth, Zubat, Cubone, Drowzee and Gastly (Gastly and evolutions were only ghost type Pokemon by that time) evo lines, so they don’t need to be only ghost types

      • Gryphon Strother

        alright well I’ll assume they have all those too so hopefully this means maybe a few new mons or something !

    • Chris Denton

      They could mean on the 30th we will catch a new Pokémon. The third beast lol

      • Gavin Walsh

        But the Beast was already announced this means New New

        • Chris Denton

          Man I hope so, but niantic loves to dissapoint.

          • daethstrok3

            The only plausible options are Delibird, Smeargle, Mew, Ho-oh, Celebi and/or gen 3.

          • Chris Denton

            I know, I wouldn’t mind any of those options.

            I would like to have those Pokémon before gen 3, but I would be happy if they released gen 3 for people to catch/hatch and mew, ho-oh and celebi in raids.

          • Andrew Kaczrowski

            The only plausible option is a pikachu with a purple hat. 😛

          • Higher_Ground

            pikachu with a witch’s hat 🙂

  • Alex

    Now I am just siting here trying to figure out if there is any reason to give more Tyrogue. Because all I need is a Hitmontop to finish the Dex before Gen 3. But I cannot come up with a single reason.

    • Saidi Mohamed

      maybe they can present Attack/deffense/Stamina X to the game so u can control tyrogue evolution

      • Devilspeed999r

        You can control that with the upraise….. best HP=Hitmontop

        • Higher_Ground

          I think he means to boost the IV so that you’re assured to get what you want.

          The randomness is annoying, though, when you have tied IVs. Just evolved a tyrogue that was best attack/defense, hoping to get a Hitmonchan. It’s a ‘lee. I’ll take it but not exactly what I was looking for (and with very little candy to level it up, even less so).

    • All I need is hitmon top to finish my dex as well, and the last time I hatched a tyrogue was during the easter event. I feel like I’ll never get him again.

      • I have so far, hatched 4 Tyrogues in this Equinox event. Too bad, the event is about to end. You could have invested on incubators.

        • Scott Allen Simacek

          I’ve hatched like twenty … comment less .. play more??

      • Susanne Johansson

        you kan se Tyrogue if he strngs of att or def or hp. because hitmon top is att,hitmonchan def hitmonlee hp

        • Reagan Choi

          top is hp and lee is atk.

          • Chris Denton

            I always wondered what would happen if you get a perfect tyrogue and evolve him. Random?

          • Raynaldo Jepe

            true.. random.. ive got one with hp and def in the past time. once. and i didnt get top from it.. luckily i hatched another one with highest stat HP..

      • Higher_Ground

        if it’s worth it too you, go ahead and get as many 2k eggs in the next few hours as possible.

        Also, they do spawn – just very rarely. Probably just coincidence but the one I found in the wild spawned in an area that usually has machops around. Also found my hitmonchan in the same part of town.

    • PHC

      You should’ve gotten a bunch from eggs already during this event. I got at least 5.

      • Alex

        I haven’t gotten a ton of 2k eggs. I have been rolling in 10ks and the 2ks that I got have all been Chancey so I am not upset, just anxious. With Tyrogue only being hatchable, and Gen 3 on the horizon, I am worried that I will have an even harder time hatching one.

        • Higher_Ground

          Hitmontop does spawn in the wild, just really, really infrequently. I’ve seen one since gen 2 came out.

          • Biga173rd

            Very true.

        • Susanne Johansson

          i got tyrogue 6 egg

    • Raynaldo Jepe

      just keep hatching mate. good luck. i only lack unown. and regionals.. i hope trade feature is coming soon

    • jeremyjbutler
  • sibbil

    hopefully they put Smeargle and Delibird as new pokemons

    • Silver Shoelaces

      Delibird = special Christmas event? Hopefully?

      • Raynaldo Jepe

        that’s the only thing relevant tho..

  • Dimas Aditya S

    Finally we’ll meet again senor Gengar

  • Chris Denton

    It’s niantic, I’m not holding my breath. Where’s the Q3 content update?

    • Antonio Mercurio

      ikr, im was on the verge of quitting but this rolled out

      • Chris Denton

        Don’t quit! It’s still Pokémon, even if niantic suck. I had the best few days since launch during this event. I went and bought a pogo+ and about 40 super Incubators. I have gotten over 150k stardust in 2 days. And entei! Jeez, he’s hard to catch! I’m 1 for 7.

        Have you got mewtwo yet? That’s what really got me back in gear.

        • Joe Mcfarland

          I caught a mewtwo last Saturday . It was awesome

          • Chris Denton

            He’s such a beast. Guy in our local discord group beat a machamp raid with just mewtwo and Lugia. That’s crazy.

            My mewtwo was 2255. It is 93%!!!!!!

          • Miyuka Szczepanski

            I was in the hospital getting my organs removed via emergency surgery right after I got my Mewtwo pass. My friend was kind enough to cover it for me and did my EX raid while I was nearly dying. I think the game took pity on me, ended up getting a 100% Mewtwo. T~T

          • Chris Denton

            Holy cow! Congrats and hope you recover well

          • Higher_Ground


            I hope you have a fast recovery. Get better soon so you can catch ’em all 🙂

        • Higher_Ground

          That pogo+ should help out a lot.

          and a Mewtwo? Congrats man 🙂

          • Chris Denton

            Yes sir. 2255. 93%

        • Andrew Kaczrowski

          I am 17/24, I’m not sure why you say he is hard to catch. It isn’t true.

          • Chris Denton

            Lol because you have had luck doesn’t mean everyone will. 1/8 with 3 missed balls. All curved greats with golden razz

          • Andrew Kaczrowski

            He is the same rate as raikou, which I went 102/132. Is that ‘luck’ also? Almost the same animation, with a tiny bit more of a delay, and the distance is a tiny bit further. When does it cease being ‘luck’ to you? After 1000? If you tell me your raikou rate, and it is good, then perhaps it is ‘bad luck’ for you on entei. (And does the ‘fire medal’ help-named Kindler?) If you don’t have that, perhaps that’s impacting your rate.

          • Chris Denton

            Look at the base capture rate dude, you have been extremely lucky. Like it or not

            I have gold kindler. I also have a 0/0 with raikou, I didn’t know there was an active raid group in the city where I work until last Saturday. Maybe I will get better but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

          • Andrew Kaczrowski

            If I throw a 6 sided dice, what are the odds of getting a ‘1’. What if I throw a dice 6 times. What are my *overall* odds of getting a ‘1’ after those 6 attempts? Please tell me. There is also an OVERALL capture rate for pokemon go. I use this calculator, and the overall rate after 10+ great curves on a base capture pokemon (2%), is over 70%. I can use the calculator to tell you the exact number. Sometimes I get 12-14 tosses also.

          • Chris Denton

            Meh, I’m not going to argue with you, man. And that’s what you want here it would seem. I’m 1/8 with good throws.

            I thought that there was a 2% chance, with every ball you threw. I didn’t know the numbers stacked to form 70% somehow.

            It’s possible I’m just unlucky, but there are players in our discord who have done far worse than 1/8. There are also some that are closer to 100%.

          • Andrew Kaczrowski

            It forms 70% chance of capture at the end of all your throws. Why can’t you understand that concept? Geez! That 2% gets increased to about 12% each throw because of bonuses. Each individual throw chance is 12%, and by the end OF ALL YOUR THROWS (sometimes as many as 14) you have a very good (over 70%) capture chance. Yikes! If I roll a 6 sided dice 6 times, what are the chances of getting a ‘1’? It is NOT 1 in 6 chance, it is more than that overall. Not sure how to describe the word OVERALL any better.

          • Chris Denton

            Geez back at you. I’m not sure why you are even talking to me, I was talking to another person about MY experience. You are just butthurt I told you counting was hard and you deleted your comment.

            You seem to struggle with reading. I said I didn’t know the numbers stacked, not that you were wrong or something. Just stop, you made your point that I should have better odds than MY catch rate reflects. No need to be condescending.

            Since you constantly edit and change what you say, I will add this. Ball 1, 2%(+10 with bonus). Ball 2, 2%(+10 with bonus) and that goes on until you have no balls left or you catch him. Every throw is the same capture rate and just because you throw 10 balls(each with a 2% rate) does not make the catch rate go up. It means you had a 2% catch rate 10 different times.

  • Gryphon Strother

    Just really hope they have SOMETHING new/exciting coming when they say “Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October, “

  • Gavin Walsh


  • Ari Thunder

    @pokemongohub just a small minor thing but on the front of the pokemongohub website it says Raikou, Entei and Suicune can be battled in Raid Battles from August 31 onwards, changing continents every month. Mewtwo is expected to become available soon via EX Raid Battles.

    You may want to change it to october. Just a little thing sorry

    • Joel Jensen

      and change it to say that mewtwo is available via ex test raid battles

    • daethstrok3

      The dogs were released on August 31. Why would they change it to October? The dogs rotated location. It’s not a new release.

    • lauren welzenbach

      I have 2 mewtwo already via ex raid pass. Thats not anything new

  • Joel Jensen

    smeargle will come out for thankgiving, and delibird for christmas. we are most likely getting generation 3

    • Scott Allen Simacek

      Makes the most sense to me good call

    • Andrea Codutti

      How is smeargle related to thanksgiving?

    • Faizan Arshad

      Many countries don’t celebrate thanksgiving (e.g UK) so it is unlikely they will do anything big at thanksgiving. At the most, there could be a small event, maybe.

  • Peter de Graaf

    This better not be another Pikachu hat event

  • Kevin Mask

    they’ll just throw in a Pikachu with a witch or pumpkin hat

    • ikato kiyazaki

      Lol im tired of those…

  • Zappy-N

    it’ll probably be just another pikachu hat variant but gen 3 + increased spooky spawns would make getting a banette very easy.

  • Heydavid17

    Most likely, we will also get double candy, just like last year.
    However, I’m still hoping for a nearby double XP event as well, if not Halloween, then most likely thanksgiving.

  • Dooby

    I’m just hoping it’s another double candy event like last year. I’ve got a bunch of excess legendaries that I don’t need, but I’m letting them take up the space in my storage because I don’t want to ditch them before the next double candy event. Anyone else doing the same thing?

    • Higher_Ground

      yep, holding on to them just in case. If gen 3 comes out before a double candy event, they’ll probably be transferred anyway to save space.

  • Iggy

    from the pic, maybe joltik, hanging from Chandelures ear, so at least 2 new ones, unless they just came up with that

    • Reagan Choi

      But that’s like gen 5…

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Double Candy, less buddy distance and probably gastly family shinies. That’s my guess. But I’ve been hearing of a supposed gen 3 release October 28… so it’s either my guess or gen 3 is quarter 3 update. Hopefully… BOTH

    • Siri Tim Cook Holness


  • Nathan

    I just need a lot of Gastly and Misdreavus (mostly Gastly) to max my SC Gengar and gold out my ghost medal

    • Siri Tim Cook Holness

      I already have all type medals gold have had for a long time

      • Higher_Ground

        congrats, which one was the most difficult?

        • Siri Tim Cook Holness

          Fighting I rarely see em It was the last 1 I got I even got dark earlier despite being the most recently introduced

          • Higher_Ground

            yeah I’m hitting up a machop nest to finish mine. That dragon badge is going to be a long time coming, though 🙂

            Lots and lots of Murkrows got me the dark badge fast. SOooo many murkrows…

          • Siri Tim Cook Holness

            Same about murkrows I’ve traveled the world and they’re in like every city I go in abundance

  • David

    “new Pokémon to fill out your Pokédex” – Final rotation of the Legendary Beasts is on 10/31.

    • Siri Tim Cook Holness

      Ikr that’s probs what it is

      • Reagan Choi

        Or just “catch your gengar if you don’t have one”

  • John Ray Smith
  • James

    I swear to odd if they throw out another pikachu hat I will rage.

  • Jason

    I wish they would give a little more advance on the specifics on upcoming events.. Sometimes don’t really know the details till a day or 2 before the event starts.. for people that work like me might not be able to check daily and could miss the start to an event.. that being said I do expect double candy at least that just goes with Halloween.. might sit on a few and wait to transfer them out that I can use the candy for.. and I liked how they did the ghost Pokemon showing up a lot last year I don’t have a Misdreavus yet

  • Edwin Fung

    We will capture a bunch of Sableye, Banette and Dusclops during the event.😀

  • Neopiru Games

    I give a middle finger to this so called “game” if no significant game mechanics will be implemented during gen3 drop. This has to be the biggest joke in the Pokemon history. If this is really so difficult to add main features to AR game then give the work someone else to finish it, you greedy Niantic !

    • Edwin Fung

      Probably Pokemon ‘abilities’.

    • happi

      How bout we fix all the bugs and glitches before stacking new content on top of this mess…..or niantic could give in to all you complainers and keep loading bugs on top of bugs….

      • Neopiru Games

        if they couldn’t manage to fix them after one year then they don’t give a F. After so many months I still see old bugs and cant’t believe my eyes… they just want to sell items during event like it was until now coz it works the best for them – no brains players will still enjoy but not me. Delibird and smeargle still not in the game because “they are hard to code” BS … if def,atk,hp stats are so hard to code for them then we can forget gen3 special features – they are simply not possible to add to VR game at this time- at least not by niantic

  • Joe1407

    Any news on 2 X for everything like before???? The first event last year was the best. I got 30 saved blue eggs and know how to use them. I am ready for it or, will it be a let down?

  • Nick Wilson

    Sick of tyrouge… Hatched 100 or more eggs in whole event and not counting today.

  • Matthew John Cline

    They should’ve had the legendary Pokemon in the wild instead. And they better have Unown in the Halloween event also.

  • Carlos Chipman

    I just caught a wild hitmontop in Oshkosh, WI @ Target of all places lol

  • Ashton Colby Swag-Thompson

    This is awesome news SO EXCITED for this event

  • Team pokemon_zapdos

    i hope we can get gengars in 5 k eggs in this event pls niantic