the official Japanese Pokémon GO website has published a new post with more details about the upcoming Pokémon GO Park event in Yokohama, Japan.

The previously announced Pokémon GO Stadium event is taking place during the same timeframe (Aug 14).

The event is taking place in Yokohama Red Brick park and the Cup Noodle Museum Park which have now been renamed and repurposed as Kanto Park and Johto Park! In each of the respectable park areas Pokémon from the corresponding region will spawn more often.

Special event only 2KM eggs will be available at all of the event specific PokéStops, containing Pokémon which do not usually hatch from that egg group.

In addition, Mr.Mime and Farfetch’d will be available at the event, making this an excellent opportunity for Asian and Australian travellers.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Lets hope the rest of world get a reward/ bonuses like what happend at pogo

  • Heydavid17

    Regionals have slowly lost their point in the game, they might as well just be released worldwide by now

    • Paul

      They just loose their point after spoofers go in to game. No one friend of my wants to go for regionals to another country coz spoofers makes regionals poor.

      • Rillan

        dummy ? only brain-dead still cry about spoofers. Regionals was stupid idea since very beginning, who needs a pokemon who is not even in top 30? Also none would spend dust just to upgrade pokemon that cant beat any top tier defender.

        • Paul

          What about filling pokedex? Do You provoke to install GPS Fake?

          Spoofers killed this game. It seems to be great if Pokemon GO have prepaid pay system like a 5$ per month. Enough money to spent it for anti cheat department.

          • Rillan

            I dont care about filling pokedex. Since there are like 10-20 pokemon u need and others are pretty useless. Filling pokedex is all about everyones choise.

          • Austin Tang

            But, if you found a new common pokemon, you would catch it wouldn’t you? So you do care about the pokedex.

          • Rillan

            I will answer with a question – If u find 10$ would u pick it or go past ?

          • Paul

            But you care about this 10-20 Pokemon for future boss encounter like a Lugia or Articuno or Mew… so you care about pokedex.

          • Redmanabirds

            Spoofers killed the game?

            Huh… that must be why PoGo set its highest grossing day a year after release.

          • James Johnson

            i spoof and have completed my pokedex. all unowns, regionals, 10+ of each legendary and 100iv of most mons. oh yeah, and i’ve spent over $200 on coins. niantic doesn’t care about spoofing. spoofers will actually pay $ to play

          • Robdebobrob

            The real question is are you proud of youself, knowing you achieved something that is absolutely meaningless because you did it while cheating.

          • The Network

            Cheating? Cry wolf blind sheep. Define cheating. I find cheating was those 3rd party apps, that pin pointed the best Pokémon and how long they spawn there in your area or how about the current site that pin point the best raids to go to. That’s cheating, but you sheep are ok with those cuz ur shepherds are using those sites.

            Spoofing isn’t cheating. You still have to throw balls to catch Pokémon, you still have to fight gyms to place etc.

            Cheating is having an advantage over others. Using third party apps to pin point the best raids & the best Pokémon is cheating

          • Robdebobrob

            About the raids: we have whatsapp groups where i live to communicate those so i dont cheat there.
            About the pin pointing of pokemon on websites, yeah i watched those. I justify it by saying Niantics tracker sucks, but youre right. Its not allowed in the TOS.

            However, by your own logic, you also say that is not cheating. Even if i can pinpoint the location and go there by foot/bike/car, i still have to catch it aswell. Something you claim is not cheating when you do it with spoofing.

            Spoofing allows you to move faster, easier and cheaper than people who actually go outside. That gives you a clear advantage. I have to gather my stuff before even going outside wich costs time. You just sit on your couch in your tighty whities.

            Youre not some god just because you go against the system with your spoofing. Youre not a wolf, your a hyena. A cowardly creature thats so dumb it will chase a branch when you throw it cause it thinks you threw away your arm, only able to survive because others get stuff done for him.

            Also, who is my shepard that im suposedly following?

          • The Network

            Never said it wasn’t “cheating” but making the point of that all the anti spoofers are cheating as well but the difference is that there are no draw backs from these like spoofing. If you spoof, there’s a cool down, where you can’t do anything but these pin point raid sites, doesn’t

          • James Johnson

            im at peace with my decisions. Also, fvck trnrtips, reversal and mystic7 for the hate they spread. totally uncalled for.

          • Robdebobrob

            Yeah, hating players who cheat, totally uncalled for. Hating someone that punches you in the face? Totally uncalled for. The guy that started 5 seconds earlier then everyone else in a 100meter olympic sprint, give him a medal dont hate the player, hate the game. That dude that robbed your house, why would you hate him give him some cofee and a cookie.

            Man you are so disconnected from society its funny.

          • James Johnson

            Have you always been a social justice warrior libtard?

          • Robdebobrob

            Youre still here?

          • James Johnson

            miss me babe?

  • Josh Hack

    They can’t do QR codes for 6 days.

  • driftw00d

    Farfetch’d has always been available here in Yokohama, with or without event.
    Mr. Mime will be a great addition on my pokedex, hope other regionals will be made available as well.

  • Ponta Vedra

    In the original Japanese announcement, the wording fairly clearly states that “each of the regional Pokemon” will appear, with Mr. Mime “starting” the appearances. Whether or not they actually mean that is a different question, but that’s what it says.

  • Cory Robinson

    People need to stop complaining over a free game. Every game on the App Store has hacks. Spoofers haven’t killed the game it’s the lack of competitiveness and lack of content.

    • The Network

      Agreed. If they had fair and equal spawns, there would be no spoofing. Also the people complaining are blind sheep following greedy shepherds , Who have a superior complex, that want to be superior then others

      I live Milwaukee and it hard to do raids etc, cuz of no one playing cuz the county

      If they had a bad team like team Rocket or something, could of been good

  • Mike Hobgen

    Lets hope the rest of world get a reward/ bonuses like what happened at pogo
    and an event in the east coast also or a safari zone for us