the GO Hub APK mine of v0.63.4 is complete. Although we expected to find more than just bug fixes, this APK update really contains only bug fixes. We are maintaining a list of known bug fixes that shipped with this release at the bottom of the article.

There is only one major code change that mandates a special shoutout: PTC errors are now handled more gracefully thanks to a new error container that’s specific for PTC:


In addition, a few new getters are used to retrieve proper Android versions from the client phone. It’s unclear what role these values have besides providing Niantic with more context on app crashes and exceptions.


As far as static assets go (text, sounds and images), no files were changed in this APK release. Same goes for the rest of the APK.

Although this update is a bit disappointing, it is expected that a small maintenance update will go out before a larger update lands later this month.

As the v0.63.4 release has no significant changes to explain the lengthy development process, we expect the future 0.65.x update to contain all of the required client code for the gym rework.

Known bug fixes in v0.63.4

  • GO+ connectivity improved (various devices, unconfirmed on iOS)
  • Swiping through Gyms doesn’t cause the app to crash (various devices, various versions)
  • juan garcia

    I really hope to see the Go+ conectivity improved, there are days where i just cant make my phone and Go+ to pair

    • theConundrumm

      i have no problems connecting… staying connected is a whole other matter though. the app routinely crashes the second i close my phone

    • Smash

      Kept happening to me as well. Would have to restart phone to get it to reconnect.

  • ダーク マウジー

    does this means the ditto glitch is not being fix? not that it’s annoying or what, but still a glitch…right?

  • meh

    Am I the only one that is hoping that right before legendaries are released POGO drops a bomb in forcing android to be updated to 7.1 and thereby annihilate half or more spoofers cause when you think about it, promo codes are android only so android users may be the only people to get legendaries and by making sure they have the most recent update they also make sure they are on legit accounts. And for those that are going to get butt hurt and complain that not everyone can update their phones… IF MY 4 YEAR OLD ANDROID THAT COST LESS THAN $30 NOW CAN BE UPDATED SO CAN YOURS

    • Thomas Grooms


  • Antonio Mercurio

    it’s now confirmed! in the next 24h expect the new update Cough*gym rework *cough.
    Oh and btw its just a dream