Niantic announced that their Operation Portal Recon (OPR) tool for Ingress has launched in Brazil and Korea!

OPR is a tool designed for Ingress players to submit new portal requests, which Niantic has been using to create new portals in Ingress and new PokeStops in Pokemon GO.

Niantic has also confirmed earlier that they already added 9000 new portals (and edited 11000 existing portals) based on reports using the OPR tool.

Of course, this reflects in Pokemon GO also, as PokeStops are based on Ingress portals and Niantic frequently updates Pokemon GO map data with fresh Ingress info (and pictures).

What we know:

  1. Portal Recon (PR) is a review tool for portal submissions (invite only access) currently in beta for some countries.
  2. PR has already gotten us 9 000 new pokéstops (not bad given how small the current test area is)
  3. Agents love remote points of interest (PoI), rural will improve
  4. This is not the end. It is but the next step towards increased numbers of PoI everywhere.



Starting today, we will be opening Portal submission requests via the Ingress scanner for Level 8+ Agents in Brazil and Korea. Before submitting potential Portal candidates, please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the guidelines for high-quality Portals. Portal submissions will be analyzed in the Operation Portal Recon tool by our Beta-tester Ingress Agents. While not all Portal submissions will be accepted, your contributions will enable us to expand the Portal network in the future. As always, we appreciate the diligence and help provided by our Agents to help curate and expand the Portal Network.

For full details regarding high-quality Portal candidates, please review the following guidelines:

—The Ingress team

  • Veigar

    Good! I live in Brazil and there is a lot of points in my city that could be a pokestop

  • Diego cruz

    In my city you only have 2 pokestops like there was more. I live in Sao Benedito in Santa Luzia.

  • RecNove

    Brazil Need some pokestops

  • jenoilson lopes

    SIMOES FILHO BAHIA Need some pokestops

  • Josh Hack

    Three new pokestops made in my area

    • Pera, já colocaram 3 novos? O.O que rápido

  • sanju.singh

    in my area i have only 5 pokestop and 3 gym which is 2 training gym

    what i can i do plz add more pokestop in my area
    i m from jaisalmer india

  • Ricardo Morceli

    Please NIANTIC, Urgently Need More PokéStops here in My City only have 2pokéstops and no Gym, I need a gym and PokeStops I will pass the information of My City
    The City is Boituva-SP
    And The Neighborhood is Residential College.

  • André Ribeiro

    Se forem atualizar os stops no Brasil, diversos vão cair e novos vão surgir, isso é bom e ruim, só vou ter que refazer meus planos de viagem… kkkk… Mas vários pontos poderiam virar stop e descentralizar o “monopólio” nos parques e principais pontos turísticos.

  • “Portals added to Ingress via Operation Portal Recon will often appear in Pokémon GO as well. We are exploring ways to allow PokéStop submissions in Pokémon GO but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.”

    NIANTIC confirmed this today!

  • Jack Blaze

    Have been waiting for this, there are no available gyms and only 1pokestop about 2km from my neighborhood. If they don’t add more stops and gyms the game is gonna lose it’s “go out , catch and explore” motto meaning. Niantic plz look into this matter. My city info is Agartala, Tripura, India.