as you may be aware, the bosses that are encountered within each of the Raid Levels have changed, adding new Raid Bosses and removing some of the old ones. We can confirm that several Tier 3 and 4 bosses are still in the game.

We’ll bring you full guides on each of the Tier 3 and 4 Bosses tomorrow, while for now, we’ve prepared a list of the new bosses.

New Level 1 Bosses

  • Ivysaur – CP 5238
  • Metapod – CP 1534
  • Charmeleon – CP 5038
  • Wartortle – CP 4503

New Level 2 Bosses

  • Magneton – CP 14172
  • Sableye – CP 8266
  • Sandslash – CP 12312
  • Tentacruel – CP 12190
  • Marowak – CP 9891
  • Cloyster – CP 15678

New Level 3 Bosses

  • Ninetales – CP 14914
  • Scyther – CP 17358
  • Omastar – CP 18915
  • Porygon – CP 11419

New Level 4 Bosses

  • Poliwrath – CP 24247
  • Victrebell – CP 23780
  • Golem – CP 30572
  • Nidoking – CP 24873
  • Nidoqueen – CP 23216

Evidently the rarest bosses are the best ones, so we suggest you go for the Golem (Legendary Killer), Omastar (a beast in disguise) and Porygon (great future potential). We are still figuring out all the ins and outs of the new system and should have a full report by tomorrow morning, but as of now, it’s official: the raids have changed, time to farm that Golem.

We expect the majority of new Tier 1 and 2, possibly Tier 3 Bosses to be absolutely soloable, while we have doubts about some of the Tier 4 bosses. Luckily, it seems that the Raid Boss CP formula hasn’t changed at all.

As usual, when capturing the boss, the encounter will present a Level 20 Pokémon with varying IV values. Good luck!

  • Derek Sutton

    How about instead of replacing they just introduce more diversity.

    • Marcelo Ayala

      People are saying that some of the old 3s and 4s are still appearing

      • Partysaurus Rex

        I can confirm that.

        • Brady Newton

          yeah they are

    • Partysaurus Rex

      Saw a Snorlax, and a Tyranitar yesterday.

  • William Kelly

    I’ll be that one person ;). Does Niantic think this will make us spend more money? OR even contiune when they have a system that is like the lottery?…. This game has became an addiction for most.

  • Vinni Erb

    These suck, only good one is Golem and who doesnt already have a golem army!

    • Randomman29

      I don’t, I have a T-tar one.

      • Leo Luo

        I don’t even got an army of anything, except 10 Entei’s………………………………………………………………

        • Randomman29

          I have 15 T-tars.

        • Brady Newton

          lol i dont have a single legendary

    • I dont… I’m happy about this.

    • David Wolfram

      Me , I don’t ….. not all of us are able to catch the same Pokemon as you

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Let’s go GOLEM! And Omastar

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Raids also are available after they hatch for only 45 mins!

  • ikato kiyazaki

    no confirmed dragonite yet?

    • David Wolfram

      No , not yet

  • Claudio Marques Ceb

    wtf ? niantic trolled XD

  • Heydavid17

    These new bosses… suuuuucks!!! DX

    • Lasse Skarpengland

      Because you have them already? Any new raid boss would kinda suck. Nidos and sandslash, and GOLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is at least really good counters against electric type pokemon.
      You are complaining about getting a free Golem and Omastar, the BEST counters for the birds?

      • Christina Røsvassbukt

        well, the birds are kinda gone by now, so a little late for *that*
        (except for Ho-Oh, perhaps)

  • Mirage TF

    Wtf…. :/

  • Chris Denton

    Is this a joke?

    45 minute raid and it’s a 35 minute drive to get to the raids. More smart thinking from niantic.

  • Liew Soon Hao 柳孫豪

    Cloyster cannot be soloed if your pokemon is not powered up…..

    • Casey

      So it is soloable…

      • Liew Soon Hao 柳孫豪

        As in yes, but let’s say you use Raikou and zapdos to fight cloyster when they are just level 20, then cloyster cannot be defeated.

    • Tullido

      You don’t say??

      • Liew Soon Hao 柳孫豪

        How would I know? Prior to today, I could solo all tier 2 pokemon, but cloyster proved me wrong with my underpowered Raikou and zapdos

        • David Wolfram

          Zapdos is no good due to being flying type, exeggutor with solar beam is better

          • Liew Soon Hao 柳孫豪

            But must it be powered to near max level in order to solo cloyster? (Legit curious, my exeggutor sucks)

          • David Wolfram

            I would say yes but im not 100% sure ….. I watched Prodigies Nation “try” to solo a cloyster and he is level 40 (if you’re not familiar with him) , check it out on YouTube

          • Liew Soon Hao 柳孫豪

            Sure, Ty.

          • peponzio

            That would be the same problem. Flying type is weak vs Cloyster’s ice, but so is Grass type weak against ice.

            Zapdos has less HP but more defense and attack than Exxegutor, he lasts pretty much the same and hits pretty much the same. They both die to Ice.

            Only if Cloyster comes with Hydro Pump can Exxegutor last more than Zapdos by resisting water. But Cloyster fast Ice attacks still heavily hurt Exxegutor.

            You’d be better with Scizor, Poliwrath, Lanturn, and even Fire types like Arcanine and Entei (unless it comes with Hydro Pump).

          • Higher_Ground

            exeggutor has the exact same weakness to ice. Just adds resistance to water moves if the boss has any.

          • David Wolfram

            That’s true, guess I didn’t think about that

  • Ivan T. Sanchez

    In Mexico, Tyranitar (tier 4) was spotted after the appearance of the new bosses. A Gengar (tier 3) was also seen. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Maggie Grover Bacher

      we have a tyranitar and metapod raid at the same time here in germany too. looks like a few of them will hang out. glad to see tyranitar still one of them.

  • NToohey19

    Which raids did they get rid of??

    • Brendan Gutteridge

      nearly all of them.
      so far only seeing tyranitar snorlax lapras gengar alakazam and arcanine lingering

  • Zappy-N

    the sableye one could be good for the shiny..

    • Liew Soon Hao 柳孫豪

      But again, if shiny Magikarp is hard to find in raids, the same goes for Sableye as well.

  • Gustavo Dante

    C’mmon Niantic… You just sell the boxes with the passes to TROLL HARD like this?!

  • Joel Jensen

    A Tier 4 Raid Egg just hatched in our town and it was a Tyranitar

    • Brady Newton

      yeah they are still spawning

  • Raulzus

    >people complain about fighting the same old raid bosses

    >Niantic adds new raid bosses

    >people complain even more

    • hkmaly

      Yes. Sure, some of those new raid bosses are jokes, but so were some of previous raid bosses – and the change is good idea.
      Omastar and Porygon might be something not everyone has, also I hadn’t much luck with Sandslash so far so I might try one. And Golem was very useful in legendary raids so far.
      Interesting that there are no Generation II pokemons on that list.

      • Edwin Fung

        Haha but Sableye is a lv 2 raid boss.

        • hkmaly

          Yes, only generation III on list …

          • Edwin Fung

            How interesting 😀

    • DawidRTG

      Becouse those bosses are worse than old

    • David Young

      2 things.
      1, they added a buncha garbage
      2, fear that they replaced, as opposed to added new bosses

  • Barb Mayo


  • MegaEagle360

    Whats the point of this? I’m pretty sure that most of the people have all of these pokemon. It’s a nice change, but nobody would want to do raids for these pokemon (except Golem), the raid system is pretty useless now except for legendaries.

  • aapenkilde

    Scyther, omastar and Poliwrath are ok. But the rest?? The only fun I have with pogo now is to solo Machamp, alakazam and Gengar. Now when thats over too, I’ll stick to Draconius go.

    • Curtis

      Gengar and Alakazam are still spawning

    • Rich Reyes

      Draconius Go could have improved things by allowing you to battle each encounter instead of throwing a ball and improved the battle mechanics. Of course, they simply copied the same crappy gameplay with even crappier throw mechanics and stupid tap and swipe battling. But hey, they did get pvp in. Unfortunately they did not acquire a recognizable franchise so you get garbage characters like a pot named “Potty”.

  • kimandmark6

    Apparently level 1 and 2 raids have been replaced, while level 3 and 4 raids have been added to their respective pools.

  • Rustam Talibzade

    Hey, Machamp, Gengar, Alakazam, Lapras, Snorlax, Tyranitar raids will remain, so do not worry about these 6.

  • Ajberardi

    Really? Metapod, Nidoqueen and Nidoking!?! Is anyone really gonna do those!? 😂😂 Wtf niantic..

    • Aida Ramic

      There are plenty of people who may not have them. Some did not start playing until this year. Nor does everyone have time to spend hours upon hours trying to fill their Pokedex. At times people just want to relax after a long day of work, or spend time with the family. I mean yea for those of us who have their dex completed or nearly completed some of these bosses aren’t the best but not everyone has these.

      • Rob Freeman

        Yes but it is one of the most common 2km eggs. Also very common spawn for me anyway.

        • Aida Ramic

          And not everyone plays hardcore nor goes out every day nor do they pay money for the incubators. There are MANY factors. Whereas, I buy the incubators to hatch eggs versus someone who has time to raid occasionally (or once a day) , can’t play in between because of other responsibilities.

          • Tippu Tip

            Yea I agree with you I’m level 31 casual player…and I don’t have a venausaur yet. So I’m pretty pumped. Also I have only ever caught 2 sythers.

      • Ajberardi

        I have easily 1200 of each nidoran candy.. these are stupid… Just keep adding up because I have no use for Nidoking or queen….

        • Aida Ramic

          And once again not everyone plays every day or night because they have kids, work, school and other responsibilities. Nor do they spend real money for incubators versus players like you and me where we play daily versus someone every other day or something.

          • lpgomar

            I would have loved a Metapod raid a couple of weeks ago, Caterpie is quite rare where I live, I used one as a buddy in order to get enough candies to evolve into Butterfree. So, to you and me, there’s nothing interesting about the Nidoking/queen raids, but there may be people that can’t find Nidos so easily…

          • Aida Ramic

            Yep, I mean do not need them but I could do them for experience and items.

          • JF

            Seriously, to not have a Nidoking/queen you must practically not play the game.

          • Aida Ramic

            I have seen people without some registrations that I have had for months. But like I said some people do not go out for the game daily which are considered casual players. But hey these do not spawn frequently as they do for others.

  • pokemon go

    What’s up with legendary raids???

  • Lee Chun Hae

    Who cares? I just do the legendaries for 10k EXP

  • Eskimo Joe

    I’m surprised that Dragonite isn’t a level 4 raid boss but I think the list is short because Gen 3 raid bosses will appear in December.

  • Cirithungolem

    This is fakenews for sure

  • Drahoslav Horvath

    Who did decision to pick up exactly these pokemons? Nientic please fire this guy!

  • Maggie Grover Bacher

    i love my golem and omastar. my porygon 2s are useful in some things. i’m glad to see some diversity. we’ll have to do some 1 raids now to build up a couple of the bigger ones. should be fun

  • Jlassi Achref

    how about mewtoo i play all the day raid sponser and i dont get ex raid passe why

  • Neopiru Games

    woah .. what a joke :/

  • Storta

    How is this possible? We ask for new raid bosses because the old ones are becoming dull, and they deliver.

    And yoy STILL complain??
    Is this community really filled with whiners?

    • Robdebobrob

      Because the new ones are all useless, except for golem. And they acompany it with a shorter time to raid (45 minutes) so people are gonna be angry about that aswell.

      • Storta

        About the time I agree, but come on its not like anyone used weezing or magmar or even blastoise. I feel like they put these rather odd pokemon because their rare, like i honestly didnt see a scyther since gen2 launched. And with gen3 comming these raids are a great tool to mass spread rarer pokemon without a event or biome differances

        Edit: and if you didnt know, they didnt remove all the old raid bosses, tyranitar, snorlax, lapras, alakazam, gengar and machamp (the stronger raid bosses) still remain

        • Robdebobrob

          True ofcourse. Most people here will reply with the idea that you have the pokedex complete. If you dont then theres some nice additions here. Personally i was just hoping for a dragonite or blissey. Guess ill settle with the old ones.

  • Commiesdontlikefacts

    The hype is gone niantic just Kevin spaceyd pogo for the last time

  • Neopiru Games

    this can’t be real … logged in – Marowak as a raidboss … closed the game … instant depression

    • Shandong Han

      they thought that the Halloween event was not enough 🙂

  • Jørn Erik Mathisen

    Why did they not wait for gen3 and put some of them there instead…? This is just (money) boring :/

  • ElesisLover

    Wish Magikarp was still around now it’ll be hard for rural players to get Magikarp

  • Andreas Larsson

    yay, i can finally get sandslash in my dex 😀

  • Arnstein Rekve Bryn

    the problem niantic has is that it feels like they are completely ignoring the fanbase, not nearly communicating with their own players, comes with updates they think people will like. which often has excluded even more people (myself included) to play. as introducing new and exciting items/pokemons only in major cities, which really makes no sense to get more players to pay for their games. i can see why they see draconic go as a potential threat and planning lawsuits because it is clearly better. made with intents and plans that niantic should have come with years ago.
    i have had high hopes for this game in its younger years, but now it feels like traveling around catching pokemon is not worth it, when i could have been going in the cities and getting raids done. it sucks to be excluded from every new update that comes. and you can forget that i’m paying 40 dollars to travel a days trip to my nearest city just to play the game. niantic is not making any money for my travels and their updates are shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Shandong Han

      I made a try on draconic go yesterday. I don’t really like the monsters in it, but technically it seems to be much better, and it runs really smoothly, comparing with the buggy pokemon go. even worse, it seems that any small bug can take niantic ages to fix, as an IT professional, it is really difficult to understand.

  • Nick Wilson

    They all suck … Only one ill be going for is Sableye. Got 2 100% golems and 2 97.8s

  • Nick Wilson

    Dragonite amphros would have been better

  • Frexie Frex

    Well even less reason to play pokemon, who’d go and raid something like a Nidoking or a poliwrath? instead of like a Tyranitar?

  • Shane Contreras-Redfern

    Sadly, Niantic is going to lose LOTS of money from people who were buying raid passes weekly like myself. I was doing 6-10 passes used per day because raid bosses were worth it… Now… I will only be doing legendary raids only which is 2-4 per day if they are LUCKY enough to have enough people turn up to that many… You do the math how much money they lost just from myself and I know I cant be the only one. Im not wasting passes on these crap pokemon ill never use.

    • peponzio

      Ok. So 1 free pass every day leaves a range of 5-9 used prior vs 1-3 if you are lucky.

      Premium Raid passes are worth 100 Pokecoins. So you’d be spending between 100-300 Pokecoins daily. Versus your previous 500-900 Pokecoins daily. That means the worst is about 400-600 Pokecoins lost for Niantic.

      Now depending on your country and what bundles of Pokecoins you buy this can be equivalent to between 4-6 dollars every day to about 2.5-5 dollars every day.

      You may be getting poor but your measly 6 dollars per day is not even close to the hourly minimum wage of one employee. An Application Developer Salary in hourly rate is a median of 29.58 dollars. It’d have to be between 200-450 people like you to achieve one employees pay (assuming 8 hours per day work).

      Seeing how Niantic has between 100 and 200 employees that goes between 20,000-45,000 and 40,000-90,000 people like you. That is assuming those employees work for the average which may not be true, it may rise to about 200,000 people like you.
      Anyway. It wouldn’t really matter much because you are spending money as so many others do as well. Niantic may not be getting as much money as before, but they are not losing money, they’re just getting less. And the amount of players that spend like you vs the amount of players that spend less or nothing at all is a huge gap.

      In the end any one specific’s actions mean small shifts when statistically compared to all aspects. This is not a big shift as it may be suggested.

  • Henk Trautmann

    omg what a crap these raids are.

  • Nina Rodriquez

    End of raids 😀

  • Bartek Crwisz

    pls make raids dragonite

  • heretic

    Charmeleon – CP 5085

  • Finn Brown

    this is trash
    those bosses all suck apart from golem

  • Daniel Doiron

    this list is only good for NEW recent players that’s it, but i’m sure it means gen 3 is nearby like dec

    • Robdebobrob

      well thats pretty much been confirmed already.. So yeah.

  • Harish Waghela

    Wtf no xraid pass delete Pokemon go

  • Shandong Han

    BTW, for the remaining bosses are highly diluted, a ttar is much more rare than a legendary…

  • raichu DL

    L1: mid-evo kanto starters. their basic forms were retired from eggs earlier this year, and to some people, battling their full-evo L4 raid bosses couldn’t be an everyday activity. many of us though will miss magikarp.
    L2: what appear to be biome-dependent spawns in the wild + one with a shiny chance. few here are solid; at least magneton has a high-performance evolution coming when gen IV drops.
    L3: extra rare in the wild, and vulpix is still quite rare. some will welcome porygon as they’re basically next to chansey in wild rarity. i’ve only ever encountered 1 porygon in the wild in my entire course of the game, and that was during the valentines day event.
    L4: this was what disappointed our raid group, the addition of evolutions of dirt commons. they had the right idea with golem, and victreebel’s basic form was retired from eggs earlier. poliwrath and the nido-royals, while solid and have their fans, are outclassed by bigger things of their type(s), their basic forms are dirt common in the wild, and still hatch from eggs.

  • Dominic Perez

    How about we have the raid bosses be Pokemon that are rare to catch? The raid bosses could be Pokemon based on their rarity.

  • Dominic Perez

    I don’t really like these raid pokemon. :/

  • David Connell

    The Cloister is a tough Level 2, prolly closer to a 3 IMHO

    • Brady Newton

      well i beeat it

      • Brady Newton

        even with 4 people it took a while to take down

  • Fredrik Tveiten

    rank 1 old is aswell

  • Akash rajput

    Is it possible to Catch Raiko ,entei ,suscine in future.Means there raid are come back or not?