Trainers worldwide have reported a weird bug with the last Premier Ball — it’s impossible to catch any Raid Boss with the last Premier ball.

There are problems with verifying/disputing this bug, but for safety reasons, play as if you have one less Premier Ball.

Niantic hasn’t given any official response to these reports, but the amount of reports is growing fast. Up to this date, no recorded reports of players actually catch a Raid Boss with the last ball were made.

It’s unclear what’s causing the issue, but the fact that only the last Premier Ball is affected is indicative of a desync happening between the Pokémon GO mobile client and Niantic’s servers.

Bugs like this are not unusual, especially in game play scenarios where the encounter ends after a fixed number of events occurs on the client (in this example, you run out of Premier Balls).

We’ve reached out to Niantic’s Support for further clarification.

  • Mad Mady

    ya cant catch with last ball & if you caught that must be critical catch

    • Piet

      If it were possible, there would be ‘video proof’ of catching raid boss with last ball(non critical catch).

  • EmphaticGamer

    Everyone should get a free moltres for all those wasted balls!

    • Hibiki Roxie Misora

      Agreed. I don’t care what the CP is, I just want one.

      • Steven Hickman

        I’ve got 20 moltres!

        • Steven Hickman

          seen 30 caught 20 i think thats higher than a 3% catch rate!

          • peponzio

            Well yeah, that’s without any kind of catch bonus.

            Razz berry, Golden Razz berry, Curve throw, Nice, Great, Excellent throws, Type caught medals.

            They all give extra chance to catch, they all increase that 3% all the way up to almost 30%. Also you have several times to try, at least 5 (correction 4) balls to throw.

  • vision33r

    They’re not gonna fix it. By design these raids are money makers and I refuse to buy raid passes.

    • Justin C. Smith

      I have yet to pay, I caught moltres on the second throw.

    • peponzio

      Perfectly understandable. I do recommend though you buy the small gift box with gym coins. It takes 10 days to get 500 coins (if lucky) and the box costs 480.

      One Premium pass is 100 coins. The small gift box passes are 80 coins per pass (6 for 480 coins). The medium gift box passes are 81.6 coins per pass (12 for 980 coins) and the large gift box passes are 92.5 coins per pass (16 for 1480 coins).

      50 coins a day means one small gift box in 10 days (20 surplus coins); medium gift box in 20 days (20 surplus coins); large gift box in 30 days (20 surplus coins).

      Most efficient pass box is the small one leaving you with 20 coins more than buying medium and 40 coins more than buying large.

      Of course the large and medium passes are best for their price considering all the rewards. But if you only care about passes the small box gives you more passes for less coins.

      • zakius

        who cares about passes? i want them lures!

  • peponzio

    On all raids I’ve been, noone has been able to catch on last ball, including me. I have gotten Excellent curve throws with golden Razz on last ball to no avail.

    The weird thing is if you look closely when catching Pokemons (any catch) there are three “checks” the ball does, these are seen as shakes. When a Pokemon escapes the ball it does it AFTER a shake. All balls do at least one shake, after this shake the Pokemon may escape or the ball does a second shake. After the second shake the Pokemon may still escape or the ball does a third shake. When the third shake comes the Pokemon can no longer escape and the pokeball makes the catch.

    Now that’s where I’ve always thought there was a bug. Never have I seen a Pokemon escape the third shake.

    On raids’ Premier balls however the animation for catching goes into shaking and escaping mid shake. I have seen the last premier balls do two shakes but the Moltres got away before the second shaking animation was done. I’ve also seen them escape in the middle of the first shake’s animation.

    This does make me think it might actually be possible to catch on last ball, but the conditions must be really special for this bug is impeding the catches.

    • Sylvia Chochian

      How do you figure a Pokémon never escaping after the third shake is a bug? That’s what it’s meant to do. If you see the third shake then you know you’re safe and it’s not going to jump out. No bug there.

      As for the raid bosses, many of them jump out with no shake. Like as soon as you throw the ball and it gets captured, it jumps right out; especially Lugia. Can’t comment on last ball theory because I’ve either caught all my legendaries with the second or third ball, or not at all. Once I caught on the 5th ball, but I missed hitting the bird altogether with the first four so technically the first ball that made contact caught it. Lol

      • peponzio

        I only thought it was a bug, I can be wrong of course.

        What led me to think that, was the Pokemon games did not make you know it was captured UNTIL you saw the stars and the ball locked. The ball locking up was always the last check. In PoGo there are three checks animations (last check being definitive) and a lock animation.

        You could literally be waiting for the lock and watch the Pokemon burst out. It was exhilarating. Now you know it’s captured while you wait three seconds for the lock that you already knew was coming. It’s kind of anticlimactic, that PoGo’s lock.

        All I’m saying is they could take away one shake and make the final shake the lock. That would be thrilling.

    • zakius

      I noticed that if regular mon breaks free after third shake it runs away immediately

      • peponzio

        Yeah, I noticed too, completely forgot. When Pokemon’s runaway they do break the shake animations.

        Never made the connection until now. Last ball is being treated as the raid boss locked to running away. If you do not make the sure catch (critical catch for example) the game doesn’t even bother finishing the animations.

        It’s not a raid boss bug. It’s a runaway Pokemon issue! The raid bosses are locked on running away!

  • Jonathan Ryan (Datdude1970)

    So as a member of Team Instinct, I actually only have 4 chances to catch per raid?? 😛

    • Julian Mathis

      Poor reply 12 you mean

  • Heydavid17

    When I started doing legendary raids with a group from my city, we started it as a small joke.
    Now, with time, we now see that we were right!

  • alexcp

    Have you tried with Magikarps? If it doesn’t work with them, then it’s truly impossible

    • Reagan Choi

      3 magikarps have been tested on the last ball and have broken out immediately.

  • Joel Jensen

    I caught my first Lugia with my last Primier Ball.

  • hellchild

    I call bs. BIG BS. Not only i but also a friend of mine did catch a legendary with the last ball.

    • Robdebobrob

      Its possible with a critical catch. As fas as ive heared only 1 person in our raid groups caught on the last ball, and he did it with a critical catch aswell.

      • hellchild

        Mine wasn’t a critical catch…

  • Jeff Winters

    I have caught a moltres on my last ball and have seen at least one other trainer do so.

    • Akira Nakamura

      Thats called a *crit* since its literally impossible to catch a raid with the last ball if its not a crit,..

  • Hardscore83TNR

    No Bug,i catched 2 with last one!

  • Tony Egglestone

    I caught an Articuno on my last ball.

  • Henk Trautmann

    BS, have caught more than one Legendary with the last ball

  • ElectroBlade

    Bandwagoning on the current reddit trend, I see.

  • driftw00d

    I caught my first articuno with the last ball.

  • Davide Tormene

    Bugs like this are not unusual, especially in game play scenarios where the encounter ends after a fixed number of events occurs on the client (in this example, you run out of Premier Balls). Cit
    It is no excuse for niantic which release more bugs than new features

  • JawnyStar

    This must be something that has surfaced overnight because I’ve caught every legendary Released to date with the last ball.

    • Robdebobrob

      the last ball you had or the last ball you threw? 😉

      • JawnyStar

        What’s worse is ive only ever had 5 tries each time since team Mystic dominates my city. Know that I would have zero premier balls left had I not caught them all with the last ball thrown. 💯

        • AlphaOkami

          Mystic doesn’t just dominate your city; they dominate the world. I think something like 52% of players are Mystic and only like 7% are Instinct.

          • Randall Tllnt

            Not true.

  • Karsten

    This discussion also came up during our raids. But we had people catching with the last ball. But it seems, all these last ball catches were critical catches (i.e. where the ball directly locks without shaking three times).

  • Caden Miller

    I personally can dispute this, I have caught both Articuno and Moltres on my last ball. Using golden razz, and curve ball getting a “great” throw.

    • Izaiah Thomas

      I caught a Articuno on day one with my last ball with an great and curve too, but Lugia wouldn’t comply with an excellent curve with golden razz.

      • Reagan Choi

        See, this is the problem; there are no videos, and the silph road reddit even has a bounty for the first boss shown, but still everywhere people are claiming that they caught pokemon with their last ball. I’m pretty sure you thought it was the last ball, but it wasn’t, or that it was a critical catch.

        • Rick Hamlin

          No i have seen it, i have done it and i guarantee it was last ball not even a critical catch. My buddy also got his articuno with his last ball. Not many people record, and there are many people i know who have caught with last ball. So this is not a glitch this is just people complaining!

          • Joel Jensen

            same, but people wont believe us

          • peponzio

            What about Moltres though? There was an update between Articuno and Moltres, the bug could be present now but not before.

  • Cheyenne Bockart

    For me it doesn’t matter if it’s the last raid ball or the first raid ball I still can’t catch a damn thing

  • Mike

    My last ball was a curved excellent throw. Curve was obvious. Lugia still popped out.

    • Izaiah Thomas

      Lol same. I was pissed cuz I even used a golden razz

    • David Pinto

      I think that only puts your chances up to about 15%. Curved-goldrazz-great throws is about 12%. Better than 2% but still not terribly promising

      • joshd343

        They increased their catch rate to 3% so now the curved,goldrazz.great is a little over 19% and excellent is at 21%. Not too great, but a lot better than before if you can do i consitently.

        • Akira Nakamura

          The catch rate is not increased for Lugia only for the other 3 legendary birds.

  • Yoda • Agario

    i actually knew this, caught lugia and 2 moltres using the 2nd last ball(actually the last ball cause the last one doesn’t work)

  • slevin kelevra

    caught 1 Lugia and 1 Aticuno with the last ball and so did others in my raid group

  • hilmanefef

    The fvcking balls to low. I ever got 5 balls, 4 missed almost got double attack. and the last is
    like what this page meant.

  • Charissa Graham

    I caught my moltres on my last premier ball. And saw a guy in our raid today (6/8/17) catch one on his last ball. If you get to your last ball I guess it’s the same chance as you had with your last 6 attempts 😏

  • Konstantinos Ioannidis

    If you remember the Premier ball from main Pokemon series, it had the biggest catch rate when you first throw it and it decreased over time, so when you are down to your last ball, it is just extremelly little. I wish we also had Time Balls for when battle goes on longer, those were better!

  • Pascal F

    I only got to the last ball once and failed to catch the boss.

  • Will Sheeran

    There’s been claims of catching legendaries if it’s the first thing you try that day.
    Don’t catch any other Pmon, or activate Pstops , just straight to raid battle 1st thing that day. Lots of claims locally that this works

  • Isaiah Supporting Autism “Isai

    Well, I think it’s very dumb, to only be able to use premier balls. I think all trainers should be able to use any pokeballs, they want.

  • Harry

    False. Fake news has even infected Pokemon go.

  • Patrick Lussier

    That’s BS! I caught moltres last night on my last ball so….

  • pranay teja

    This is not a bug, this is giving strategy by Niantic in making money by making it difficult to catch Pokémon in raids.. Legendaries, no doubt about it.. So we will buy extra raid pass..

  • Jiko Bodhi

    Tried it all and found the magic ingredient. Two play in our home. We’ve caught on any ball, including the last. Crits can come at any time and are beautiful (one article said crit chances significantly increase with 600 mon or higher on your team, which I’ve found true in general). We’ve caught with “ideal” throws: golden berries, curves and nice/ great / excellent). We’ve caught just as frequently with straight balls and even pinap or other berries. Same with AR or not. Same with Trainer account vs. Google. Same with large vs. small groups. Morning seems better, fresher battle too (as it starts). We’ve let the app choose our teams, and selected our own. No notable difference. Sometimes shifting between AR and not, changing berries, changing location helps; most times, nothing matters.

    I wonder that each legendary has a capture rate assigned, and some Trainers just luck out at a given raid. One way odds have increased in our groups is letting a kid make the capture (free of adult supervision, judgment, criticism, anxiety, worry, etc.) and/or on his/ her account. They are naturals, partly because adult stress is missing. Kids also seem to get more rewards, TMs almost each time, even for a level 1-2 raid – when I’ve sometimes gone all day with revives and a few golden berries (if lucky). (I get most of my TMs in large level 4 raids.) Maybe niantic flags those young accounts. Don’t know.

    We are on Team Instinct in a Mystic-dominated, yet inclusive, raid community, so usually get few balls. What I described is the same with 5 or 11 chances. One certainty: We’ve found that capturing for one another drastically increases odds, again if not done under duress. Legendaries are drawn to love. ❤️ We don’t have many legendaries in our accounts, yet we both have 2-4 of each so far. Both lower and upper IVs. We’re happy with anything. Never have enough stardust to max out CP anyway. Meditate before your next raid. 🙂 Your energy and flow matter. Good luck, and have fun.

  • Gedo van der Zee

    Caught a legendary with my last ball today.

  • Alex Kong

    Bugs like this are not unusual, especially in game play scenarios where the encounter ends after a fixed number of events occurs on the client (in this example, you run out of Premier Balls).
    why call it a bug? what if niantic purposely does that? what if it is coded that way?

  • Christopher Lavore

    I can also confirm catching articuno and lugia on the last ball. No critical. Only curve ball and a nice throw or great throw. No excellent throw. And also I have had both legendaries pop out of ball AFTER the third shake

  • Matt Kenney

    No, I caught a lugia with my last ball

  • vision33r

    In my experience with over 15 catches, it’s either the 1st or 2nd ball or nothing.

  • Lorddacc

    To me happened Pokemon such as Snorlax, Tyranitar, Jolteon, Alakazam, Gengar and Machamp, golden razz, all of them shake once and leave immediately after, when it’s the last ball. It’s bugged, since the start of the raids probably. It’s like the catch chance gets dramaticaly lower compared to what would normally be.

  • Mike Moore

    Weird… I just caught a Lugia on my last ball Friday. I guess it’s not impossible.

  • Diane

    Not true. I have done it 2 or 3 times.

  • James Oliff

    Its all down to RNG, so all sacrifice a pidgy and pray to RNGesus for critical captures.

  • Roy Notten

    Caught a moltres yesterday with the last ball , so dont think this bug is affecting everyone

  • Joe1407

    With Moltres for me it was 8 out of 12. 2 were on the last ball 1 was on the first ball the rest were in the middle.

  • Lew Klatt

    Got great Moltres with the last-hope (last) P.Ball
    So for me here there is no such bug.

  • Tyler Steinhause

    I did catch an Articuno on the last ball, but it was with a critical catch. Could the the critical be working outside of that bug?

  • TARDIS75

    After 15 Lugia raids, I have yet to catch one! And I’ve been getting excellents and great curve balls

  • William Kelly

    Awe this isn’t proof.. Look at the capture rates and what we get to use to increase those chances then add them to the person attempting to throw a ball. Sorry this is just is not fact. Specialy when in my rural area imyself and others have seen the last ball ccapture by pure luck. Luv you all the same gohub 🙂

  • David Bernstein

    I’ve been on winning raid battles 7 times – and have only one legendary to show for it (Moltres). For Zapdos/Lugia/Articuno… if they can escape 8 times – each after a golden rasberry – what’s the point of the game? They are making it too hard – I’m at level 35, and the Zapdos was something like 1888 – nothing that should be too hard. Seriously – why have a golden rasberry if 7 of them don’t enable a pokemon to be caught? The game is turning from fun to frustrating – and there are all the other times I didn’t win the raid battle too. I’ve gotten to the point where I get in a raid battle, then either win or lose, then get frustrated at NOT catching the legendary.. then just shutting down for the day (Why buy a Raid Pass when you know it doesn’t work).
    Niantic – what are you thinking? Let’s make it so hard people don’t want to play? Congrats… you did it.

  • Everett Yeow Jie En

    i can catch it

  • Everett Yeow Jie En

    for real

  • Everett Yeow Jie En

    i will make a video