we are finally able to confirm a number of conflicting statements given by Unibail-Rodamco representatives over the past few days.

The following is now confirmed and verified by official Unibail-Rodamco representatives:

  • All European Safari Zone events will be free, but event registration is required
  • There will be dedicated team areas for Team Valor, Mystic and Instinct
  • Registration will be available on site (preregistration is not yet officially confirmed)
  • Registration is required by Niantic for two things:
    • reduce the number of spoofers at the event
    • tracking event statistics and future communication towards participants

Apparently, not all Malls were informed of this at once, so there is a lot of mixed messages coming from mall representatives. Hopefully, this clarifies all of it.

As far as Raids go, Rodamco staff said they are aware of “special Raids” being planned, but they were not able to comment if it meant new Raid Bosses, or just Raids in general.

In addition, a number of Unibail malls updated their Facebook events to show the following messages:

Stadshart Amstelveen becomes one of the destinations for the Pokemon GO Safari Zone in Europe. Note August 12 in your calendar! We will keep you posted on the event.

The event is freely accessible, and no tickets need to be bought. Registration takes place at the event itself.

We work very closely with Niantic to give you the best live experience. More information about the program will follow soon.


About regional Pokemon in the Safari Zone

It is not yet confirmed if “increased spawn variety” indicates that all regional Pokemon will be available at Unibail-Rodamco locations. Unibail representatives had no comment on regional Pokemon encounters in their shopping malls.

  • Leandrinho

    better have them regionals going on:) or atleast an unown and id be happy hehe

  • Heydavid17

    I’m really crossing my fingers for these events, despite the Copenhagen one is going to be one of the first, along with the one in Prague.
    The “so-called” events there have been in Fisketorvet so far, have been completely worthless and boring. I do wonder sometimes as well, who you need to be in touch with, or ask for information, cause there is never anyone in Fisketorvet that can properly answer any PoGo related questions.

  • TsubasaJM

    I’m a bit worried about this on-site registration. I want to come there with my pregnant wife who can’t stand in a line for too long, and I don’t want her to be trampled by a mob of Pokémon trainers wanting to register. Also we don’t want to miss out. Somehow it feels like a recipe for disaster…

    • Dan

      “Will be available” leads me to believe that there will be other methods of registration. So they may announce something else.

  • Mirek Mareš

    Im interested to see what will happen. It can be a great events or total failure. I expect failure due to buggs etc. but i hope for opposite outcome.

  • Michal Husak

    On the official event page is still “More details coming soon” … Sound like nobody knows what will happen …

  • ▌▌▌Last Hope ·o.

    I would love to be excited for this but I can’t. Bc I’m from South America and nothing has been planned for us so… 🙃

    • Dan

      Give it time. They announced this well after Go Fest in Chicago. South America may get something.

  • YoshiIsBetter

    I didn’t know there was gonna be Safari Zone stuff

  • Henri Järvinen

    When you look at the map, where’s Finland? Just wondering.

  • Jaimy Woudt

    If you read the announcement a little further, it states:

    “Pokemon GO Safari Zone events will give Trainers the opportunity to catch a variety of Pokemon from special zones featuring Pokemon originally encountered in the Kanto and Johto regions, including – and that’s where it got interesting – some Pokemon never before encountered in Europe.”

    Seems to be a clear indication of regional Pokemon, since Legendaries, Mythicals and others like Smeargle and Delibird (and Doduo for me for what kind of reason) can’t be found anywhere in the world yet.

  • Artjom Mets

    “We just heard that you have to register online beforehand. We can
    issue 2000 tickets for Pokémon GO Safari Zone Amstelveen. The
    registration platform will be available online soon .Keep an eye on our
    Facebook event.

    The times are adjusted from 10:00 to 18:00.”

    • Niklas Kristiansson

      Which facebook event we keep on eye?

  • Peter van Dommelen

    I have a question.
    Now, 2000 registered people can come and what happens to the other players who come too? Are they unable to attend the event?
    That would be a big disappointment.
    Has been considered here?

  • Latest update; 3500 tickets will be available…

    • hkmaly

      They should make the tickets valid for one hour (or two) and simply repeat everything every hour instead of assuming people will stay whole day. Or am I last pokemon player who doesn’t have enough batteries to play whole day?

  • Michal Husak

    The last information about Safari Cerny Most Prague: 3000 free ticket, on line registration required. Non registered players will not have access to the special pokemon/raids.
    They can not tell when the registration will start …
    They are not prepared for the network overload …

    Chicago Disaster II ???