another leak has happened! The new 0.69.0 update is downloading five new icons in the background:

Be aware that the only other Shiny Icon that the app is downloading is the Shiny Magikarp. With that being said, we expect that Legendary Pokémon will also be capturable in their Shiny variants.

We also expect that Kanto Birds and Lugia will be the first Legendary Pokémon to be released. We’re preparing guides to counter each of them individually and we already have the following guide up and running: Legendary Raid Counters.

Here are the icons in question:

Shiny Legendary Birds and Lugia Icons
Shiny Articuno Shiny Zapdos Shiny Moltres
Normal Lugia Shiny Lugia

Please, be aware that these icons are not yet visible anywhere in the game, but you can find them in the encrypted assets that the app downloads on launch. This has been discovered and reported by ZeChrales of PoGODev fame.

We’ve prepared an additional image that you can share in your local community or Facebook:

Click for higher resolution (1658×963, around 300 kb)

It seems that the Legendary Raids will follow the pattern established in the Pokémon 2000 movie, which features the legendary Kanto Birds and Lugia.

This underlying motive has been observed even in the design of the GO Fest map, with three conflicting Gyms (islands) and one ultimate Gym (island), harkening back to the layout of Pokémon 2000 islands.

Aerial view of Shamouti Island (right), Lightning Island (top left), Ice Island (middle left), and Fire Island (bottom left):

Credits: Bulbapedia
  • Josh Hack

    Yay…I’ll never get one anyway, just lost all hope in my rural U.K. Town.

    • the2000guy

      Can you go to the city during this weekend to get that opportunity?

    • tedcry

      Which town, buddy, I am coming to Norwich for next couple of years T.T omg

  • ColdNCursed

    Yeah, it’s a shame rural towns get the short end of the stick as per usual.

    • GonzoI

      As someone who is rural and thus have actually seen many sticks, I am given to wonder why I’ve never found a stick with a long end.

    • PokemonGwarn


      • bongji slevin

        mimimimi I’m a rural player, poor me. Everyone’s so mean.

    • I Don’t Read this

      WTF is “the short end of the stick?”

  • Higher_Ground

    well seeing as I’ve not seen a shiny Magikarp in 148 appearances, I’m not holding my breath on this one.

    Would really, really like that shiny magikarp to appear soon, though.

    • GonzoI

      I hope Professor Willow likes sushi. I’ve sent him about 400 nonshiny Magikarp since shinies came out.

      • Albert

        Well I think most trainers are in the same boat. I caught/hatched over 900 magikarp and still no shines to date. I’m hoping for a shiny someday but will that day ever come? Who knows. . . . still holding out hope. . . .

        • GonzoI

          900 in 4 months is impressive. I’m up to almost 1700 total, but I’ve stopped hunting in the river biome here due to mosquitoes the last two months.

  • Peg Pegasus

    Since it is nowhere mentioned, i’ll park it here :p (yes i know it has nothing to do with the topic :p )
    When you take over a gym, the waiting time is reduced to 5m or less before your team mate(s) who arrived to late for the battle can place there pokemon in the gym (and again, why can i feed 10 berries to my mon i just place in a gym instead of 1, is it only for stardust or has it a higher purpose?

    • Julian

      u can get candys of the pokemon you fed if u ‘overfeed’

      • NicolasKingh

        Do you still get candy’s from feeding, because I haven’t received a berry in weeks. And I have fed pokemons tons of berries.

        • Julian

          yeah i think so. i’ve heard you need to feed like 100 berries to get 4-6 candys so not worth it i think

          • Mayk D DoUrden

            But you get still stardust, so it worth it.

          • Crack Meup

            You can feed pinap berries for stardust too

  • Josh Baynham

    articuno and zapdos look the same

    • Igglybuff!

      Blame Gamefreak for making such bad shinies

    • Wild Heart

      Articuno is a lighter blue while Zapdos has different colors in its legs and its a slightly darker yellow

  • Donald Dubrovic

    Is Ho-oh in the game files?

  • ElectroBlade

    Don’t get too excited – Pokemon games always have shiny variants of mons in the game code even when they’re shiny locked (meaning impossible to acquire as a shiny). Shiny legendaries are often given away through codes and events in the main series games starting with Gen 6 (for example, shiny Yvetal / Xerneas, and the recent shiny Tapu Koko).

    • Matt Brown

      Shiny locking started in Platinum.

      • ShiningHaxorus


        • Matt Brown

          No, it was in Platinum.

  • NicolasKingh

    So maybe you need to catch Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres and then you get an invite to a Lugia raid?

  • Alpha X

    It makes sense, Lugia appears when Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres fight. Surely they will release Ho-oh along with the legendary beasts

  • James Johnson

    Just spoof to Chicago and hope you don’t need some special pass to catch a legendary

    • Mayk D DoUrden

      You will need. #noforspoofers

      • you don’t. caught 4 already, chicago has 100% catch rate until today due to their technical difficulties from PoGo Fest

  • Megazoa

    So, no love for Ho-oh? #alllegendarylivesmatter

  • Baelfire Nakrab

    I’m thinking of some old RPG game that reduce the cost of production by changing the monster color to be a new one … LOL