it seems that Yokohama based players have a lot to look forward to during the Pikachu Outbreak event, from August 9 to 15. Shiny Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu icons were discovered in the Pokémon GO network traffic, indicating we could be finally getting new shiny Pokémon!

Please, be aware that this is not confirmed and that we don’t have any idea if these Pokémon will be available worldwide or not. This is completely new info and we’re trying to figure out all of the moving parts.

Before we share the new models, huge shoutout to ZeChrales of Pokémon GO Dev community. Without Chrales this would never have been discovered.

Official Hub overview:

Pokémon GO Shiny Pikachu, Raichu and Pichu
Pokémon GO Shiny Pikachu, Raichu and Pichu

Majority of new icons (not all gender/cap combinations are included):

Normal Shiny

It’s widely believed that these new shiny variants will become available during the Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak. We’ll report more once more info becomes available.

  • zFloqn TL 36

    I just dont understand what about special event pikachus and where is pichu with parry hat? Lol should be cool

  • Amir Sama

    i guess its gonna be a part from pikachu outbreak in japan start today?

    • Antonio Mercurio

      smart!! thinking
      edit: and the event just started!!

      • Amir Sama

        yaa.. maybe they spawning pikachu family and all its variant for short period of time

  • Daniel Romero

    I have a question
    Someone have the Holliday pichu ??

    • Cameron

      How would they? Gen 2 was released in February.

      • Daniel Romero

        I know but they release pokemon babys in december

        • raichu DL

          there was never a holiday pichu, and only regular variants hatched . also, no females of the holiday pikachu family exist due to gender-differential pokemon defaulting to male when genders came out.
          this is likely a sign of holiday pikachu returning for next xmas.

          • Daniel Romero

            Wow thanks for the info