The results of Adventure Week captures were shared by Niantic in a new promotional e-mail. Again, Team Mystic has caught the most rock Pokémon during the event.

Here are the numbers for all three teams:

  • Team Mystic: 473 million
  • Team Valor: 413 million
  • Team Instinct: 287 million

Trainers trekked near and far during Adventure Week. Altogether, Trainers caught more than one billion Rock-type Pokémon in the wild. Bravo! That’s 5 times more Rock-type Pokémon caught than in the past 1 month. Team Mystic caught the most Rock-type Pokémon at 473 million, Team Valor placed second at 413 million, and Team Instinct placed third at 287 million caught. Well done!

Nothing else was shared about the upcoming features.

  • Luke Davies

    What this fails to to mention is how many of them Mystic idiots are cheating bots or spoofers

  • Amir Sama

    they just dont know how many bots up 🙁 sadly

  • Jan Pierre Silubrico

    Since Mystic have the numbers they will always be the team who will caught the most pokemon but not necessarily mean they are the best

    • Dwadeinsteein


    • theluckstar

      I agree that Mystic are not necessarily the best in every area. However, based on Niantic’s definition for winning, Mystic is undoubtedly the best.

      • Jan Pierre Silubrico

        Hey Niantic just save us the trouble and just proclaimed Mystic as the winner in all succeeding events since you based it on quantity and not quality. #truth #pokemongo

        • theluckstar

          Well, I’m more than happy to accept the victory if other teams decided to give up. I was expecting for some fight back with honour. You know, the game has been out for nearly one year and I rarely see Valor or Instinct trying hard to catch up. A bit disappointed. In addition, winning in quantity is still a win, and it usually contributes to a higher quality due to share of information and resources, etc.

          • Jan Pierre Silubrico

            Well it’s not really a competition if its a numbers game. More like a popularity contest more than anything else.

          • Davide Tormene

            the more members your team have the more control ur gona have over ur local gyms, and team mystic has won that. screw the catches race.

        • theluckstar

          If Niantic allows team swtich now, it is highly likely to have a huge amount of players swtiching to Mystic. This is not what I and other Mystic want to see. There should be team spirit and willingness to fight. All can be seen here is complaints and acceptance of “fate”.

  • radskierd

    How many trainers are in each ?

    • theluckstar

      TBH, I am also curious to find out. And how many gyms they own

  • leonidaswin

    Obviously, team Mystic rules!!

  • Matt Brown

    Can we not have articles like this? We all know Mystic has the most accounts.

    • Beko Saberhagen

      Agreed, they will always win. It’s not an even ground in numbers to begin, they just are the team with most members.

  • ダーク マウジー

    rather than number caught, i’m curious about percentage per player caught each team.

  • Goldzilla Hu

    Bots are default mystic. With the most members; they would suck to not have caught most. If you did average; the noobs would drag their scores down. Or penalty for bot accounts.

    • hkmaly

      If they KNOW the accounts are bot they should turn them off, not penalize them. The problem is that they don’t KNOW what accounts are bots.

  • Nguyen Ngoc Tu

    Oh yeah ! Congratulation to Mystic and Valor team !

    So what ?…

  • Robert Phillips

    I am a mystic player and yet never heard a thing about this contest and I play every day. Also what was the good did the winning team get any free pokey balls? Don’t think so. So why get so worked up when we all know this was a ploy to get people to buy move coins