Niantic has shared that the worldwide Pokémon GO Community has successfully passed the 1 billion catches marker, bringing us very close to the 1.5 B Silver rewards tier!

That’s 1,007,319,858 Pokémon caught, with at least the same number of Poké Balls thrown. Congratulations to everyone, we are hoping that we’ll unlock the Silver Tier sometimes today and bring on the Double Stardust madness.

Combined with the recent 0.83.1 update which fixes Pokémon upgrade mechanism and unlocks Level 40 upgrades, we can see why everyone is very excited for this reward tier.

  • Udit Narayanan

    Is anyone else excited that EX raid system is finally here???!?!?!?!? I think it’s pretty good!

    • stagno29

      Spoofers will get all the tickets..

    • Greg

      Just checked, FIRST REALLY GOOD NEWS.I LOVE IT! Cant wait to fill my pokedex with the purple beast 🙂

      “The big news here is that Pokemon Go is doubling down on EX Raids taking place at sponsored locations. Players will be rewarded for frequenting those gyms, since EX Raid Passes will be handed out to players with high-level Gym Badges. On the plus side, Pokemon Go is at least taking into account when players seem to go to raids at those locations, so we shouldn’t have many EX Raids with poor attendance.

      Pokemon Go did note that they would consider expanding potential EX Raid locations in the future – but only at locations that were easily accessible to the public. “

  • Greg

    Bots are rocking 🙂

    • Chris Saunders

      Bots don’t catch, they only encounter

      • Greg

        Lvl 30+ “no team chosen yet” accounts are being sold for a cpl of bucks, drowning in thousands of candies, million stardust+ etc. Feels like money tree. Doubt any of them ever saw a human hand/finger. Even email accounts and IDs are computer generated. I don’t mind spoofers, THESE accounts are the ones Nianctic should really tag and erase. lvl 30 NO TEAM??? I guess they got all the necessary data at hand. Delete delete delete…

        • Ponta Vedra

          I think I’m getting the shoppers for these in my neighborhood; have noticed people with three accounts per person, and the names are stuff like “vbn384” and “krn288gpc”. Seem like totally randomly generated names. These people tend to sweep by late at night and take over swaths of local gyms.

        • hkmaly

          And possibly won’t EVER see a human hand because lot of them are consumed by maps.

      • Joe1407

        Not true, There was a bot i knew of where you set it up on your computer and walk away. The Ai in the bot will do all that you can do and more. With the updates I do not know if they still can.

  • Kim Eeckeleers

    lol, now is the only time we all love those bot users, the more bots that run the higher the change we can get to 3bilj, but still i doubt we will reach it in time (I don’t support using bots/spoofing in any way, but we can’t ignore this fact)

    • Robdebobrob

      I was under the impression that bots dont catch. Not sure if that has changed. But we will hit the target. Once tier 2 is reached even more people will go out to farm dust.

      • Soong WanJun

        My life for… STARDUST!

    • peponzio

      Hopefully the bots can be flagged easily and their catches are not counting towards the event. It would be sort of unfair but I can see shadowbanned players’ catches not counting either. That’s just me assuming of course.

  • Dimas Aditya S

    lets get that double F**king stardust lets get it you want it!

  • Ponta Vedra

    I think we’re doing better and Niantic wants us to keep going until the very end. Why? Because I have noticed since about 1~1.5 days in that Pokemon suddenly got REAL antsy, I am getting WAY more wildly jumping and fleeing Pokemon since then. I think we were off to too good a start and Niantic wanted to slow things down—if we reached the final stage too early, or even the second stage, they probably figure we’d start hoovering up the rewards but not spending as much to get them.

    If I’m right, then Niantic will announce that we pass the third tier *just* in time on the last day, unlocking all rewards. But not because that’s our performance, but rather that’s how long Niantic wants the more-profitable push to last.

    • KoenB

      I noticed the same thing. ‘Mons have gone absolutely wild, they’re mad! I haven’t seen my inventory of balls drop so quickly.

      • Dan

        I haven’t noticed any change. I’m catching on the first throw.

      • Michal Hušák

        I had seen today total oposit. PoGo plus had almost 100% catch succes. I cath 300+ mons in a few hours ..,

    • Robdebobrob

      The longer we have the rewards, the longer people will be underway so they will spend more. Thats how i see it.
      I also didnt really notice more antsy pokemon. Same as normal for me.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      I had a string of really difficult pokemon early in the day yesterday. But by the end of the day I was having no issues at all. I think its just random.

    • Peter Flemming

      You are getting the catch-count from Niantic. Drop all tin-foil-hat ideas. Thet give you the suspense you need to feel entertained and in the end, we reach 3 billion, no matter how Many we caught.

      • Ponta Vedra

        I was right and I was wrong. I was right in that we *are* seeing a lot more jumpy Pokemon. I was wrong as to exactly why: it’s the lures. Someone on Reddit tested it, and found that lured Pokemon were almost twice as jumpy as non-lured, and since the event went to 6-hour lures, we started getting tons of lured Pokemon. I wasn’t wrong after all. And since people are just noticing this now, it may well be that this is a new thing from Niantic.

  • Partysaurus Rex

    It appears that this event is on Japan’s timezone. Which means we have 3 days completed already and only 1 Billion… we should be at ~1.5Billion if we are going to stand a chance of getting the final reward from the goal of 3 Billion. At the current rate the event will end with us 500 Million short of the goal. We need a strong push, and I don’t know about any other American players, but I don’t see myself getting nearly as many Pokemon on tomorrow as I have the past 2 days and what I expect to catch today.

    • Dan

      We can catch more now with the higher spawn rates and longer lure times. It’s essentially exponential at this point.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Again, I can only speak for myself, but finding enough pokemon to catch is not my issue. We need more people, and if you’re only catching the 25-30 originally suggested by the HUB, it needs to be increased to about twice that.

      • Peter Flemming

        Thats not how exponential works.

  • sibbil

    i see these 3 billions will be so tight until sunday . 1 billion 2 days 9 hours , keep going guys

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    I was at a raid with my local raiders and we speculated that Niantic is gonna screw with the numbers (purposefully) cuz if we don’t get farfetchd, people will be ranting and hating on Niantic even more. They already have to deal with trainers becoming DraGo players

    • Michal Hušák

      They can play with spawn rate an catch rate (probably do already). More fair method than manipulate with results directly …

      • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

        I guess they can. We’re just speculating fudging with something to get the 3BN Pokémon

      • Peter Flemming

        We get our numbers from Niantic. The only people who know if it’s fair or not – everyone else only has a perception of the world through those numbers.

        So you believe what you believe; it won’t alter reality. The numbers are fixed.

  • Michal Hušák

    1.23 M finished. Go on USA, Japan e.t.c. I want to wake up in a nice double stardust morning ..,

    • vegetano1

      confirmed 🙂 double stardust

  • Dwight Betita Delleva

    This table makes sense, 4th or 5th day will unlock 2x stardust. Reaching 3 billion is questionable.

    • Heydavid17

      I can only wonder, why you even believe this obvious fake graph.

      The person who made this graph, only took the first day into consideration. Thinking, that we’d catch the exact same amount of Pokemon every day.
      Had you pay’d attention to the progress, then you would’ve noticed, that more and more are being caught by every day, plus they announced that spawn will increase after the bronze and silver reward.

      We’ll most likely get Double Stardust in a few hours now, which is 2 days earlier, than what the picture says.
      Plus, it’s still workdays, so people we give it all they’ve got this weekend. We’re gonna hit the goal without any problem, as long people are as active as they are now.

    • vegetano1

      2x stardust is unlocked XD