Mega Scizor Raid Guide

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Scizor (Mega)

Mega Scizor is the featured Mega raid boss of the Bug Out! Event August 2022, which has the following schedule:

Event Date and time
Bug Out! Event Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 10:00 local time to Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at 20:00 local time.


Due to its 2x weakness to the Fire type, its best counters are strong Fire type mega evolutions such as Mega Charizard Y, Mega Houndoom, and Mega Charizard X.

It is strongly recommended to use mega-evolved Pokémon not just because of their inherent raw power, but also for the added bonus in damage output by all Fire type Pokémon in the raid battle. That said, Pokémon like Reshiram, Unovan Darmanitan, and Chandelure are also excellent Pokémon to use in the battle.

It is possible to solo Mega Scizor in Sunny weather, particularly with the use of Mega evolved Fire type Pokémon, and Shadow Pokémon, but only for the high level, well prepared trainer. In all other cases, around 2-5 trainers with strong and high-level Fire type Pokémon can take down Mega Scizor with relative ease, no matter what the weather in the game is like.

This write-up will serve as a comprehensive guide to successfully beating Mega Scizor in the raid.

How to get Mega Scizor

You cannot catch Scizor in its mega-evolved form from the raid. The mega raid boss is always catchable in its base form and as such, the CP ranges are for a regular Scizor.

Scizor can be caught with the following CP values:

  • 1636 – 1714 CP at level 20, no weather boost
  • 2046 – 2143 CP at level 25 with Rainy or Snow weather boost

To get Mega Scizor you will need to gather 200 Mega Energy for Mega Scizor to evolve your Scizor. Once you have evolved a Scizor you can use 40 Mega Energy to evolve it again, or you can wait for the cooldown period to end for a free Mega Evolution. There are different levels for Mega Pokemon, and the higher the level, the quicker the cooldown. Each new Mega Scizor you evolve will cost 200 Mega Energy.

Mega Scizor Raid Counters

Since Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up and require specific events to remove Frustration with a Charge TM, they will NOT be listed as raid counters in this article. That being said, if you have the shadow form of a listed raid counter Pokémon powered up and TMed, use it.

The best counters for Mega Scizor are the following:

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 290.85s 7.67
2. Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 336.45s 9.67
3. Houndoom (Mega) Fire Fang Fire Flamethrower Fire 353.80s 12.17
4. Reshiram Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 448.96s 12.17
5. Darmanitan (Standard) Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 468.94s 18.67
6. Darmanitan Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 469.45s 19.33
7. Moltres Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire 503.65s 14.17
8. Blaziken Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 497.68s 16.50
9. Emboar Ember Fire Blast Burn Fire 507.93s 14.00
10. Entei Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 510.52s 13.67
11. Chandelure Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire 484.28s 20.67
12. Heatran Fire Spin Fire Flamethrower Fire 534.40s 10.50
13. Charizard Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 526.46s 16.50
14. Infernape Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 530.03s 17.00
15. Flareon Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire 520.10s 19.83
16. Typhlosion Incinerate Fire Blast Burn Fire 537.03s 18.00
17. Ho-Oh Incinerate Fire Sacred Fire Fire 565.69s 11.67
18. Pyroar Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 547.22s 20.00
19. Arcanine (Hisuian) Fire Fang Fire Flamethrower Fire 549.12s 20.67
20. Magmortar Fire Spin Fire Fire Blast Fire 552.53s 19.67
21. Victini Quick Attack Normal V-create Fire 558.42s 18.67
22. Arcanine Fire Fang Fire Flamethrower Fire 575.42s 19.33
23. Manectric (Mega) Thunder Fang Electric Overheat Fire 584.85s 23.67
24. Houndoom Fire Fang Fire Flamethrower Fire 582.82s 25.00
25. Salamence Fire Fang Fire Fire Blast Fire 594.74s 22.67
26. Delphox Fire Spin Fire Flamethrower Fire 585.10s 25.50
27. Incineroar Fire Fang Fire Fire Blast Fire 618.91s 19.67
28. Salazzle Incinerate Fire Fire Blast Fire 641.89s 27.00
29. Lopunny (Mega) Low Kick Fighting Fire Punch Fire 663.94s 23.83
30. Simisear Fire Spin Fire Flamethrower Fire 650.33s 28.33
31. Heatmor Fire Spin Fire Flamethrower Fire 656.36s 28.17
32. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Flamethrower Fire 649.88s 32.67
33. Rapidash Fire Spin Fire Fire Blast Fire 674.05s 28.33
34. Gengar (Mega) Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 680.24s 28.00

Stats and Max CP

Scizor (Mega) BugSteel
Max CP at Level 40 4087 | Max CP at Level 50 4621
ATK 279 DEF 250 HP 172
Weak to Strong Against
Fire Dark Grass Psychic Fairy Ice Rock

Mega Scizor Movepool

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Fury Cutter Bug
  • Bullet Punch Steel
  • X-Scissor Bug
  • Iron Head Steel
  • Night Slash Dark

All the best, trainers!

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