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Niantic increases Pokémon Inventory limit to 4500

Trainers, attention! Niantic has just announced that the Pokémon Inventory limit is being increased from 4000 to 4500! Additionally, Trainer will be able to purchase...

New Quests, A Bonus Candy Weekend, Bonus XL candy and more have been pushed!

Hello Trainers!  Some updates have been pushed, and they hint at some pretty awesome bonuses.  Including a new complete a Raid in X Minutes...

Galarian Ponyta Bonus Compensation

After many comments on social media reporting a lack of shiny Galarian Ponyta being seen in game, and research being done on various Pokémon...

GO Battle Night Returns on June 3, 2021

GO Battle Night will be making a return to Pokémon GO. If you're looking to gain a head start in Season 8 of GO...

This week in Pokémon GO: 24th May to 30th May 2021

Coming this week in Pokémon GO, commencing 24th May, we have a variety of different and exciting events! Luminous Legends Y Event Part 1 Until 25th...
Pokémon GO Research Quests - rewards, items, types

0.209.0 APK Teardown, Take 2: Raid & Gym survival, and more on Quest branching

Hello Trainers! 0.209.0 is currently rolling out to a device near you, and the PokéMiners have dug even deeper.  Sifting through the obfuscation to...
Meltan evolution, Melmetal in Pokemon GO

Melmetal temporarily removed from GO Battle League due to move bug

Trainers, attention! Melmetal has been temporarily removed from the GO Battle League as Niantic continues to investigate an issue with its stat modifying Charged...
Pokémon GO APK Mine

0.209.0 APK Teardown: New moves, Quest Branching, Inventory upgrades and more

Hello Trainers! 0.209.0 is currently rolling out to a device near you!  To remind everyone,  Niantic has brought back obfuscation with a vengeance, a...

Swablu Community Day Guide

After much speculation, we can now confirm that Swablu will feature as the May Community Day Pokémon, and that Mega Altaria will be appearing...
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Regional Catch Challenge, Raid Logs and importing Phone Contacts spotted

A new set of strings have been spotted in Pokémon GO's network traffic, hinting at an upcoming Regional Catch Challenge, a new Raid Logging...

Pokémon GO Special Partnered Weekend

Niantic has partnered with Verizon, 7-Eleven Mexico and Yoshinoya to bring Trainers a new and exciting ticketed event that will feature rare Pokémon alongside...

0.207.0 APK Teardown: Quest Branches, Event ticket choices, and more!

Hello Trainers! When 0.207.0 rolled out there wasn't much the PokéMiners' had to go on. as Niantic has brought back obfuscation with a vengeance,...

Luminous Legends X Event Guide

Xerneas, the pure type Legendary Pokémon is coming soon to Pokémon GO during the Luminous Legends X event that features the debut of...

Limited Research Day featuring Marill is coming!

Hello Trainers, Niantic has just announced a limited research day featuring Marill! On Sunday, May 9, 2021, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. local...
Field Research

May 2021 Field Research and Spotlight Guide

May Field Research tasks are live in Pokémon GO, alongside the Galarian Ponyta Research breakthrough reward. We've prepared a guide to the tasks which...

New shadow Pokémon, Mega Altaria stats and more found in the Game Master

Disclaimer - This article contains information that has been datamined and hasn't been officially announced yet. Subject to change. Hey trainers, Today information was datamined pertaining...

Swablu Community Day and Special weekend badges found in network traffic

Hello Trainers! It would appear that the next Community Day Pokémon will be none other than the Cotton Bird Pokémon Swablu, as the Pokéminers...
GO Fest 2021

Pokémon GO Fest returns from July 17 to July 18, 2021

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 makes a return one more year, taking place from July 17 to July th, 2021 as a worldwide global event,...
Xerneas and Ylveltal

May 2021 Events in Pokémon GO

A complete guide to Pokémon GO events in May 2021. May looks to be another exciting month, with an array of different events and...

2 sets of Luminous X/Y Event research and more spotted in Pokémon Go network...

Hello Trainers! A new bundle of texts has been pushed to the game today, bringing us not one but two sets of Luminous X/Y...
Team GO Rocket Leader Guide

Team GO Rocket is back, Niantic announces make up bonuses

Team GO Rocket is officially back! Arlo, Sierra, Cliff and Giovanni are available to encounter once again, and Niantic has sprinkled additional bonuses to...
Shadow Pokemon

Team GO Rocket encounters to be fixed in an upcoming update

Trainers, Niantic has just updated their official Known Issues page with one notable change: Team GO Rocket encounters are now slated to be fixed...
Team GO Rocket

Team GO Rocket still disabled, return date unknown

Team GO Rocket grunts, leaders and balloons have been disabled for a while now, as Niantic is working to address issues causing occasional game...

Rival’s Week Global Raid Challenge Has Been Completed

Trainers, the Rival's Week Global Raid Challenge has been completed today, unlocking 2x Catch Stardust bonus for all players worldwide. The bonus runs until...
Sun and Moon Zygarde Core and Cell Locations

New Snapshot quests, Zygarde and Yveltal Pokédex entries spotted in Pokémon GO’s network traffic

Hello Trainers! A new bundle of texts has been pushed to the game today, bringing us glimpse of new snapshot-type quests, a few updated...

0.205.0 APK Teardown Part 2: More on Routes!

Hello Trainers! The Pokéminers have come through again with more details on the latest 0.205.0 update. They've dug up a lot more details on...
Pokémon GO Kecleon

Is Kecleon Coming to Pokémon GO?

Social media has been a flurry of excitement after some eagle eyed Pokémon GO trainers noticed what they believe is a potential teaser for...

New Gen 7, Gen 6 and Mega Pokémon 3D models spotted in Pokémon GO...

As if this week hasn't been exciting enough when it comes to leaks and data mines, PokéMiners shared an update yesterday revealing that several...

Power Up PokéStops tutorial assets spotted in Pokémon GO’s network traffic

Trainers, hold on to your seats! It seems data miners caught wind of a possible new feature targeting the good old Pokémon GO PokéStop....

Egg Transparency feature goes global in Pokémon GO

Trainers, Niantic has shared that the newest quality of life improvement for Pokémon GO's Egg system is now available globally. The Egg Transparency feature...