A look Into The New Taipei City Safari Zone

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GO Hub unfortunately doesn’t have boots on the ground in Taipei, but we’re more than happy to relay information uploaded by popular Pokemon GO Youtubers. We’re also including our own notes and observations, collated from Reddit, Twitter and various Telegram groups. For more information on the event itself read our Taipei City Safari Zone Event Goes Live, Features Shiny Oddish Worldwide article.

According to an article by Yahoo, the game is very popular in Taiwan, which has one of the highest percentages of players in the world, said Hikaru Ray Adachi, senior director of product marketing at Niantic, which releases the Nintendo mobile game app. “For Pokemon and Pokemon Go, Taiwan is very important,” he said. Pokemon GO Taipei Safari Zone is expected to attract up to half a million fans.

Video from New Taipei City Safari Zone

Event Notes

  • Shiny Oddish is live worldwide, with increased spawns throughout the duration of Safari Zone Taipei. There are four new shiny forms being released alongside the Safari Zone event:
  • The amount of PokeStops in Metropolitan Park in New Taipei City is immense, a lot more than in Pokemon Go Safari Zone Montreal. It’s somewhat insane! Check out the start of Zoe’s video for a preview (right after the omelette)
  • BrandonTan is also at the event, with a tweet that shows the insane number of PokeStops in Taipei City

  • Servers were plagued with issues early on, with spawns not being visible to players on the ground. Apparently restarting the game would fix the issue temporarily, with a permanent fix being deployed by Niantic later throughout the day.
  • The weather is hot and humid, with phones overheating and throttling under the Taiwanese sun
  • Giant inflatables are scattered throughout the park, including inflatable Pikachu
  • Unown Letter N, A, S, T, I, R, F, C, P are appearing in Taipei Safari Zone. The letters spell out SAFARI NTPC (Safari N = New T = Tai- P = -pei C = City)
  • Shinny Oddish spawn rates were good, but not excellent. On par with other Safari Zone and GO Fest events.

Increased spawns and quests

The following Pokemon have increased spawns in the New Taipei City Safari Zone (via Serebii):

There are three event exclusive Field Research quests (via Serebii):

Safari Zone: Catch 10 Pokémon Oddish
Safari Zone: Use 10 Berries to help catch Pokémon 1000 Stardust
Safari Zone: Hatch an Egg ???

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