we’ve recently conducted a poll on Twitter, with the goal to gauge player interest in the announced major updates for Pokémon GO in 2017. As already speculated, and almost confirmed by Hanke, PvP is likely to be one of those updates.

Our poll was designed to answer one simple question: What’s the likely 2ND update in 2017? (excluding PvP). The poll concluded with 1500 of submitted responses.

Remember that Hanke confirmed that in 2017 we will have three major content updates, with group play and more Pokémon on the way.

The poll was designed to gauge player opinion and interest and here are the results:

Feature %
Trading 40%
Breeding 29%
Generation III 16%
Gym Battles Revamp 15%

The results fall somewhere in the middle of what we want to happen and what is realistic.

Recently, there was a statement given by Niantic saying that Trading will require you to be close to the other players. This came as surprise, but explains why the old beta Trading code was removed from the APK recently.

Breeding is another likely feature, which garnered support of almost a third of poll participants. The system is well known in the main series games and with the recent introduction of genders in Pokémon GO, it seems very possible and exciting in the months to come.

As far as Generation III goes, we find it highly unlikely it will happen in 2017. We expect it to happen in the first quarter of 2016, after the release of other major content updates.

This is very exciting times for Pokémon GO.

Stay tuned trainers!

  • Jan

    This means 40% of the players are stupid spoofers with multi accounts with full of Dragonites and Snorlaxes waiting fo the release of the trading.
    Then they will transfer all the maximized stuff to their main accounts. Then will lose the remaining players all the motivation for this game. Me included..

    • BlackHawk Mercenaries

      This!! 100%!.. most legit players do not want trading, but the people who have been spoofing, want this so they can trade to their main accounts. Personally, PvP or revamped gyms, glitches, quality of life stuff, their is a lot I would want before Trading

      • arik100

        Totally agree about the trading feature.
        Though They must add some more attraction to the game for it to draw constant attention and keep up the players interested, I don’t know if it should include reworking the gyms or improving the meta but it should certainly add some spice into the game

    • Andy Gamer1337

      I’m serious why do you even care some people have legit accounts and want to have multiple ones so using Pokemon the trading system isn’t a bad idea at all. So honestly stop complaining because this would be huge for Pokemon go and make a big impact for just the community of players as well. So like Niantic said there eis much to look forward too

    • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

      what’s the difference between having all in 5+ accounts than just one. LOL you are bad at math/logic. If we merge our accounts we will have less control, we could be more vulnerable for bans. We prolly play normal.

    • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

      also legit players are likely 30% while spoofers 70+% of base player. In every single pokemon game we have had this. if you are casual you will leave anyway.

  • ostewart

    Damn, only 40?

    • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

      prolly some are antisocial

  • Jaroslav Staníček

    2016? You mean Q1 2018. But previous info from Hanke was 2 generations per year.

  • Scott Gerhardt

    I have a feeling we may see more split gen updates. Like, next Gen might not hit all at once. They can break it up to make it more “digestible”. Trading would be awesome, but y’all are 100% right about the GPS Spoofers. They need to find a good way to deal with that first, then do trading.

  • aSp

    Want it…or thought it would be coming?
    You ask one question, and then determine it answers another.
    You ask what they think it will be…and then assume it means they want it.

    Even then, it is only 40% of PoGo players that use Twitter – not 40% of all players.

  • Ghost Writer

    I want them to allow Internet trading of the Region-specific Pokemon. After all, not everyone can afford to travel to Europe, Australia and Asia … or North America, for those living in one of the three other regions. Just saying.