we’ve recently conducted a poll on Twitter, with the goal to gauge player interest in the announced major updates for Pokémon GO in 2017. As already speculated, and almost confirmed by Hanke, PvP is likely to be one of those updates.

Our poll was designed to answer one simple question: What’s the likely 2ND update in 2017? (excluding PvP). The poll concluded with 1500 of submitted responses.

Remember that Hanke confirmed that in 2017 we will have three major content updates, with group play and more Pokémon on the way.

The poll was designed to gauge player opinion and interest and here are the results:

Feature %
Trading 40%
Breeding 29%
Generation III 16%
Gym Battles Revamp 15%

The results fall somewhere in the middle of what we want to happen and what is realistic.

Recently, there was a statement given by Niantic saying that Trading will require you to be close to the other players. This came as surprise, but explains why the old beta Trading code was removed from the APK recently.

Breeding is another likely feature, which garnered support of almost a third of poll participants. The system is well known in the main series games and with the recent introduction of genders in Pokémon GO, it seems very possible and exciting in the months to come.

As far as Generation III goes, we find it highly unlikely it will happen in 2017. We expect it to happen in the first quarter of 2016, after the release of other major content updates.

This is very exciting times for Pokémon GO.

Stay tuned trainers!